And another one bites the dust !


And another one bites the dust !

It is well known that our Supremo likes to have a major say on all our transfer business and it will be interesting to see how he functions in West Ham’s new set-up with Tim Steidten, but at the time of writing , there is no evidence of anything.

The manager was under pressure last season and has a year left on his contract but he has been kept on after leading West Ham to glory in the Europa Conference League last month.

Winning West Ham’s first trophy in 43 years has made Moyes untouchable for now. But he is appears to want more of his own people around him.  Stuart Pearce and Mark Warburton have both left.

Warburton joined last year and found that his ideas did not “mesh with Moyes’s vision”. There apparently was no fallout but it was felt that a parting of the ways was the best solution.

Paul Nevin’s departure is more of a disappointment. He joined West Ham in February 2020 and has played his part in the club qualifying for Europe in three consecutive seasons.

And now it appears that we are now are losing head of recruitment analysis, Jordan Miles who will be going north of the border to Aberdeen.

Let us not forget, Moyes only has one year left on his contract and when he does leave , at this rate we will have no back room staff at all !

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  • tugboatpete says:

    Three weeks to go if we sign anyone of any note before the season starts they will need time I can’t believe we didn’t have all this in place two weeks ago same mistake as last year total incompetence unbelievable

  • jaybs says:

    There is no evidence of anything with the Big Comrade Supremo, someone needs to tell him the season is soon starting, we stood firm with the price for Rice, but we want bargain-basement prices ourselves lol

    • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

      Yep. True to form. West Ham mentality that I cannot see changing until Sullivan retires. Not suggesting I want him to, but this approach won’t change in the meantime.

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