Angry DG hits back

spt_ai_cardiff_whu_09.jpgDavid Gold has declared the irons players would be “devastated” if they were aware of some fans claims they are not giving 100 per cent in games.

The co chairman has again taken a hammering on Twitter following the Aston Villa defeat with some supporters claiming they are not giving their all and instead are protecting themselves against being booked.

With a Europa spot place in prospect the suggestion is that the payers are ensuring they receive no yellow or red cards although Alex Song received a caution at the weekend against Villa.

With third placed FPL outfit Everton  arriving at Everton on Saturday the accusations take on a certain significance but Gold was having none of it.

He immediately made his position crystal clear declaring: ” “Our players would be devastated if they thought the fans believed they weren’t giving 100% dg.”




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25 comments on “Angry DG hits back

  1. I can’t remember anyone posting on here they thought the players were not giving there all,
    But we have all comented on the fact that some players are not of the quality or are even not fit enough for the premier league,
    Nolan is not fit enough and has not got the quality in the position NCS has played him in
    O,Brien has not got the ability to play at this standard,
    Cole no longer can play at this level in this system,
    Magia could not play in NCS system,
    Demel no longer can play in our team
    Jarvis can not play under NCS system
    But a no time have I said they are not trying
    DG you know the problem it’s no good having a go at the fans if you did what is needed you
    Would not have this problem,
    Remove NCS and yours and our problem will go away

  2. Makes it even worse if they are giving 100%,they aint good enough for the prem in that case.Nah,they are already laying on a beach somewhere dreaming about being able to play something other than Sams Plan A crap next season.

  3. the blame lays with you and brady, yes, you gave a new contact to a pathetic manager the fans new he was not up to it,talks you in to buying carroll when bony was the best option. now tell the truth you got it wrong with sam be a man and admit it.

  4. DG, if you have a Ferrari, but the pilot hasn’t the driver’s license… well , the car is usell.


  5. Two games to go,im past giving a sh*t whether there trying or not.I am suffering from a serious bout of lethargy after going saturday.Might have to start watching cricket & tennis for a few months to get this season out of my system.I will leave wetpants to find & hire the new manager & incoming transfers.I know i am leaving it in the experts hands 😉

    • ahahha… we could have a friendly game of doubles… Bubs Nadal and Matte Djokovic vs Rads Federer and Tyson Murray… lol


    • Appears we have a problem with your plan Rads.Wetpants seem to have moved into politics.Dont know if they will have the available time to source,interview & hire a manager for us.I guess we have no chance of them dedicating time to transfer targets & contract negotiations.Houston we have a problem!! 😀

      • Lol,well they must find time,they are the holders to the key of our destiny.Housing in Newham will have to wait.Their search for a new manager & transfer targets must take priority.Who else is going to do it if not them? This could be a crisis if they neglect The Irons 😀

  6. Rads what would you like me to do on your behalf as an expat ?
    1 not going in to coalition with wet pants.com
    2 not signing any player that has connections with NCS
    3 only will sanction attacking players including defenders
    4 free beer for home games ST holders only
    5 free TV For expats and foreign fans who stay loyal to C&H
    NCS for 100% bullet

  7. Haha,all five sound good to me bubs.I am officially retiring from giving a sh*t,lol.If i read one more person say they would be happy to keep Allardyce i will cry.Im pi*ssed off of reading it.Everyone is allowed an opinion but most who say these wise words watch matches from the comfort of their armchair.Maybe if they were travelling the country watching this rubbish they wouldnt be so easily pleased.It has nothing to do with doubting peoples love of the club,just think if it was their pockets taking a hammering they would want more for their money.Time for my summer sabbatical,lol 😉

  8. I agree but do not understand when each Mon DG moans about the remarks of the fans what does he expect us to all clap his brilliant decision to keep NCS as his leader,
    To that he will say I said wait till the end of the season,
    Ok no problem make seats free for the Everton game and let ST holders wait until he has made his decision on NCS before they decide weather to renew there option.

  9. Lol,everything is screwed up atm Bubs,total mess.I cant be bothered with it.If people still think Sam is the man then good luck to them,but i am fed up with it.As i said,i will leave the management/transfers to wetpants.They are the West Ham Fans Think Tank.Better they sort it out for me before August or maybe July if we get in to europe 😉

    • You got no chance of them finding a manager.They are now Jeremy Paxman,Andrew Marr & Andrew Neil.It is Wetpants Question Time.The debate is on,even got a chimpanzee involved,must be after bigger enclosure rights for primates 😀

  10. Anyone who actually WANTS to keep Hippohead are certifiable,send them to the nearest asylum.Throw away the key!! 😀

  11. Seems to me David Gold is very keen to blame the fans rather than we know who.
    Nolan score in todays Mirror 4 comment a spent force.
    We knew that before the season started but Fatty just ignores it.
    Been going to Upton Park since 1957 and the last 3 years have been dire.
    Ron Greenwood, John Lyall and Bobby Moore must be turning in their graves.
    Even worse the 2 David’s have been the architects by allowing the dinosaur to stay.
    They say they are Hammers fans but I think that is secondary to the money.
    Will they sack him before season ticket renewal date, I doubt it.

    • likewise, DGHammer34, when we have watched the greats, and seen real teams perform under Greenwood & Lyle, this present regime is very hard to swallow. These players are trying in my opinion, but as Bubs says they do not have the quality or the skills required for Premiership football today. Nolan will again be criticised, but He is past his best and Allardyce is cruel exposing him to this degree.
      We have the basis of a good side, but there is far too much dead wood, that needs pruning.

  12. I heard on Talk****e yesterday that West Ham and Everton would both be trying to get the most cards in order to avoid the Europa Cup – look what it’s done to Everton and Tottenham’s season – all the travelling, Sunday kick-offs and all the other stuff involved with it make it a poisoned chalice!

    With the best will in the world we haven’t got a strong enough squad to get us through this season without being involved in the Europa Cup!

    Apparently, if it gets down to seven a side the game would be abandoned!

    • I hope we get three red cards to save our embarrassment next season, trying to field two sides a week, when we can’t field one at the moment, as DG says injuries are crippling us !!!

  13. Anyway, the fans may express their views freely, the owners, players and (pathetic) manager have to accept this fact.
    Players, Manager and Owners are puplic figures, they are well paid to satisfie the paying audience. They have to accept their roles, if they do well they’ll have the candy, otherwise the humble pie.
    Said this, I believe that today it’s clear to us all that there’s something wrong: no results, crap football, too much excuses. Someone must answer for this situaton.
    The Fans are incredibly admirable for their patience, for their support, for teir wasted money.
    It is for Others to remedy this embarrassing situation, not with words but with action.


  14. Should never have kept Fatty last year then we wouldnt have this problem!!! Fatty out & take Fatty Jr with you

  15. West ham have ,ALWAYS been the gentlemen of football , “enough said”

  16. to Mr David Gold I hope these words come back to haunt you as I do not like you or Sullivan you defo think you are Del boy & Rodney with uncle Albert in charge oh the words DONT GO TO BED ha ha ha you muppet

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