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An open letter to Gold and Sullivan

ClaretandHugh’s Sergey Novysh send an open letter to the board -EVERYBODY NEEDS TO READ THIS! 
Dear Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Gold,
You’ve been mistreated, you’ve been abused. But enough is enough. It’s time for a strict and proper response. You’ve been trying to be nice to everybody for too long.
You’ve been listening to fans opinions while making decision on Bilic’s future. Look where it took us. You’ve been discussing and explaining your views on twitter or in the parking lots. No need for that. You are the owners. You are the businessmen. So act like it..
You don’t consult with random people before making a decision on heart surgery. You consult with professionals. And people in the streets have absolutely no idea how the club is being run. You are the professionals here, whether someone likes it or not. So do what YOU think is best for YOUR club.
For example, file a lawsuit against idiots with the Hitler banner. Ban for life hooligans who ran onto the pitch today. Identify and ban for 3-5 years all who took part in the crowd trouble. They are not West Ham fans, they are just a bunch of haters who are only brave enough to scare kids and abuse elders.
The truth is they will hate you no matter what you do, because you drive a Rolls Royce and live in a mansions. They will continue to sing xenophobic songs for exact same reasons. We are going through some tough times now, so some tough decisions are to be made.
We have a unique opportunity to get rid of all the mess, of all the individuals who want us to be dragged back into 80s. They want revolution? Let them have one. But don’t give up and don’t betray people who really love this Club.
People who didn’t boo their players at half time after good performance. People who sang Bubbles and tried to silence abusive chants today.
People, who stood up to those who are desperate to kill our club and its heritage. Hear our voices. Act now. Introduce a zero-tolerance policy ASAP. There is no place for sentiments anymore. Some people have made their choices, now make yours. Don’t be shy it’s hammer time!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

37 comments on “An open letter to Gold and Sullivan

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  2. The punishments stated should be carried out as all of the actions listed are having an extremely detrimental effect on both the club and the majority of its supporters. For instance, parents will not bring their children to watch if they feel they may have to use the sanctuary provided by the opposing team’s subs!! I believe in the freedom of speech and would never stop critical chanting and banners, but the Hitler banner and the threatening behaviour of the few hundred who besieged the Director’s box today (as well as David G in his car last week) are completely unacceptable. However, the Davids’ dialogue with Fans – in all its forms – and their willingness to listen and make changes where benefits can be derived I applaud. Yes, sometimes things are said which are ill advised, but their openness is laudable and I don’t think they do anything that they are not convinced are in the interests of the club.

  3. You serious. This is one of the worst posts I have read. The ills of this club are not a result of some idiots but directly how the club has been run by the current owners, the lies, the broken promises, the lack of real investment in the pitch, how they present themselves at large. Disrepute was brought on this club long before the unacceptable scenes witnessed today, Carvahlo spring to mind amongst many others and that lies squarely at the feet of Gokd and Sullivan!

    • Totally agree jman there using yesterday’s problems for the state of this whole club which has been a mess for over 2 years……. This was always going to happen in the end ….like lampard said on motd last night 29 million net net spend in two years after all! They said they would do ..I’m sorry but what did they think would happen after all the broken promises..IMO

  4. This, one million percent this.

    Please, please don’t allow these thugs to dictate what happens at our club.

    There were a few hundred savages playing up today and the rest of us are disgusted by their actions.

    Please, please use the CCTV to identify them and issue lifetime bans to all involved today. These thugs have no business at sporting events where people attend with their families.

    I also think it’s time the club took legal action to shut down site that do nothing to censor the hate speech which fills page after disgusting page on so called fans forums. These breed and enourage the sort of hate and violence we saw today which has no place in our society in 2018. Please, please Mr Gold and Mr Sullivan save our club from these people.

  5. well said sergey. our owners have bent over backwards to try and appease some of these brainless morons. by inviting opinion from all these factions and fan groups etc they have created an irish parliament. how can we ever move forward with all these groups pulling in different directions. they all want different things. time for the club to say you know what, we was wrong to court opinion from idiots. we gave you the power, the platform to voice what you want but youve done nothing but abuse us in return. the vast majority of west ham fans opinions are unheard as once again the haters, the vocal minority kick up all the stink and decent fans will now get tarred with the same brush. the worlds media will now focus on the haters. the club will lose sponsorship deals, no one will want to come and play for us, and decent season ticket holders will be thinking long and hard about renewing next season. especially those with young kids. good job protesters. now were going to tell you where you can get off. if you dont like it you know where the doors is and dont come back. what annoyed me the most today was that it should have been about the memory of bobby moore but will instead be remembered for these mindless knuckledraggers. i was ashamed to think bobby moores family and ex players invited for the occasion, even legends like trevor brooking had to endure that.

  6. if we get relegated i wont be because of the board, the manager, or the players. it will be thanks to the mindless board out mob.

  7. Such a nice post by someone also doesn’t get it about our beloved owners only interested in their business of making money for themselves. We’re the only club that gets the problem of sack the board over the years and you don’t understand why! Do Chelsea arsenal spurs Liverpool man u ever get this problem! Sack coaches maybe but the board nah! We had a board willing to spend money until the financial crisis from bankers hit them which was just about our clubs luck over the years. We have never had good owners from cearns brown and this mob of chancers. We are a big club with huge support sold every seat and a waiting list for season tickets obscene money from sky BT and sponsors and yet once again we have been shafted by these three pure and unashamed business profit taking bunch that even brummie supporters warned us about their motives and look where they are now! Hopefully we will one day get the owner’s our club deserve and I’m still alive to see it and follow our great teams from Keeble bonds mooro bonzo devo Di canio payet and the guy that didn’t run scared as his one of us and knows nobody would harm our Trevor. Huge problem for moyes now but would be solved if this bunch in power would give out the statement that end of season they will sell up. And believe me there will be plenty of suitors at the right price wanting our club. Coyi

    • Razor, Spot on fella ..

    • I don’t agree with the sentiment of the letter but to suggest no other clubs get the problem is laughable, Newcastle fans have been trying to get rid of Ashley for years, Man United fans protested against the Glazer family to the point they started they’re own football club, and the Glazers were possibly worse in that all 5 kids got £500,000 a year salaries and the banks charged 14.5% interest on their loans, I realise our board have a lot to answer for but plenty of other clubs have protests, we are not alone in that fact

    • Sell up? Suitors at the right price? Are you having a giraffe? They can’t give Sunderland away, even with a big fan base and a huge stadium that they own. Newcastle’s been up for sale for years and no one wants it. Unless you’ve got £100m to take on the debt Sullivan bought plus a value of the club of say, at least another £200m, you have no chance. And who’s going to buy a club where the moment the fans don’t like you or think you’re breaking a promise, they set about wrecking your business? Counterintuitively, by making all this trouble and fuss, you’re scaring away any likely new owners. So well done everyone – you’ve made sure we’re all stuck with what you don’t want!

  8. I don’t condone the pitch invasion or the car park incident..
    But firstly I’ll tell you Sergey this isn’t THEIR club it’s OUR club,
    I don’t know how long you’ve supported West Ham but I’m 49 and started watching the club when I was almost too young to remember. I’m not knocking you but I just want you to know I’m no prawn sandwich newbie.
    THe board are at fault here, they’ve made our “home” games toxic by not doing many of the things promised. £29m spend is pathetic for a club earning the millions we do. I’ve run 3 successful businesses but I will not pretend to know how to run a football club and all what goes on behind the scenes, but £29m nett is NOT good enough.
    Xenophobic songs.?? I believe Spurs fans sing about themselves. The Hitler banner I did not see and if course that is idiotic if a ‘fan’ is waving one, pathetic.
    But a lot boils down to the fact that the board have lied, FACT.! If you spoke to most real fans at Upton Park they would’ve told you they didn’t want to move, but a lot understood. Personally I would’ve stayed and been the yo-yo club we’ve always been, and as it looks like we will continue to be but with no home and no soul.

    So your talk about the lifetime bans and trying to be nice,falls on deaf ears for me. Zero tolerance for what.? Voicing an opinion outside the directors box.? We are allowed to voice an opinion, I saw no fighting outside the directors box.? Our great nation defeated HItler so we could continue to be free and as you pointed out for the idiot with the banner, he doesn’t belong here.
    But showing that we won’t be mugged off, long may it continue until the mugging off stops.!

  9. I agree Hugh. I hear their arguments and most of them are embarrassing. The majority of fans are with the club. I must admit that I enjoyed seeing one pitch invader getting whacked by fellow fans.

  10. Or it could just be that fans are sick of the owners’ lies and inability to manage a massive venture properly.
    One banner that I saw said something like “You cannot create a storm and then be surprised when it rains…” Very apt imo…

  11. Spot on my friend, and the Hitler banner brigade should be prosecuted by the anti racist authorities.

  12. Fully agree with every word , Sergey . It was a dispicable and disgraceful act of open hatred towards the Board . These are not your typical West Ham fans . These kind of fans won’t be happy unless we are relegated ; just so that they can then say , I told you so and feel very happy with themselves . They must be weeded out and uprooted . But this was always going to happen because tensions were escalating within the protesters brigade . The consequences may be severe for West Ham United . Just hope the trip to Miami can be used professionally and profitabley to bond the players and strengthen their resolve in the face of such deplorable odds . It’s enough to be playing against relegation and this kind of behavior is the last thing this Club needs .

  13. Agree sentiments here, until our owners are described as professionals that is. Why? You just cannot sell a dream and deliver a nightmare. You cannot conduct your business on social media. You cannot openly slag current players which undermines your manager. You cannot promise the next level and deliver many levels below. You cannot balls up simple transfers.
    I’ve no truck with pitch invasions, with turning on our own players or violence of any description. But the fact Sullivan, Gold and Brady claim to have no idea of the strength of I’ll-feeling towards the boards frankly says it all. They are out of touch and only see and hear what they want to.
    What happened yesterday is not good for our club, and there can be no excuse for some of the bahaviours witnessed.. But yesterday was the symptom, not the root cause, which is unfit owners. The trick is how this message is effectively delivered without causing further damage to the club we all love.

  14. while I dont see what happned yesterday will help in any way I can understand the anger on investment means religation our midfiels u can drive a bus into it Hart in go ffs the best manegmer in the world wanted rid of him as soon as he got to man city and he end up with us they sign a forward from ****en preston I never even heard of him the last 4 transfer windows have been dismal and that is why we are in the **** ask any Birmingham fan and they will tell you what these 2 done to there club distroyed that club and now they are distroying ours

  15. I wrote my post before all the others, how come it is still waiting moderation? If you only want one opinion on here Hugh you should probably make that clear then people can decide whether they want to read, post etc. There was nothing offensive, no anusive language or personal attacks in what I wrote, just a different opinion!!

  16. the club is dead I got a S/T But i dont think I will be going again I just wish I did not order a chelsea away ticket now we are so poor the only way e stay up if 3 teams below us dont pick up any points

  17. That letter is spot on. The owners have to listen to the fans. I tweeted David Gold last year asking why there is no family section at the stadium like there was at Upton Park. His reply was that the whole stadium is family friendly. Well clearly that’s not the case. Problem being is that they sold season tickets on the cheap to whoever.

  18. next season we will be playinf in front of 20 to 25 k in the bottom half of the table MARK MY WORDS these 2 dont care about us and about the club ONLY MONEY MONEY MONEY

  19. What a joke statement! They’ve dug their own hole, even as recent as the January transfer window – we’re fighting relegation so we make a tidy profit and sign Evra (free), Mario (loan), Hugill for £9m, who hasn’t played for 15 mins yet I don’t think.

    Lack of continuous investment in the playing squad now catching up with them, making wild promises that were never going to happen now catching up with them, suffering a stadium not fit for football now catching up with them.

    World class team for a world class stadium, we won’t watch football over a running track, we tried to sign Carvalho, we’re ready to sign a striker for £25m plus, an open letter to the fans signed off by “Baroness Brady”, the best stadium migration in history of football, etc, etc.

    If you don’t like the supporters long overdue voicing their opinion, go and watch the opera.

  20. It is so hard to tell what is sarcasm and not online, but surely this is so over the top it is blatant – isnt it?

  21. I presume this article isn’t being sarcastic? If it isn’t, its truly embarrassing to read it.
    This is as good an example of crawling as it gets.

  22. I completely agree with everything said in the letter to the Chairmen. I have supported West Ham for over 50 years and through many bad times as well as good. There have been disputes with the board along the way but never has such threatening aggressive behaviour been used or justified. What exactly do people expect? Sack the board; the board own the club and it exists only because they are Hammers fans themselves and they dug deeply into their own pockets to save it from bancruptcy. The last board with whom the fans disagreed sold up and we ended up with the Icelandics. Surely we have learned the lesson? What happened to the club where banter and humour were an integral part of a match and kids and families could watch in peace?

  23. Shame, I was going to print this but found that Andrex gets stuck in the printer. Never mind, I’ll have to buy some bog roll.
    Probably the most cringeworthy, embarrassing load of 🐂💩 I’ve read in years.
    Oh, and taking pleasure in watching hammers fans fight amongst themselves E20? Have a word with yourself fella⚒

    • Ur point t on e20 is spot on Mary .. He disrespects any who dosnt agree with him and basically says the people who want the board out are the problem for everything and then says he enjoiys west ham fans fighting …and he calls us embarrassing… Ha has my good it doesn’t get better than that ..ha ha ha …my god …

  24. A personal bereavement has meant I have had little to say over recent days. I am away tomorrow (Monday) for a week to try dealing with what has happened.

    But I need to say one thing before I withdraw completely as I am most definitely not looking for anybody’s sympathy. Life and death happens. That’s for each to deal with in his or her own way.

    This is what I want to say: ClaretandHugh is here for all of you wherever you are coming from. If you want to blog your views if you are anti board they are welcome. Send to claretandhugh@gmail.com.

    It’s very easy to sit and criticise others and a site for being prejudiced in one direction or another but we ourselves have run several anti board pieces.

    So long as the blogs are respectful, non abusive and avoid bad language they will be published just as the anti board comments here will be published. It’s illogical to see them published and then say we are up the board’s whatsits.

    So come on guys get writing and give us a break from the board lackey nonsense. Never have been never will. We are a news site dedicated to bringing news and views in all its forms.

    Play nice for seven days.

    My respects


  25. Couldn’t agree more Hugh most of these idiots have an agenda have had it since we left the Boleyn notning will sate that so banthem for life COYI !!!!

  26. Fylido away with all this moderation !!!

    • The moderation has been added to vet potentially libellous comments and comments that are personally abusive to an individual or a group.

      We are not trying to censor criticism or pro or anti board views. We just want a sensible grown-up debate without abuse.

      We are trying to get to them as fast as we can

      • OK Sean, thanks for update, sad state of affairs but understand, speaking personally despite many disparate views the ability to air views freely on whichever side of the fence has always been a great positive of the site, conversations could be allowed to form in real time, but as mentioned if the are libellous I guess we have to suck it up, morons once again ruining the environment for most moderate fans…

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