Andy Carroll out for Liverpool


carrollSlaven Bilic has confirmed that Andy Carroll will once again be out for the Liverpool game.

On Carroll he told reporters at the press conference this morning: “No, he won’t play. He tried to train yesterday and today but it is not good.  Again, it is nothing major but it is very frustrating. It is not a subject for now. He has such a big impact so I will never give up on Andy. On the other hand, it is definitely not good to have a player that you can’t count on.”

On Diafra Sakho he added “They all have a contract with us. With Diafra he has been injured for the whole season basically, it is the worst thing for a manager that we have so many players out for a long time.”

On Noble’s operation, he said “This hernia thing he has had for a couple of months but he didn’t want to talk about it. He wanted to help the club and the team but it did affect him.I wanted him to play against Liverpool but the surgeon said the surgery needed to happen as soon as possible.”

You can watch the full 18 minutes press conference below:

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  • johnham1 says:

    In a way I am delighted that Carroll is not available as I want Calleri to be given another run as he is played very well in the last match. Bilic should be using this game to find these things out. I think Fernandez is also a must to start with the injuries we have in midfield.

  • GW says:

    Sean you must be suffering with a repetitive strain injury by now typing the same thing about the useless unplayable poppodom week in week out 😀 Why not just stop writing about him and forget about him completely and give yourself a well earned break pal 😂😂

  • T Man says:

    Has Carroll played his last game for the club…..LETS HOPE SO!!!

  • sirgeoff says:

    Surprised at this story. Surely it’s only a headline if he IS fit. I’d be happy if he gave a couple the young players a chance now. Start with Fletcher up front. We do need look him more, give the lad a chance.

  • sirgeoff says:

    Sorry about the few missing words in the above comment. My laptop’s a nightmare

  • Stan The Man says:

    Surprise Surpise carroll still out.I would love a quid for every time i have read that lol
    This situation is becoming so silly now and season on season seriously limiting our options up top.

  • master says:

    Think about it we are seeing with Kouyate and noble, if someone is injured and needs rest or surgery, with us now safe, it serves no purpose to risk a player. Let thier season end.

    With Carroll, we still seem to be trying to get him to train and play. If he was proper injured, we’d not bother. So either he’s not really injured, and we’re not allowing him to play, or he’s having a psychological issue where he thinks he’s not fit to play. Our docs would be competent enough to say yes or no (putting aside all jokes about them). This is definitely fishy for me.

  • essexirons says:

    Absolute waste of space & money, because he is paid so much we will struggle to get rid so maybe let him go on a free. Saving his wages over the next two years of him sitting on his arse injured will cover any fee we may get. Unless some chinese muppet club have a head freeze of course.
    He is holding the club back now, Bilic is blind to seeing the obvious & for some reason he will shoe horn the guy back in the team every time he is fit

    • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

      I aint sure now Essex i have just read this & the “On the other hand, it is definitely not good to have a player that you can’t count on.” line from Slav tells you he is p*ssed off.He wouldnt have said that last season or earlier this season i dont think imho.
      Its weird because when the geezer is on the pitch no one can doubt he dont give 100% but he is just a poppadom,thats all there is to it 😁

  • Stan The Man says:

    It does make this old bugger chuckle when i read fans telling others to not be disparaging towards Carroll.Now that would be all fine and dandy if they practised what they preached about all players themselves.So we must treat Carroll with kid gloves (probably for the best) to satisfy them but they have free reign themselves to be disparaging towards other players.
    Do we need a check list now on who can and cant be commented about negatively lol

    • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

      Yeah Stanley its a simple list.Carroll & Noble are off limits,anyone else is fair game provided you get written permission from the list compilers 😂

  • PopRobson says:

    Bilic, ‘it is nothing major….’ come again……

    • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

      It probably is nothing major in comparison to his other injuries Pop.Now a 4-6 week injury is considered just a bruise when it comes to Poppadom 😁😁

  • GW says:

    Can’t we just say that he’s an absolute sack of overpaid ****e? Makes it’s so much easier than hearing that he’s the reincarnation of the chosen 1 by the YouTube talent scouts and FIFA 17 football managers 😀😀

  • Mark says:

    Not much new then. So many of our players have played with injuries this season and we didn’t even know it yet Carrol Iv got a twinge sound need 8 weeks of I’m so sick of him now😜 Get rid save the huge wages we pay him to every week to do nothing and but a reliable striker

  • ironswatch says:

    the guy is finished sad but true we cannot do this for an other year get rid is the only solution now

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