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Antonio confirms Marko wants out

Michail Antonio has confirmed Marko Arnautovic wants to leave West Ham telling Sky Sports Goals on Sunday viewersObviously there is interest, everyone knows that Marko wants to go,”

“He’s massive for the club, I think he’s joint top goalscorer, he’s a massive player for us, the fans love him. It’s just one of those things where in his life right now he feels this is another step for him.

“I think he’s going to probably one of the best clubs over there [in China] and might be able to win some trophies. He’s now 30, 31, coming towards the latter end of his career.

“And he might just feel like before he retires he just needs a new step and this might be the step that he wants.”

On replacing him Antonio added: “That [replacing Arnautovic] is the difficult situation because obviously we’ve got someone there with experience of playing, who scores goals,” Antonio said. Right now who could we sign to replace him? That’s where the problem lies, who could we sign to replace him?

“We definitely would need to sign someone to replace him as well.”

Claret and Hugh say:  It is hardly been a secret that Arnie wants out after his agent/brother’s strange statement earlier in the week, the wave goodbye yesterday afternoon and his stoney face at the full-time whistle but it another level when one of his own teammates admits it on live TV.

Arnautovic himself has been remarkably quiet himself on social media except for admitting he was off to Vienna last night with his family after he was spotted at Heathrow airport. His wife Sarah posted photographs on her social media account of her husband and kids at the London Stadium yesterday proclaiming ‘TEAM ARNA” as she watched the West Ham game. It remains to be seen if there is anyway back for Arnie or the club now but there is no suggestion he would go on strike as Payet did when he found himself in a similar situation. As Pellegrini said to journalists we need a solution that suits everyone which includes Arnie, his brother, his family, the club, the manager, his teammates and the supporters.  Finding a suitable replacement in January within budget is easily said than done though as Antonio has pointed out!

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

15 comments on “Antonio confirms Marko wants out

  1. Ha ha ha dont be an idiot Antonio he is going for the 400 k a week …going to win trophies do me a favour ..it’s China ffs who believes this tripe.. He can go for 60 p!us no less ..if we let another player dictate like payet again it’s no good… As I said before he is a good player but as a person a total tool…as for his brother well he is even worse….pay up or f!!! Off

  2. Sell Carroll and Hernandez, give Arne both their salaries and we are sorted.

  3. You are a complete dope, if you believe that Antonio; the bloke’s a greedy dis-loyal fool, nothing less, who should now be left to rot out his remaining time with us, in the Stiffs. So glad I grew up watching a side with loyal players such as Bonzo, Brooking, Dev and Patsy Holland.

  4. no way in this world
    get rid simple i had enough when him who can not be mentioned screwed us over. never will i believe in an honest player again from abroad
    i tried but only one springs to mind (DCanio) who truly wore the shirt
    my hero was and will always be Sir Trev i,m sorry sell
    his brother can rot in hell and i,m really trying to be sincerer without blaspheming to the world.
    his brother has done this time and time and time again yet Arinie says nothing as he didnt in stoke but we got him and for PEANUTS apparently according to his AGENT and brother. the prem should have rules about this stuff.
    yes if a club treats a player bad then fine but it also should go the other way also if a player or and AGENT minitulate stuff that puts a club (any club) into a position where they have to lose all the time then some sort of legal rules should be inacted so as both do not lose out.
    sorry people i,m so pi**ed at what certain people are allowed to get away with and prosper ad i,m not blaming arnie in this i guess you knwo who

  5. I see it like this the team are playing well and did so in December without Arnie. They can do it again and should just focus on there own game not him. If he wants to go sell him but not for the stupid £35 being offered keep him to his contract if that’s the case. Anything north of £55 mill and he can go . COYI ⚒ Anderson the new talisman ⚒

  6. Its a tough one, Arnie never goes against his brother, it does seem like he is ready to go, so we should try and get as much as we can and buy someone with a similar skill set, what I like about him is his aggression, strength and closing down from the front. There are not many as good as him at that, we could though buy a better finisher who is also aggressive. As Antonio says who can we get that’s affordable to replace him in January ?

  7. When a player wants to leave , it’s best the club let him go.Both Payet and Sakho never performed in the same situation and it was evident Arnie didn’t exert himself against
    Arsenal. He even hesitated to congratulate Rice when he scored. The quicker he goes the better before he unsettles
    the team.

  8. Sean please do not be a tease, for those of us not on social media can you tell us the reason why arnie wants out?

    • It is not so much tease then legal caution. There is no way to prove that rumours and speculation about the Austrian are true, what individuals might tell each other in their seats on the concourse of the stadium is there own business but it would be another thing entirely for us to repeat and print it possibly bringing a potential libel action. The nationals know about it and if they think there are on safe legal ground I am sure they will break the news. The same was true about over Payet with the reason for his move never made properly public.

      • Allegedly Payet had an affair and got a girl pregnant if rumours I heard were true. Perhaps something will come out about this but his wife certainly seems smitten with him still which allegedly wasn’t the case with Payet. According to Peter Crouch china has always been on Arnie’s radar, he said in another interview that when Oscar and Ramires went to China they discussed it as an option then.

  9. Arnie is not a West Ham legend. He was absolutely gash for the first six months. We have only had one decent year out of him.

    His brother only a few months ago stated it was his dream to play for a top six club. Now it’s dream to play in China? His explanation was an insult to everyone. Good riddance. We won 4 on the bounce without him. Save the money, play Carroll so he can play for his contract. We have enough goalscorers in the team.

    • Agree with that in the same way Payet and Tevez will not be legends, you have to show loyalty to be a legend and have more than a season.

  10. I thought the bloke put with in a decent shift on Saturday. At least he hasn’t refused to play, which is the modern method to use to get your way. I totally agree that Sir Trev & Mooro & Bonzo were legends, but times have changed. It is much much less common for players to stay at one club. Noble is the exception to the rule -& all the more credit to him for it. When I first started watching the game it was no big deal for a player to do 15-20 yrs at one club. There’s no way of knowing what would have happened to the three legends above if they had been around today, but (sorry to say the brutal truth) do any of us really believe Mooro would not have ended up at Man C or Barcelona? Would Bonzo & Sir Trev have served their time for 3 years in the Championship? The most fans can ask for now is that a player gives it all he has got for your team while you have got him.
    Ok I thought Arnautovich might have at least given us two seasons & it will be difficult to replace him. But too many of his team mates are saying he is a good team player for it to be complete rubbish. I reckon he is ok but the days of player loyalty are dead & we might as well accept it!

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