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Anderson switch now a massive priority

West Ham have  nearly as big an issue finding a taker for Felipe Anderson this month as they do signing a new striker!

The £36m club-record signing from Lazio is struggling in the biggest possible way during his time at Porto and has been not even found his way into their starting XI or right now the matchday squads.

The Hammers have ruled out the idea of bringing him back to the club unless they can find a taker for him this month, be it on loan or permanently.

Anderson has a contract until 2022 and will be approaching free agent territory at the end of this season.

He needs to go and play, quite frankly, so he can attract bidders. There isn’t any space in the squad and he continues to earn £115,000-per-week on his Irons contract.

Of course, the Hammers need a new striker who can ease the burden on Mikey Antonio and compete with  Seb Haller but Anderson needs to be moved on as a matter of priority.

Anderson did have a  fine first season, having been brought in by Manuel Pellegrini, scoring nine goals in total, but since then he has fallen off a cliff.

The tricks have stopped coming off, the flicks have come to nothing, there have been precious little goals and assists ab d he has been knocked off the ball more easily than Haller.

Having looked to be  Dimitri Payet-like at one point, he has become a total flop, and has given no value whatsoever to the Irons.

The best thing that could happen is Anderson somehow finding a new club and playing regularly, so he can head off to another club next summer.

Whichever we you hack it this was a €35 million disaster and with Haller cost €10 million more the club faces severe losses when they do eventually find buyers

If nothing else, moving Anderson on would be a successful January window.

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

18 comments on “Anderson switch now a massive priority

  1. Clever from him, play rubbish banking bundles of money, get to being close to being free agent, put 6 months graft in and get a free transfer with a lot of clubs interested.
    Or, maybe the reports at the time that said Lazio couldn’t believe we agreed to pay what we did for a UB40 player were true.
    Probably a bit of both…

  2. Disagree with concluding sentence. Priority has to be getting in a reliable and capable striker!

  3. Another player we have bought who has plenty of talent but just can’t be bothered.
    These players are on a win win situation.As soon as the ink dries on their signed contract their laughing all the way to the bank.
    BTW When i say “These” players i’m not talking about the majority of our players who will run their heart out for the club.

  4. This is a Sullivan transfer that’s gone so badly wring .
    He Sullivan should stick to running the club rather than turning up with over priced players who he thinks managers will want .
    Quite frankly Sullivan is an embarrassment to the club

  5. I blame pellegrini. And I blame the owners for being stupid enough to trust pellegrini in the transfer market. Moyes never would have signed a player like Anderson who never seemed to have a hardworking bone in his body. Under Moyes we’ve had our best start for 22 years. Where would we be now if Moyes had been kept on the first time. We certainly wouldn’t have wasted huge amounts of dough on duffer record signings.

  6. Getting rid of a player on loan is now considered a successful window

    Next level ladies and gentlemen

    That virus continues to affect our finances worse than every other club it seems just like in the summer

    • Let it go – I think getting funds for Anderson would be a great success. As for the virus maybe you can explain why you didn’t read the net spend story we published in which only four clubs managed anything other than a minus with Man City managing just £10 million. Chelsea did £220m – doesn’t seem to have helped. You appear to subscribe to the view that millions upon millions must be spent to show ambition. Oh well there we are then

      • Let what go? Promises made when getting us to leave our home?

        Not a chance those will ever be forgotten, forgiven or let go

        So if that your hope you need to let that go

        Another thrilling window of being outspent by Burnley and garam palace awaits

        • Really Craig? Not once, since we moved, have either of those teams outspent us.

          • Put Upton Park behind you guys. Its gone,its finished we are at London Stadium now!
            Does Moyes think Anderson could perhaps be a foil for Haller. Why not bring him back for rest of season,if it doesn’t workout we are no worse off andsaved some dosh!

        • Oh go then live with things you can’t change – up to you…some move on . If u wanna carry on hating up to you. Frankly, The only person suffering is you. If abuse and personal hatred changed the past it might be a different story but it won’t and it isn’t. Twitter is always available for this sort of hatred. This ain’t the place

  7. But surely Haller and Anderson prove that laying out large amounts in the transfer market isn’t the answer? Clever buying beats massive £ spending every time. Let the other clubs spend the big money as long as we spend wisely. Chelsea – £200m anyone?

  8. Selling Anderson or moving him elsewhere does nothing for the Moyes team on the pitch. We did not improve after Jack Wilshere left just because he was gone. We didn’t get any worse, either. Whether Anderson is a success moving on depends entirely where he goes and how they choose to play him. Could be that £25million looks cheap when he fits in wonderfully at BarcaPSGMadridMilan.
    It may be a consideration for the money men at WHU but it doesn’t follow that ‘we’ now have millions to invest in wherever. ‘We’ will just point the finger at others in the employ of our club who could be moved on making further savings.
    We’ll all have to wait and see how it all goes. Bring back Winston Reid. Play him and Robert Snodgrass too. The future remains bright. We’re doing well. Let’s trust the management (whole club – not just player management) to do the right things and carry on with the good work. They all have vast experience in their roles and will handle Anderson in the best way possible for West Ham United. Hope it all works out well.

    • Snodgrass is going to West Brom. Good luck to him. He’ll get more game time there. Always gave 100% for us.

  9. I thought David Sullivan’s biggest mistake was to employ and then trust Pellegrini to direct transfer business after all the aggro from the Bolyn remainers!

  10. So we’re still paying his wages IN FULL then?
    Did we receive a loan fee?

  11. My take on the situation is that although it is a mess… it is a mess Totally down to that idiot Pellegrini!
    We were ALL caught up in the moment and ALL expected GSB to back Pellegrini with the understanding that total control had to be given for the dream team of Pelle and Mario Husillos to work their magic…….. and work their magic they did… Almost took us down.
    Honesty is required at times and I lay that mess that continues to hamper this club, squarely at Pellegrini’s door. In fact, I remember a little leakage that Sully was unhappy with Pellegrini’s interest in that ungrateful Agent Jack.
    Hindsight is great but we are where we are and somehow we will have to muddle through to figure out the Pellegrini designed conundrum?

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