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Anderson misery hits new low

Felipe Anderson is not even in Porto’s squad to face Chelsea in the Champions League.

The Portuguese club lost the first leg of their quarter-final 2-0 to Thomas Tuchel’s men, and need something approaching a miracle to progress to the semi-finals.

If they are to progress, they will have to do so without the Hammer, who is on loan at the club.

Anderson has not played for Porto since April, when he played 57 minutes against Belenenses in the Liga NOS. Porto drew that game 0-0.

Since then, he has been on the bench three times in the league and has not been in the squad for any of their last six domestic games.

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Anderson has featured in the Champions League this season, playing 63 minutes versus Olympiacos, but has primarily on the bench.

He was not in the squad against Marseille in the group stage so that has been repeated against Chelsea.

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14 comments on “Anderson misery hits new low

  1. Get him back with us and let Wee Davey and his team turn him into a useful member of our squad. Unleash the beast that is Felipe Anderson. Show the world what he can do. Enough of holidays in Portugal.

    • I totally agree…. get him home and into the amazing squad atmosphere… nobody thrives when they are not happy.. he has so much to offer…

  2. Unfortunately, he was sent out on loan because the theory was that British football and West Ham didn’t suit him and he had lost his confidence because of this. This was probably the reason why Porto took him on loan as he would naturally be suited to their game and then find his feet once again.
    Sadly it has confirmed to me that the only possible next location for Felipe, is Brazil. There is No Way he can ever turn his game 180 degrees around to feature for this club again, IMHO.
    I have no idea why his game fell away like this, but he must’ve been brought purely on the basis of an edited YouTube skills clip.
    As sad as it is, no club can nurse a player like Felipe through his contract, if he can’t/won’t put in the basic application requirement of him as a professional footballer.

  3. I think tartan Simeone was the one who sent him to Portugal. I am sure he will prefer his holiday in Portugal compared to a holiday at rush green as he is finished with us

    Not sure a beast is appropriate. More like a mouse

  4. People are fickle and quick to forget that after his first season with us he was being linked to Liverpool for £60m … Anderson seems to be a confidence player and if we can get him back in, putting in the same workrate as everybody else his talent is not in question. The whole reason Moyes didnt fancy him was his workrate. Even after he moved to Porto he done an interview where he said he saw his future with us and that he would work hard in Portugal so he could come back and prove his worth! .. I for one would like to see him being given another chance at the club before we write off the 42m including add on’s we spent on him. If he can get back some confidence which comes from playing well and winning some games we could still get decent transfer fee for him … we have nothing to lise and everything to gain! …

  5. We might need him next year and Reid etc to challenge on multiple fronts.

  6. I agree with The Cat; the basic requirement for someone earning tens of thousands of pounds a week in their job is effort. He shirks a challenge, doesn’t track back and seems scared to run with the ball. How are any of those traits redeemable if he comes back to us? He also can’t even get in the squad at Porto half the time, let alone the team.

    Moyes’ mantra; if you don’t run, you don’t play, says it all about his chances of playing for us again

    • Well said Saul……. Can’t see him changing anytime soon and at 28 he should be at his peak. I did mention a return to Brazil but maybe Saudi Arabia might be another option, where the pressure to perform isn’t so great.

  7. Oh dear … once again opinion driven by heart not head .Happy to see Noble plodding around like the good journeyman pro that he was but now with no legs and nothing to offer but griping about a world class talent who has lost his way but has still the capability of match winning moments . Moyes is not blessed with many real quality players in the squad and do we really want to right off another £40k . Of course we should bring him back and try . Yes his wages are ridiculous but there is nothing that can be done about that but £40 million loss will more than cover them !! Moyes is a one track pony .. if you can’t run you don’t play i read … how does Noble fit into this scenario ? I would be interested to know what the record is for points conceded after taking the lead ? what has happened to shutting down a game when 3 up ….. Moyes answer is to sit and hope and bring on pointless substitutes in roles they are unfamiliar with . We are having a great season because of the team spirit generated by Declan and the two Prague boys and in spite of Moyes , not because of him . COYI

    • I believe his wages are less than we would
      Probably lose on transfer fees don’t make sense to lose more than we have to
      At his best he is good as anybody we have got .Our style of playing has also changed that would also suit him
      Somebody at the club needs to put their arms around him and give him a cuddle
      I don’t think David Moyes is keen on him
      and it would appear if your face doesn’t fit
      It’s tat tar just my opinion

    • Wasn’t it Moyes who signed the two Prague boys and Bowen and Dawson and Lingard. Yeah, you’re right. Moyes has got nothing to do with our great season.

  8. I do remember Haller spliting opinion on here.. with many feeling that he didn’t get a fair crack to prove his worth at the club for a variety of reasons.
    Well we can all see a little clearer now, apparently, Haller has been accused of being up to his old tricks of being a little lazy and uninterested and Lingard was brought in as his replacement…….. A Moyes masterstroke but also a no brainer for many of us.
    I’m sure the same will be proved with Anderson, despite the wild claims by those who still think that he has something to offer this club.

  9. If he is not making it then what are the options? Write off 40 Mill? What about his wages? Might as well bring him back, get him in the squad with upbeat players and see. What if DM could turn him round – that would be a bonus!

    • But it’s not writing off £40m. When a club buys a player, divide the cost by the number of years on the contract. If he has been with us 3 years out of 4, we’d only be writing off £10m, so to speak, as we’ve had his lazy ass for 3 years already!!

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