Anti-Moyes culture becoming overly venomous


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Anti-Moyes culture becoming overly venomous: How times change: Ron Greenwood with the 1964 FA Cup takes a tube.

It does feel as though the anti Moyes culture is becoming overly venomous.

Anti-Moyes culture becoming overly venomous: Lyall and Greenwood

I’m a fan of many decades and am a disciple of Ron Greenwood and more so the late great John Lyall. I was brought up the West Ham way, whether in the style of football or blooding youngsters, the integrity shown by the two managers  immediately springs to mind.

Anti-Moyes culture becoming overly venomous

So it will be no surprise that the football on show at present is not registering high on the entertainment stakes to say the least.

It is not so much the counter attacking style I object to as I appreciate football has moved on a lot since the 1980s and there is more variety in tactics today. It is the execution of how we are playing.

It is slow, deliberate, methodical, riddled with poor passes as other teams find us easy to press. I have said before, if we played as we did when we finished sixth, when we seemed able to counter attack with speed and flair, I would be happy.

I remain hopeful this can still happen when we have Paqueta back and even more so if we get a decent left sided player in the summer and miraculously keep our present front three.

The remainder of the moans frequently heard about Moyes are that he doesn’t give the youngsters much game time but then again what youngster has gone onto greater things either direct from the Academy or after limited first team action?

The only two that have done well are Dec and Ben. So he will play a youngster if he thinks they are good enough.

Substitutions are another favourite moan but if you look at our record under Moyes it hasn’t exactly hindered us that much. Although I still struggle with how much time Nolan seems to spend on the tablet telling the oncoming player’s his job.

As for transfers, us fans are always moaning, always wanting more…..or sometimes less!

Moyes has his fair share of pups, but it is a fair share. It sometimes feels that every good signing is down to Sullivan, Steidten, an agent – anyone else but the manager whilst  every bad signing is down to Moyes and him alone, or so it seems.

Even Lyall, who signed and developed some real gems also had failures……McKnight, McQueen, Kelly, Radford come to mind very, very quickly!
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