Alvarez not ready yet


Alvarez not ready yet

Last weekend our new midfielder, the 25-year-old Alvarez made his first start for the Hammers late in the game.

I think  we all expected him to make a start but David Moyes thought otherwise as he admitted that the Mexican international was still short of full fitness

Alvarez then made a statement saying that he needed more time to be ready to be considered as a match day starter.

“I know I’m not in my best shape yet, I’ve only been training for a week, but you’re picking up all that with training and the matches. If I prepare very well, I know I can fight for a position.

He added that the PL is the best and most important in the world.

He said he was very motivated to be a part of it and that he had great respect for his predecessor Declan  Rice.

The next game on our rather tricky start to the season fixture list, is our visit to the West Ham Kryptonite that is Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday evening.

If he does take to the pitch, that could possibly mean that Tomas Soucek would have to make may way for him.

Probably a good thing?

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  • juleshammer says:

    Should have signed him earlier in the window so he would be ready to play for us. Slow mo moyes yet again

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