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Andre Ayew: ‘Maybe an African player can be difficult’

Former Hammer Andre Ayew says African players are proud of themselves and although can maybe be difficult the same applies to  French and English players can be difficult too.

Speaking to Wales Online for the first time since the Tony Henry story Ayew said: “I just know that we African players are proud of ourselves, we know where we have come from and we believe in our football.

“We can see that African players have played at the greatest clubs in the world and done their jobs. As African players, we know we have quality and played at the highest level.

 “We have players who have played at the top level – Didier Drogba etc – and I just know that we have great players who have played for top teams.

“African players is like any human being in the world, everyone is different.

“Maybe an African player can be difficult, but maybe a French or English player can be difficult too.

“Maybe an African player can be calm, so it’s not possible to say they are the same – everyone has their character, their philosophy, their character, the way they were brought up, to lead their life the way they think is best for him.”

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10 comments on “Andre Ayew: ‘Maybe an African player can be difficult’

  1. a bit ‘obvs’ Andre…….?

  2. I went through all the motions to register just to say how disappointed I am by this website to use a misleading title, only to bring people to this article. I realize it’s a blog and not a news organization but have a bit of integrity. It’s not even about being ‘clickbait’, as we’re all used to that. But to pull a small quote out of context as a title that shifts a conversation completely is… unjustifiable. Then you attempt to ‘cover’ your arse by giving the full context in the body of the post.

    Ayew clearly isn’t saying African players can be difficult. He’s saying any player can be difficult, regardless of where they come from.

  3. Sorry if you are offended but I’m afraid “Maybe African players can be difficult but so can other nationalities too” didn’t fit. I was actually in bed 300 miles away when the headline was written and if you read it you now know the story. Had we left the full quote out in the text you may have real reason to complain. I’m sure you could all come up with a better headline but there we are. move on.

  4. I must firstly state that I really like this site – the best read since Vinny of West Ham Online went into retirement. I was also impressed with the strong and quick stand taken by C&H on the Henry email. However I found the whole Henry episode incredibly depressing and took me back to the early 80’s when an African friend told me of his nightmarish experience at Upton Park (and other grounds). I feel that the headline is open to the interpretation that “well if Andre Ayew said that then maybe Henry is not so bad”. While the article itself is clear and balanced there are some people who only read headlines

    The headline used for the same story on other sources e.g. “Ayew talks on African footballers” I feel is a much more accurate reflection on the content of the story

    • Exactly my point. I appreciate you (Hugh) recognizing this was not the best headline… I generally read your site but this is the kind of stuff that kept me away from The Sun, and turned me on to you.

  5. We all make errors of judgement and I accept that may have been the case here – repeat I am sorry for those offended. We will try harder 🙂

  6. Thanks Hugh – well appreciated

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