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Another disastrous Irons day

West Ham 0 West Brom 1

Haller disappointing once again

Not unexpected but entirely unacceptable!

The disasters are piling up on top of each other in terms of team performance but an admission first…I missed the first half for important domestic reasons although I understand we were horrendous.

The second 45 minutes could have seen the Championship outfit go further ahead before going down to ten men.

Sadly the non creative Hammers found it impossible  to break them down despite producing a series of  non threatening  half chances.

It can be argued that our FA Cup exit is a good thing given the injures and the importance of PL survival but the level of performance in the second half, though obviously better than the first, is way short of what we should be expecting.

This result pours more pressure on the players and manager but chiefly the owners who clearly need to sort out player/s by the end of the month.

We simply can’t go on as we are with the present squad in such awful form but how do you attract players to club which is in its current state?

All that’s left is hope and that’s evaporating fast.

Haller was poor again and missed one excellent chance, Ajeti looked lively at times and Rice was about the best of a bad lot.

There is much to worry about!

About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Another disastrous Irons day

  1. Couldn’t care less at the min more important things to worry about..but i do feel sorry for the fans who went…its disgraceful really…they need player’s desperate but they simply wont pay the money for the targets they want …
    Other teams are having no problem signing players…
    We will go down this year and to be quite honest i couldn’t care less at least we might play some younger players who are hungry to play football and not just make there banking balance fatter In the championship…
    I’ve never been a board hater as people like to say but they truly are sucking the life out of this club ..I will have no sympathy at all for them …..its getting toxic and I know hugh hates that , but come on what do they expect is going to happen with one failure after another and still nothing is happening…we had 14 players today and some were kids …..how can a prem side be like that …crazy

  2. Not disastrous, totally expected, worst side in the Premiership, started by Billic, continued by that Chilean disaster, Gold and Sullivan your days are numbered (in terms of a protest)
    Liverpool next 4/5/6 🤔
    Switch off the lights, championship here we come.. Hope our man Noble can play on Wednesday 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and let our up and coming youngster ie Zabaletta plod along again.. Hope our 50 million man Diop is raring to go again 😂😂😂😂
    Let us 🙏

  3. So so poor we need more players than we can afford. Why would people like Declan stay with this shower in the Championship?

  4. You did well to miss the first half, Hugh. We were beyond shocking and flattered by the scoreline. Better in the second half with the introduction of Noble and Antonio. Sanchez should never wear the shirt again and Balbuena was absolutely awful. A constant flow of misdirected passes. West Brom’s reserves were, by contrast, lively and well organised by Slav who didn’t celebrate the goal. Very sad times. Makes you wonder how Sullivan and Brady sleep at night.

  5. Well put Hugh. I missed this one and put the money towards a flying lesson.Good choice on my part.Anyone still grasping at the idea that this ramshackle group of players that have been thrown together rather than built as a team have surely had their eyes opened today.Beaten by a team that was weaker than the one Stoke beat 5 days ago.With the exception of say 2 or 3 players we were at our full strength in the 2nd half.So worried this team will go down now unless some serious quality is brought in over the next week.Its been coming and everyone can see as a team we move at the speed of a glacier and creativity is woefully short and frontline could not hit a cows arse with a banjo .No shots on goal for over an hour at home to a Championship 2nd team.The list goes on and morale will have been drained after this disaster of a performance.If indeed you can call it that.

  6. A shambles… When Rice is head and shoulders above everyone and 35 year old zabaletta is the next best.. Worrying times indeed…

  7. Trying to get money out of the owners, is like trying prise a wincle out of its shell.

  8. Today’s result couldn’t have been a shock to anyone, some of our player’s performances, also couldn’t have been a shock to anyone either today, because we KNOW and have known for some time, the abilities of these players.
    We have known the trouble we are in for some considerable time now, between 2 – 3 months.
    We have known the type of players that are needed at this club to rectify this problem, again for between 2 -3 months.
    We have about 6 days left of a transfer window that will decide whether we stay up or go down. On a sinking ship, it’s ALL hands to the pump…. But, we still found it necessary to send two of our BEST U23 players out on loan and then SELL a Third player (Creative midfielder) who has Bags of potential and ability.
    ANY of those three (probably ALL) would’ve played their hearts out and could’ve possibly changed our pattern of play and hence the result today.
    Someone has dropped the ball? Or maybe sending our youngsters out, is a chance to give them League experience so that they are ready to play for the club when we get relegated?
    The Chairmen and the manager seem to operate like a three-legged horse…. Totally Dysfunctional with no clear plan. The chairmen seem to be hiding behind the new manager, who is trying his best to firefight issues beyond his control.
    As I said before, this result comes as no surprise to MOST, but it is sure to have woke up those who think that we’ll suddenly start performing and pull ourselves clear, even though we haven’t got the players at the club to turn things around. We have been Reckless in either loaning out or selling a group of our BEST young players that we have had for years. Who by the way would’ve probably started or had a place on the bench today?
    ALL of these youngsters have probably looked at the players in the first team ahead of themselves and been perplexed why they couldn’t even get a place on the bench…as I have been for months.
    I predict that IF we don’t see any MAJOR activity before the last day of the window………. We’re Going Down…..with a Whimper.

  9. You can only reap what you sow.

    West Ham should play their B team against Liverpool and concentrate on beating Brighton. If they can’t beat teams like that, they are doomed.

  10. Useless players no effort , so after throwing Bilic & MP under a bus I see no improvement . The only thing with this is the players have a crap attitude and no work effort . The board appoint a rubbish manager who the players big up but we look worse. Moyes needs to push the board for new players as there’s no competition for places so the players we have just stroll around. The board need to invest and stop messing about with stupid offers . The players are not showing the fans the effort required we need new blood now.

  11. Owners need to sort out 4 news players, RB, CM, Striker and Playmaker. Moyes I have to say is tactically so inept it is hard to believe how he has got to this level in the game. The formation for todays game should have been a 3-5-2 with Fornals in CM (instead of that clown Sanchez) with Rice, Lanzini for the first time playing in front of a midfield with pace in it and also playing in behind a front two for the first time. But he goes 4-4-2. He does not recognise that the players we have suit 3-5-2. Secondly when he made 3 changes (incredible he did such a thing with Antonio’s injury record) he did not switch to a 3-5-2 and start to create chances. The board need to back Moyes this week otherwise we are going down. At the end of the season the owners have to go or appoint a DOF who has complete control over the footballing side and they provide the funds that he needs to do his job.

  12. Why do we keep crap players and let better players leave. Marcus Browne was excellent for Oxford, Edmillson Fernandez is playing well not to mention Josh Cullen and Connor Coventry.

  13. No I’m not ill and you clearly haven’t been reading my posts clearly enough. Becauase they don’t say **** this and **** that and **** off they may be difficult for you to comprehend. In the meantime you demonstrate quite clearly that you know **** all about how to read or comprehend observations without referring to those of a similar mindset who can do nothing but troll.

  14. The way you get players is pay somewhere near the asking price..not offer 6 million for a 15 million pound player ..its quite straightforward really…how can there be any dialogue when we are always so so far away from the asking price …

  15. Johnham where is our pace in midfield?

  16. Absolutely gutted an saddened by what’s going on at our club, next level will be achieved but sadly that’s the championship!!!! League Cup out fa Cup out premier league out, what more needs to be said apart from its not bloody working! Gold and sulliven you saved us from the Iceland invasion now let us make that so called next step and sell to people who can make it happen please.

  17. To me it appears the only player we can put into midfield with pace is Fornals. he has a good work ethic, can get up and down the pitch. Today the manager had a chance to try this out no decided to play Sanchez and then decides to bring on Noble who is long past it and is a big part of the problem with our performances (playing with 10 men in games). He also fails to see that Lanzini is at his best behind two front men, today he played him wide. Just don’t get Moyes, never have and hence my frustration at his appointment. Moyes will need to make the right signings in this next week, and he then needs to start been aggressive in his formations and get rid of his negative Pelle approach with one up top.

  18. Losing used to ruin my whole week, now I can’t be asssed.

  19. saw some fool of a fan called baz cox on bt sport being interviewed about the game. Just went in there to slag off the board I think. Turned out he hadn’t even seen the game. Embarrassing or what.

  20. The board did bail the club out so I’m not entirely sure some of the criticisms are Valid. The big shock to me was the comments by big Sam about David Sullivan’s surprises! A player would turn up pre season and if he was a striker and did not score it was big sams fault.
    How can you manage like that?
    Kudos to big Sam for putting up with that

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