Arnautovic’s lack of loyalty blasted


ArnautovicShirt_2_726Marko Arnautovic’s lack of loyalty to Stoke City has been blasted by the Potters chairman Peter Coates.

The Hammers have grabbed the forward player for £25million after he slapped in a transfer request and Coates is absolutely furious.

City made made him their best-paid player on a long-term deal 12 months ago but Arnautovic insisted there was no way back for him once he made his mind up about the Hammers.

And the City chairman has today hit out at him in an interview on talkSPORT saying: “We are disappointed in him personally and the people around him.

“We resurrected his career. Our managers and coaches worked very hard to improve him and made him a name in the game.

“Last year we spent so much effort into giving him a long-term contract and the first thing we get in the summer he comes back he wants to leave. But the team is more important than the individual.”

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  • essexirons says:

    Really…? The guy gave them 4 seasons, hardly using them as a short term stepping stone is it. We are at least showing some ambition to challenge & not just aiming for not getting relegated.
    Contracts mean sweet fa in football today as we found out to our cost with the sulking ###t last season. So Mr Coates, unless you have never signed a player in the same way, shut up & get on with it.

  • danielson79 says:

    Surely its just part and parcel of the beautiful game. Players come and go and as essex said 4 years is hardly stepping stone business. They didnt question his loyalty when he was their best player for years.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Haha sweaty charlie will be out to cripple him with shawcross 😂 go do one coates and grab you’re hat on the way out , cos we don’t give a hand shandy mate 😂😂

  • spyintheskyuk says:

    No wonder Stoke are a club going no where with that delusional attitude. 4 years commitment is a lifetime in football these days so if he thinks that indicates a lack of loyalty from a 28 year old looking for his last big move of his career then all I can do is shake my head at his naivety. If we get 4 years out of Lanzini despite what we have done for him I will be very pleased and to get more than that we will need to at least move up into the top 5 if he keeps improving at the rate he is.

  • kevin says:

    Apart from the real Loyal Players ( West Ham fans know to whom I refer ,, history proves it )
    Who stay on and on and on regardless of the hard times there are always those that stay for as long as Thier legs and love for the club allow it . 4 years dedicated to one Club in this day and age of Megga Money is a rare thing . Anautovic gave it a good shot at Stoke City and I am sure he is grateful for Thier support but , when the time comes for a change and someone comes knocking you must grab your chance with both hands and go for it .
    West Ham have lost countless payers down the years to bigger , richer clubs . The list is very long and not worth writing it out ., because that would involve Man Utd , Liverpool , Leeds , Tottenham , Chelsea and a few others with big purses .
    It wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if we lose Lanzini or Antonio in the future, that’s how it
    is. Mr Coates is living in never never land if he thinks talent won’t be searched out and snapped up somewhere along the line . Personally, I still regret losing Lampard and Carrick.
    But life goes on . Get used to it . West Ham United have Landed and are here for the Duration . We are slowly but surely recovering from the abuse we suffered under the big boys . But we must be careful not to get carried away ; David .

  • markro says:

    Read Arnautovic’s agent/brother’s response. That says it all.

  • Michael Miller says:

    Loyalty in modern football is a load of cobblers – a player getting injured or losing form and the Club will be quick enough to get rid of him.

    The player has to look out for himself, sort out his Contract and get the best deal he can!

    • Michael Miller says:

      …..and Arnautovic will have to watch out for Shawcross, Charlie Adam and the other legbreakers that Stoke employ!

  • John says:

    What a chairman talking to the press?? Outrageous what a liberty!! Levy did the same yesterday too. This is all Sullivan’s fault I tell you. Disgraceful.

  • John says:

    How dare they. You’d think they own the clubs. They should resign immediately

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