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…and what about Masuaku’s horror show Moyes?

Look I’m sorry to be stuck on the same discussion but those who have supported the manager’s very public criticism of Declan Rice – a 19 year old finding his way in the game and doing it brilliantly – need to ask themselves one question!

Why didn’t he direct the same sort of words at the vastly more experienced Arthur Masuaku for the first goal which was an absolute shocker.

There he was in exactly the right position to clear the ball when instead he decided to wander away as the ball entered the net..an unbelievable error and not his first in a Hammers shirt.

We are never going to now the real truth behind the Rice/Hart incident but I find it almost next door to impossible yo believe that the lad didn’t get a call or thought he  did because it makes no sense at all otherwise.

Masuaku meanwhile, had a relatively simple task in getting a boot on the ball but instead walked away and I find that as inexcusable as Moyes slamming Dec publicly and letting ‘Arfur’ to get away with murder.

Not on.

Wrong, wrong. wrong!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

13 comments on “…and what about Masuaku’s horror show Moyes?

  1. Why did Rice duck and let the ball over his head ? , but also why didn’t Hart get hold of it ?
    He should have done in my opinion . I believe the Lad was told to leave it , otherwise it’s an inexplicable action .
    Why didn’t Masuaku stay on the far post as a defender should have done ? . That was rediculous and Hart cannot be blamed for that .
    Seems to me something is definitely hiding the truth . It’s a game we could have actually won . Can’t understand why Moyes didn’t utilize Carroll for the last half hour . I’m convinced we wouldn’t have had a ten minute collapse and would probably have scored a second against that Arsenal defence . West Ham gifted the game to Arsenal . Luckily for us a few results keep going our way otherwise those kind of gift wrapped presents would see us in the bottom three . Getting 3 or 4 more points with only four games remaining has now become vital and a major worry .

    • Hart was taken completely by surprise, because he could not have expected Rice to duck under the ball at the last minute.

      • Hart should have reacted better., but further criticism would definitely see him miss the World Cup . Why he was selected over Adrian is further proof of protecting his England place . Anyway , maybe an Arsenal player shouted “ leave it “ ,, no evidence of who shouted what and to whom . The mystery is why did Rice duck . Masuaku strayed out of his position defending the post ,,,, end of .
        Moyes should have been more adventurous but it’s too late now . It’s really hard to criticize so much when fighting relegation and playing , basically , not to lose . We can’t afford to lose , so afterthoughts are a bit useless to be honest . But having said that Carroll should have been bought on to worry Arsenal both in defense and attack .
        We could do without sighning Hart . Not needed or warranted . Mario has the potential to improve . I think he would do under Moyes in a full 38 game season .
        You can’t win every game and mistakes are bound to happen ; the problem is we are making and have been making too many . But it’s the same old story for us West Ham Fans ; wait till next season you’ll see ….. both optimism & pessimism at the same time . That’s what we are all about . Personally I’m looking towards a brighter future .

  2. Perhaps he has always known that Masuaku has never been a defender and never will be, so he didn’t need to go on about it. It was Rices mistake that decided the game not Masuaku’s.
    As for Hart, he called ‘ away ‘ to Rice, but Rice didn’t hear him.
    Rice is not hurt in any way by this mistake or the critisizm. He will learn from it and improve even more, as he has done from the other hand-full of mistakes he has made this season. You won’t find him getting all worked up and emotional about it.

  3. Terrible …. Absolutely NO midfield until Lanzini came on . Yet again Noble and Koyuate were clueless watching arsenal pass their way through them with little resistance . How can Moyes criticise a young man who has done more in half a dozen games than no hoppers like Noble , Mario , Massaku, Kouyate have in a season . Our superior goal difference was worth a point but crazy substitutions in last 10 minutes ruined that . Cannot see another point for us so lets hope the rest are worse than we are . COYI

    • Nice to see you’ve calmed down a bit with your comments there , Bubbles .
      Your a true Hammer at Heart . Don’t worry , we are not as bad as the picture portrays .
      WE ARE BETTER THAN THOSE BELOW US . That big loss to Arsenal isn’t so bad when you consider we were never favorite to win anyway . The score line was rather exaggerated by mistakes . I am confident of 3 or 4 more points . Remember the other clubs have massive games still to play just as we have . We might get points against Man Utd , or at least one . We should get something from the Leicester game and we should expect a result on the last day against Everton . Him up old bean . Be optimistic .

  4. This might be completely wrong, but maybe Moyes called Rice out due to his personality and character; “knowing” Dec would take ownership and grow as a result? He did the same with Arnie when he first came in, and it definitely worked in that case

  5. We are in Division Three of a three division Premiership League . Only hard work and support will get us into division Two . ( mid table status ) . Hopefully ( I think we will ) after this season when our Premiership Status is confirmed we shall recruit the right players to get us up the Ladder into Division Two . That would be enough for me as I don’t expect anything more at this stage . Same old same old . As long as we remain in the Premiership things can or should only get better . We should stick with David Moyes despite his tag as
    “ dithering Dave “ … at least he has turned a few players around and is future looking .

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