Andy Carroll out for season

Carroll-West-Ham-team-news-541122West Ham have confirmed Andy Carroll will have surgery on his injured knee on Tuesday following assessment by a specialist on Friday afternoon. The Hammers striker injured his left knee during the second half of Wednesday night’s 0-0  draw at Southampton.

The recovery phase is expected to keep Carroll out for the remainder of the 2014/15 season.


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18 comments on “Andy Carroll out for season

  1. I feel really sorry for him (I’m not ironic), but West ham is not an hospital and we are talking about the highest paid player in the club history.

  2. Catastrophe – what a nightmare – Sky Sports News are listing his injuries since he joined us – it looks terrible.

    Where do we go from here – God knows!

  3. It’s a shame, reallylike the lad. On the other hand, it would be a great oipportunity for elliott Lee to make his debut

  4. Real shame. Like dean Ashton all over. Sam has continually warned andy carroll about going in hard for every challenge but I guess you cannot change the mans nature. but when you are the size he is and you throw yourself into challenged like he does someone is always going to come off worse. Unfortunately most of the time it’s andy.

  5. Sorry conkerpot, are you saying is Carroll who decides when he has or not to play? and BFS role? Water boy?

  6. Thank you Allardyce for forcing a not fit Carroll to play.
    Thank you whu medical staff for allowing the above to happen
    Thank you the Davids for allowing the above to happen
    Sorry Andy Carroll for the above.gws.

  7. Dear mattefume69 sorry I do not understand. Is this a rhetorical question? You are not making yourself very clear. Does every single thing in your world have to be the fault of the manager?

  8. Yes conkerpot in my world there’s no place for BFS, he’s too large.

  9. Well understand this mattefume69 I shall put it into simple patronising language such as you like to use yourself. So simple that even a little bambino child could understand it. Allardyce or allardici to you is like the head of a Mafia family. He is the don but if you wish to whack him then you have also to take out his entire family. That includes every coach the sports science people the fitness people all the support staff. All the people that have worked tirelessly to take our club from championship to top half of premier league in the space of a few years. Take also a look at what happens to clubs after sam leaves them. They go on a downward spiral. Is that what you want? Ok say we remove Sam and all his staff from their post. Who are you going to replace him with? Presumably you don’t like English players or managers. So who are you going to bring in to transform our great club?

  10. Shouldnt Sullivan or Gold be The Don or maybe Brady is a Doness if there is a thing.I thought Allardyce was more than a Don in your opinion Conker,i thought he was a Deity for you 😉

  11. You’re correct sullivan and gold are the real dons. Allardyce is just a mafia boss and Brady is indeed a goddess but I was trying to explain something in simple terms to my Italian friend because he has a lot of questions that need answering.

  12. Im sure Karen Brady will be more than happy to be called a godess Conker.If she reads this you might just get yourself a free season ticket for next year 🙂

  13. Conkerpot, probably this will be the last time I’ll write on this blog, but I want clearly to tell you what I think about you: your are a poor idiot. Not for football (even in this field in my opinion you are an idiot), but for what you wrote in your last post using words like mafia, don, etc. Probably you don’t know I live in Milan (North Italy, do you know where is?) and not Sicily where there’s mafia. I was happy to share my passion for West Ham with English football fans beacuse here in Italy unfortunately is not a well known club. I think a blog is a place where eveyone should express freely his thought, joking around, also with different points of view (it’s the beauty of a discussion), but inside the limits of civilization. I have never been racist in my comments, I’ve got a clear idea about football that I expressed every time in my comments. I don’t want to answer to your stupid questions because if you read my old posts you can find all the answers with a clear motivation. I find your last post heavy and offensive not just for me, but for my country and your country; using those racist stereotypes you are an extremely negative example for your country. Fortunately I’m an intelligent person who doesn’t reason using stereotypes like you and so I think you are an isolated case. Here in this blog I found a lot of people really nice and expert of football with an open mind, exactly the opposite of you. You are a limited person and I think my opinion about you is shared by many here. Said this, I’ve decided to leave this blog not because I’m scared of your answer but because I don’t want to deal again with people (I’m not talking about football) like you. Bye bye idiot.

    Hugh, congratulations for your work.

  14. Sorry conkerpot I forgot an important thing! Today is Valentine’s day, best wishes to you and your boyfriend BFS!

  15. Nice one Conker.Good to see you are doing everything to enhance anglo-italian relations.Who are you going to move onto next,the Spanish?French?Dutch? 😉

  16. Oh lighten up rads45! You take yourself too seriously. It’s only banter. I can’t help it if he doesn’t understand the British sense of humour.

  17. Well you obviously dont either coz i was only joking myself.Go back to your Sam shrine & polish your statue of him 😉

  18. Oh dear Conker,school boy error.You ask me if i even watched the match which obviously i did,though ‘er in doors wouldnt have it me going today on V Day.But you tell me in your normal wiseguy manner how you were gutted after you got back from the match.Just wondering if you normally post comments on here 13mins into a match your at.I usually just watch the game,maybe you multi task.You were not telling me porkies were you to try to make out you were there.I think you were probably sat in your armchair not at The Hawthorns,lol 😉

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