Angry Sullivan makes position clear


sullivan_5535cDavid Sullivan is a very unhappy man and is openly discussing team situations “that cannot go on.”

He has gone public on the club’s official site to make things clearer that before declaring: “”I was very disappointed and frustrated with the manner of our defeat at Bournemouth on Saturday.

“We went down there determined to bounce back from the Chelsea defeat on Monday, but we didn’t play as well as we know we can.

“Slaven, the players and the staff all know we have to do better. We have conceded too many goals early in halves in recent games and, while we’ve managed to get ourselves back into games like the ones at Southampton and Watford and at home to West Brom, there will be matches where we cannot equalise.

That situation cannot go on.”

And in what sounded very much like a veiled warning he added: “I am sure that Slaven, his backroom staff and the team were not happy with what happened and they will think about it a lot over the next few days.”

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  • John says:

    I saw this and good for him. He was slagged off by some for not “keeping it private” what tosh, he went public so that the fans know the board will not tolerate anything less than 100% effort. Good for him.

  • HBHammer says:

    Good for him!! He is half the problem, How much money will they make this year, let’s see what he spends shall we?.
    Good for him FFS!!

    • John says:

      What part do you disagree with then HB? I agree with what he says word for word, so does Slaven I expect. The travelling support that I was with on the train and in the bars did too.

      I’m glad he said it. Slav will say the same Monday.

    • ReggieHammer says:

      So would you prefer Terrance Brown as chairman? Or Eggy? You are deluded if you think Gold and Sullivan are bad for the club. They may not be perfect but I’ll take them over a lot of other chairmen out there

  • HBHammer says:

    I agree with all he said, what i don’t agree with is the hypocrisy from the man and someone saying good for him!! Do you not think him and Gold are part of the problem then?

  • John says:

    Good for him. I said that again just to annoy you!

    Yeah part of the problem sure but just a part. The players and Slaven and his staff all share responsibility but the point is I see no reason why the owner shouldn’t make that statement. AC has also made it and Slaven will tomorrow and they too are part of the problem.

    Look, if it makes 1% difference next week then bloody good job.

    • HBHammer says:

      A BIG part, and it will need more than 1% improvement on yesterday, every player in the team can make that statement it’s irrelevant and doesn’t change the fact you get what you pay for, try and do the transfer window on the cheap then don’t complain when things aren’t good enough.
      Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree John and hope for better next week.

      • John says:

        Yeah I’ll take back the 1% but my point remains. Anyhow happy to agree to disagree fella.

  • Macca says:

    Five years ago in May we were fortunat to beat Blackpool in a Championship play off final.We have now solidated,appear to have halted the yo yo club problem and are sat in a safe midtable position.
    Look at the clubs who have come up and go back down in that time.Look at the big clubs in The Champo who have come to a grinding halt and been in in it for a good few years now.
    I really dont know what the **** some of you want.

    • mywhufc says:

      halted the yo-yo problem?
      West Ham only get relegated once every decade, we’ve had ours this decade in 2011 so we are safe for another 3 years, so it wasn’t really a Yo-yo club as such.
      Personally, if the daves got off twitter, kept their mouths shut, but carried on doing what they do things wouldn’t seem half as bad.

      • Macca says:

        Ok it must have just been a media gimmick calling us a yo yo club i guess.Who knows why they said that.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    About time, hopefully this rocket up their backside will result in them working hard instead of the lacklustre performances we have seen for the best part of a season now, I think we have a high quality squad they just don’t play as a team (defensively) and put the required effort in to maximise their ability. We have the raw ingredients just need a bit of pace adding to the squad, a new keeper and someone other than Noble in midfield, hopefully this summer we will pay the required sums to get first team players and if the others don’t improve loan them out like the other top clubs do. If the team don’t improve sufficiently between now and the end of the season and continue to make the same mistakes you have to change the manager or the backroom staff at the very least.

  • spidergk says:

    Playing players in their right position might be a good start……..Playing Kouyate at right back will make him leave, aside from making us worse at the back than we are already. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but we looked more solid under BFS. Bilic being a defender, should have this **** down by now. I know everyone loves Bilic and he’s super Slav and all that, but he is making too many school boy errors. I’m not a manager and it’s just my opinion but I feels we’re going backwards a little bit lately. I for one would have dropped noble and put Kouyate next to Obiang. I would have put Antonio at right back and started Ayew in his place up front.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Agree with you Spider other than Antonio at RB, although he is far from the finished article the only player (imho) that remotely resembles a right back is Byram, Antonio for me is our best right winger and does more damage and scores more goals in that position. Like all of us I am no manager either but can see us as you do going backwards.

      • spidergk says:

        Yeah totally agree about Antonio, I would give him Feghouli’s place if I’m honest. The only reason I put him at right back is because I’m not a Byram fan (maybe he just needs more game time)and Antonio has scored a few goals from the RB position. In fairness I think he’d score you a few goals from whatever position you play him in. All I know is I’d rather have Byram or Antonio at RB, rather than Kouyate. Additionally a Kouyate/Obiang defensive midfield pair would be flippin awesome. Kouyate loves to bomb forward and having old Pedro next to him, would allow him to do that.

        • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

          Yep agree, Byram does make mistakes for sure but he is young and hopefully will improve, a mate of mine is a Leeds supporter and they told me he was prone to some awful games but what I like about him is that he makes some tackles, he is good on the ball and is a threat going forward, Kouyate like Antonio is a complete waste of time at right back, it would be refreshing to see square pegs in square holes and Obiang / Kouyate given an extended run together in midfield. I am not sure what it is with managers but they seem unable to manage the ego’s in the dressing room, perhaps he thinks leaving Noble on the bench will upset that but at some point you have to ask other players to step up and become leaders don’t you ? Kouyate is captain of Senegal, Ayew is vice captain of Ghana, Fonte was captain of Southampton, Snodgrass looks like he has some leadership skills, Carroll likewise when he is fit, I don’t think there is anymore a lack of leadership in the squad that requires Noble must start and we have an abundance of central midfielders that could be used to partner Obiang, Kouyate, Fernandes, Lanzini, Nordveit aswell as Noble.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Macca-hope you are right that we are ‘safe’ mid table.i don’t see us getting much from the remaining games. Most are against sides better than us I am ashamed to say. I saw one today-Burnley. A side with no stars, but I wish we played like them. OK Liverpool were poor & looked like us, but Burnley were well organised, solid defence but did not just sit back. Did not give away a goal against a good side just to give them a start. Didn’t give up when they went behind.

  • Hammer64 says:

    By the way, on the ‘are we safe’ issue- think I am right that in 2011 we got a massive 2 points from our last 10 games & went down with 35 pts. Could it happen again? Odds against but look at yesterday’s performance & look at the games left. Remember- don’t look at where sides are in the league. At this stage you want sides with nothing to play for. Often games against bottom three are bad news if they are on a run. Sorry to be a pessimistic git, but I reckon DS has the same thing in mind.

  • njw says:

    Totally agree, we are not safe playing like that yesterday. Seriously hacked off Bilic has been offered new contract – he is our problem, it is not just about being safe…..but I cannot see our way up the division with him making selection errors every week.

  • claret says:

    Wether you agree with the chairman or not it shows he cares & is not happy well now he knows how most of the fans feel I am fed up with Slav putting players out of position we have had this “right back ” problem now for two seasons he has no exscuse for not buying a decent right back but since they did not then he should play Byram there & put Kouyate in midfield and play Lanzini in the middle not on the wing. Glad to see Noble was subbed but again he should not have been picked due to his past performances. Let’s hope the chairman has a word with the manager & tell him to get his team selection right & not be afraid to sub people who are not performing.

  • PopRobson says:

    I think if we win on Saturday we will be ok but lose and the panic will set in and we will be reliant on others being worse than us. Frankly it’s been a rubbish season and Slav needs to take his share of the responsibility.

  • Macca says:

    Safe as you like.You think the bottom three will get 34 points or more,every team below us will over take us and we will not pick up another point.Stupid believing that.
    Internet sites are full of the most miserable fans i think exist.
    When we go on a good run they go quite,when we lose a few the keyboard warriors are out in force.

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      Most of the people on this site post win lose or draw Macca but you are right losing does bring out the worst in some.

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