Another Rice delay pressures Hammers


The Rice saga rumbles on

The Rice saga rumbles on, as the latest news on the new Arsenal man is that his medical  is unlikely to be completed until sometime next week.

Why the delay? This is getting rather ridiculous…

West Ham are in urgent need of funds for this summer`s transfer window and can only generate it once they manage to sell Rice. Even though the deal has been agreed and until the formalities are finally put to bed, the money will not arrive to the club.

David Sullivan and his board must put more pressure on the Gooners to speed the transfer up as quickly as possible in order for the Hammers to move on and bring in additional signings.

As it stands at the moment ,we have already said goodbye to Manuel Lanzini, Ademipo Odubeko, Armstrong Oko-Flex and Brian Kinnear, as well as scholar Asher Falase, and Rice will soon be following them out of the door.

Hurry up and get the thing done !

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  • USHammer says:

    If I were conspiracy minded I’d say it’s Arsenal’s revenge for our playing hardball on the payment time line. IF I were conspiracy minded. 🙂

  • staylo60 says:

    Here’s an idea, show some ambition, and pull the plug.., Keep Rice he’s the best midfielder in the prem bar none and we are selling to our London rivals.. poor from the club and very disappointing. I know Dec probably fancied playing his football in front of a silent crowd but he’s contracted to us and will just have to get on with it COYI

  • Hammers in the blood 1 says:

    Stupid , delays unfounded pull the plug and stop delaying other transfers !

  • David Griffith says:

    The reality is that they have us over a barrel. Pulling the plug now over a delayed medical would devastate Rice and the idea he would simply shrug his shoulders and resume business as usual with West ham is fanciful in the extreme. The best way of pressure being exerted on Arsenal would be if their own fans became impatient with the delay. If I was managing PR at West Ham I would be trying to get some journos to run pieces on Arsenal lethargy negatively impacting their pre- season preparations to try and light a fire under them to move more urgently.

  • Pessimist says:

    Tell the Arsenal to sfuff their deal where the sun doesn’t shine. Keep Declan and move on and grab a couple of decent Transfers.

  • Hammeroo says:

    So why has Rice returned from holiday already? It’s surely not because he was cooked in the sun. The Gooners are stirring the pot with Rice already soft on joining them. Can’t we still go ahead with signing at least one player in the mean time?

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