Andy Carroll out again for Saturday


Slav6Slaven Bilic has confirmed the absence again of Andy Carroll for Stoke away this weekend saying it has come too soon for the crocked striker.

Speaking at his pre-match press conference.  “Mark Noble is definitely going to be back in the squad on Saturday Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if Andy Carroll is going to make the game against Stoke. It’s come too soon.”

“With the goalkeepers, I met with both of them and they have both taken the situation really well,  Randy too.”

“We are not panicking, but none of the teams, until mathematically, are safe. Maybe we have enough, but we can’t be sure. We’re three games unbeaten, and of course the confidence is higher. It’s related to the way we are training and the games we play.”

“Arthur Masuaku was relatively unknown here and he’s done everything that position requires. He is quick and strong.”

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  • John says:

    Leave it GW. Walk away.

  • GW says:

    Any chance we can stop reporting anything about this useless sack of ****e? Sorry John can’t help myself but this spaghetti boned pocelein doll is mugging the club off now 😂😂

    • John says:

      You wouldn’t let it lie would you 😂😂

      • GW says:

        John didn’t want him when he signed don’t want him now, absolute sack of crap and paid a fortune for doing nothing he’s just the reincarnation of Keiron Dyer 😀😀

        • John says:

          I’m with you mate. I love him when he produces the goods but that ain’t often enough. I’m pretty certain we will have a new main main in the summer.

          • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

            I am with GW this isn’t news noone expects Carroll to play, it would have been news if we was playing as it is, it is not news that he isn’t, he very rarely does play.

  • ironswatch says:

    get rid fed up with him now really am I guess no one will want him now not even china

  • jaybs says:

    Time he was put out to pasture, and cut our losses! he is a waste of a shirt & squad number.

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    Maybe its easy to do articles for when he is available rather than when he he is out Sean.It will cut down on your work load,you will only need to do about 10 articles a season 😂😂

    • GW says:

      May as well replace the China Doll with the geezer who’s doing the marathon dressed as a gorilla crawling 😀😀At least that bloke has got a bit of stamina and obviously moves quicker than the unplayable leaping pickled herring.

  • Hammer64 says:

    I have been a big fan, but agree now with most of the comments. I think the years of injuries have caught up with him. In previous seasons you could at least guarantee he would make real difference in the games he played. No longer the case & he is not going to suddenly stop being injury prone is he? This is the time to bite the bullet & not start yet another season with your main man a liability. Problem is- finding a replacement! Taxi for Mr Zaza?

  • hammersfan01 says:

    We all know that when he’s fit and firing, he’s unplayable. He just isn’t fit often enough for long enough. It’s such a crushing shame that someone so big and powerful should turn out to be so fragile.

    It’s perfectly clear that Sakho has to play on Saturday, has to play for the rest of the season and, assuming that over the summer he knuckles down and doesn’t throw any toys out of the pram, should be the first choice next season. Yes, we need more up front, and it needs to be of good quality, but we know perfectly well how much of a handful he can be.

    • eastendexile says:

      I think unplayable is an overstatement! on his day a handful -yes predictable -yes
      His footwork has improved but he appears clumsy at times and defenders are facing him off more and more and winning fouls against him. If he wins the ball it normally means the defence pick up the second ball.

      He is an impact sub and should never be considered our main thrust particularly if we want to move to a different level.

      His inclusion dictates our style of play and whereas he has proved very useful in defence perhaps we should convert him to a defender, but prolific striker – nah

  • Michael Miller says:

    Don’t it make you want to spit!

    This guy is a complete waste of space, no use to Bilic, no use to the Club, a complete waste of money – we’ve got to cut our losses on him!

  • firefigterx says:

    Have to be honest ! Iv’e always been a Carroll fan..But Even I am starting to think he’s not worth his wages now.. SAD waste but his wages could be better put to use. COYI

  • PopRobson says:

    I do get annoyed with Slav’s ‘it has come too soon’ comment, he always rolls out I appreciate he has to be seen to support the player but my god how can it be too soon, it’s always ‘too soon’ the start of the bloody season is ‘too soon’, he’ll get fit for Liverpool at home and someone will say ‘Andy is firing now’ however the end of the season ‘has come too soon’.

  • John Mc says:

    Usually every club that wins at least 10 games stays up, but so far 16 clubs have won at least 10 with Hull & Swansea both on 9, looking like having a high possibility of winning their 10th games on 29 & 30 April. If 18 teams have won 10 games or more after 30th April then who goes down at 3rd from last? I really feel Man Utd are on a win tonight at Man City but feel that hosting Swansea 3 days later will come too soon to a desperate Swansea. Hull are in great current winning form & could win at Southampton. Of all the bottom 11 clubs in danger of relegation, Swansea are the classiest (I know we were in the FA Cup final in 2006, but haven’t won anything for 37 years) and also the only one of them to have won a major honour in the last 4 years being the EFL or League Cup in 2013 under Michael Laudrup. It is well within Swansea’s ability to win these last 4 games & finish on 43 pts. Will 43 pts be the relegation margin? West Ham can win at Stoke & Burnley. If they don’t then survival could slip out of our control & then we’d be at the mercy of other club’s results. With this article’s subject being about AC, what more can one say? It’s a damned shame for him & West Ham that he’s injured more time than fit. I feel that West Ham will survive this season but what if the unthinkable happens in that every club in danger starts getting results? We could easily be part of a situation where we need 2 wins or 6 points more to survive on 44 pts. As everyone knows, we went down in 2003 on 42 pts. It’s only a matter of time when the year comes where the bar is raised again. This season it could be 43 pts. Beware West Ham as this game at Stoke has to be treated with such high regard, because with Spurs & Liverpool coming after, and the last game at Burnley, well Burnley have won more points at home than Man Utd. Be warned. We must score goals and win at least 6 more points

  • mywhufc says:

    some overreacting on here to this news.
    almost WHTID knicker wetting territory by some

  • master says:

    Utter madness to have this guy as the go to number 1 striker. That’s yet another odd decision by Bilic at the start of this season. Andy is solely a 30-45 min impact sub. Should be 3rd or 4th choice at best. Dumping sahko last year for his return was stupid. Just like Sam did the year before.

  • essexirons says:

    AC is unplayable too many bl00dy times every season. What is wrong with the useless sackof sh*t this time? Bed sores? He should be embarrassed to take his wage each week. Maybe thats what the fraud case is.. He’s been claiming to be a pro footballer again.

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