Andy Carroll back in physical rehab

image2Andy Carroll is back in the U.K and is back in physical rehab at Rush Green training ground.

The player has been noticeably absent in official West Ham photos and videos in Germany but Claret and Hugh have been told he is now concentrating on getting fit back in England.

The news comes a couple of hours after CandH reported he was not training with the first team squad and that club medics work on his muscle building programme ahead of the season.

Meanwhile, pictures of the West Ham striker emerged today of him in Magaluf but a source close to the club the pictures are from the weekend when the first squad had the weekend off after their ten day trip to Austria but sources suggest he was still there on Monday morning.

One social media post said “Ended up being out with Andy Carroll til 9am this morning, not sure how that happened”

Another photo of Carroll says “Chilling all night with Andy Carroll jheeze”

image1 (2)


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49 comments on “Andy Carroll back in physical rehab

  1. The record’s stuck…the record’s stuck…the record’s stuck…

  2. I saw the headline and immediately thought that he was being treated for alcohol problems

  3. If they want to make space in the squad remove Carroll from the registered squad that frees up one slot then if he gets fit sell someone in January or loan them out and put him back in.

  4. What a waste

  5. This site gets slagged for its click bait and just this morning it got called Clickbait & Hugh over on Wetlands but with headlines like this it’s justfied. Andy Carroll isn’t in rehab he’s back at Rush Green working on his fitness. Why the hell would you use this title guys? I hope he bloody sues you.

    • Totally agree with John, this use to be the 1st place I would search for info, it’s now way down the list as lots of the news isn’t actually real news. I fully understand the costs in running a site but with the click bait and constant pop up ads it’s not very user friendly.

      I’m really hope Hugh and the team look at this as positive criticism and look to go back to how the site was run before.

      • So when was he previously in rehab for anything more than an injury.Get over yourself you pompous twit.

        • Nice Teddy, I haven’t called anyone any names but nevermind, crack on fella…………

          However if Hugh didn’t instead to get people clicking then my mind must work very different to yours.
          But I wish you all the best, have a wonderful day.

      • Rehab is the word the club and Slav uses.

        Slaven Bilic Interview on Andy Carroll November 2016 ““He will continue to do his rehab, he is progressing well, he’s back on the pitch,” said Bilic. “Not with us, but he’s running and had no negative reaction since he started his running. So in two weeks we are expecting him to be back on the pitch with us.

      • West ham’s head of medical March 2017 article using word rehab about Ogbonna

        ” Angelo is back with us at Rush Green and is working on his rehab on a daily basis after undergoing surgery on his knee after our win at Middlesbrough in late January.”


      • Cickbait? – what does it mean? Bringing people in to read a story. It’s a popular site and advertisers want to advertise so u get pop up ads. Sorry Russ that’s the way it works. It’s free for goodness sake so no it’s not positive criticism it’s self interest. We have to make money or there’s no site.

        • Hugh, I don’t want to fall out over this and ive only just seen this reply, we have exchanged messages in this past about the amount of ads your site genarates and you have always said it’s something you will look into, but it seems to get better for a while then reverts back to how it was, if that’s how you need to cover costs the great but if you have a site people will have an opinion, both positive and negative, you can’t make everyone happy.
          The sad part of this is if you look at my posts I have never tried to cause any trouble and if I write a comment I always try not to offend, today was no exception, but as they say, everyone is offended by something.

          • I’m not offended nor was I trying to cause offence. I answered your “questions” and have had the ad conversation many times. Our policy is our policy and it’s been discussed at various times in the past. There are always unhappy people among so many followers – thanks for your observations but it’s impossible to run this sit or any business by committee Russ. This is not the best place to discuss these things because the atmosphere is often screwed by deliberately offensive or some trying to out smart arse each other. I realise your comments are well intended and polite plus whenever the ad issue arises I try to solve it. Let me know when it becomes top heavy cos as I have explained in the past many of the pop-ups are rogue and not from my ad partners, we then do our best to deal with them

    • Ayew in rehab November 2016

      I would also like to congratulate Andre Ayew on being appointed captain of Ghana for their World Cup qualifier in Egypt this week. Andre also worked extremely hard on his rehab and made his first Premier League start for three months against Stoke City on Saturday.

      Read more at https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2016/november/09-november/treatment-room#y4sYpFOFOmYmXwoq.99

    • Rehab is a perfectly normal word used absolutely everywhere in football John. I know it’s a bit hot today but come on mate chill out. It wasn’t a clickbait headline but we do sometimes use what you choose to infer is a derogatory word. In our book no issue. we’re here to make people read but may I point out that reading us or any other site for FREE is not compulsory – your choice.

      • Lol yeah yeah ok, still think it’s outragous unashamed click bait and crosses the line because you know people will click on expecting another story altogether but what do I care? I like GWs idea what about “popadom off the menu” then you’d get a big Asian surge plus people ordering home deliveries.

        • Thats because in your mind you expected something different.I would say that most related it to his injuries unless you know something we dont about Carroll and rehab visits for abuse of more than just a treatment table Lol

        • And never give me the condescending yeah yeah crap either. I try to be polite in all my dealings but some make it very difficult.

  6. Lol Clickbait & Hugh,still using that one are they are they 😁 Bit difficult to sue someone when he is in rehab at Rush Green John.When i broke my leg i was in rehab for months,it was rehab simple as that.
    I wouldnt have had a meltdown if my local paper headlined ‘Radai in rehab’ because i was 😂

    • But when you was in rehab did it have photo with you and other blokes saying ‘out all night with xxxx.’ and the headline ‘xxxxx back in rehab’?
      The headline is a typical journo headline designed to get you interested, in this case it’s click bait.

      • Well im just a thick builder but i still aint dense enough to believe it was anything more than fitness rehab.The amount of time he has spent in rehab then ‘back’ in rehab aint going to be the Priory is it 😂

        • Rehab is the common phrase used by the club on their website.

          The word is used in most Treatment Update stories on the official site. I don’t know what the big fuss is about

          • There is no fuss Sean.I have heard Bilic say a certain player is in rehab or will soon be back from rehab on numerous occasions in pressers or pre match interviews.

          • But you’ve changed it just in case he does sue lmao

          • I changed it because it was best to be made clear given the absurd thoughts of some John. Give it a rest. No John we don’t run headlines deliberately to mislead although in your rehabbed head I can understand how you might get there.I also think you have just crossed the line as well

          • Chill out Hughie. Look at all these posts lol

          • I am perfectly chilled but if u expect not to be answered when you make a series of accusations you are wrong. We try to bring you a near 24/7 service. If you don’t like it the choice is yours to leave but we ain’t gonna sit around being insulted.

  7. Who cares about Carroll anyway he is never fit but always seems to be out and about, whatever anyones opinion about that and whether or not its genuine he is never going to be fit for much of any season he has had too many injuries / surgeries. I was more interetsed in the article that says we are pushing hard for Moussa Dembele from Celtic and allegedly ahead of Marseille in that race, probably more clickbait but I hope it is true we could loan them any number of players in exchange to create the space, maybe even reunite Rodgers with Carroll hehehe

    • Im not sure how Demebele would fayre in the PL but he would be worth a shot no32.I read he was ment to have met with Marseille but havnt seen the news we are interested yet.Yes press rumours i would think but i wouldnt mind seeing us get him.

      • Also being a Celtic supporter perhaps I am a bit biased but I think he would do alright, he has pace, skills and knows where the target is, he would certainly be better than many of our recent strikers, the papers are saying that Celtic have dropped the £40m price tag and are looking for around £22m, if so I would hope we could find space and money for him, imho he has the potential to be a big star with the right platform.

  8. Well being entirely honest the first thing i thought was he was back in rehab for his injury.Nothing more than that.Was it a disappointment for the soap opera watchers who expected so much more in the way of juicy gossip.

  9. Why not just post the Poppodom is still injured and no-ones got any bleeding idea when he’ll be back 😆😆 Useless sack of ****e 😂

  10. Back in Rehab! like others first thought was even more problems with Carroll, not just the eternal problem of not being fit once again! It seems to be a full time rehab institution for Carroll, we want & need a fully fit squad, not passengers for making cameo appearances.

  11. How long has he got left on his contract until we can be done with this ludicurous exercise in futilty?? I have never become so less interested in a player in claret and blue (rarely)in my life.

  12. This is completely off subject, does anyone know where you can collect players autographs at the new ground?

    Obviously before it was at the players car park but no idea where to go now!

  13. 6 months without you all
    God how I have missed it
    Best to fifer the player a bonus for games played
    If I had a dog that was injured as much I would have it put xxxx
    We need to build a side for the future and you can’t plan that with 10 men
    Glad to see Wetlands is still about got to have a place for the
    Xxx challenged to group together

  14. I often read the term Clckbait and Hugh elswehere and it makes me chuckle…it comes across as pure unadulterated snobbery from the few who say it…what really makes me chuckle though is the same wallflowers then often reference articles from here when discussing topics…you couldnt make it up you really couldnt..lol

  15. Seriously , as soon as I heard, Andy’s back in rehab , I said nonono 🙂 not again !!!
    Maybe we should call him Amy from now on 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. I think we need the season to start soon and some good cold English weather a few are getting hot under the collar, we need some real football distraction COYI !!!

  17. Right

  18. That would be difficult since I didn’t write it

  19. As of now any reference to wetlands or similar will be deleted. You don’t have to react to them.. Who sodding cares what they say = not me for sure

  20. I might be on my own with this but I think Carroll is still an asset to West Ham. He helps in defence as well as keeping two defenders busy up front. The downside is that Bilic plays hoofball to him and we have become one dimensioned and we cannot retain possession. I hope that, as a squad player, Carroll will be fitter for longer and maybe we’ll see better performances and goals from him.

  21. Sorry Hugh 6 months away to get shot of my nappy rash
    1 day back and nothing’s changed,
    But great to see the site still has some great people using it
    Just took me along time to get over my drinking spell when hungry hippo chucked in the towel
    But come December he will return
    WBA this time when they are in the bottom 3
    Good odds at the bookies

  22. Hi Bubs – can you keep me informed of any serious trolls. Think you have the e mail

  23. Don’t understand the digs at Claret & Hugh here. This is a much more reliable site than most out there and they’ve got to compete or it wouldn’t exist.

    Maybe people are just holding this site to a higher standard.

    I wouldn’t ever respond to these comments, nobody would have even noticed their drivel if there hadn’t have been a response to it.

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