Arnautovic’s last message – and ours

It was a pleasant surprise that the official West Ham site failed to include any comments from Arnautovic on his departure from the club merely declaring that he has gone.

And as far as we can make it there are no plans for them to do so in the future following he and his brother finally managing to manufacture their way out of the club.

So much talk from the geezer Danijel  in the past was enough to sour any relationship he and the striker may have had with the Hammers.

Today – as is the way with the Cockney boys – he is halfway to being forgotten.

The official site’s media department  made a smart  move by choosing to include any quotes  from him as they would  have sounded not far short of hypocritical had they done so after the miseries the Brothers Grimm put us through  from winter onwards.

The run of poor results including an FA Cup defeat against Wimbledon was put down to the Chinese saga by those people who matter, including the boss- they weren’t wrong.

The Austrian mercenary has finally decided to disappear into football’s black hole but was keen not to let the moment of his departure pass without a word to the fans.

Writing on his Instagram page he chose to say: “Thank you to everyone at West Ham. Especially goodbye and thanks to the fans who were always good to me.”

Yeah, once a long time back, but not now and all of us at Claret and Hugh would like to send you our own message in ….in Chinese of course!

For those of you not familiar with mandarin ( we went to Google) it reads: Bugger off.

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12 comments on “Arnautovic’s last message – and ours

  1. What a mercenary!!!….playing for the highest bidder, glad he’s gone, good riddance !!

  2. Frankly my dear I just don’t give a damn!
    Bon voyage Arnie! Bring back payer!!!

  3. Feels better like stopping banging your head on a wall. Irons don’t need bad apples – slither away ta ta.

  4. Feels better already like not banging your head against a wall. Irons don’t need bad apples thanks

  5. I’m impressed with how the club have handled this.

    Marko and his brother Danijel are the epitome of what is wrong with football these days.
    Yes Marko, the fans loved you, we supported you, we even forgave you (most of us). But to throw away all that for a few more dongs, shows the kind of person you are.
    I hope a fortune cookie reveals your true destiny, to be a washed up nobody 🙂

    And to continue the tradition, i have my own chinese word for Marko.

    You are truly a – 蛇
    (google translation: snake)

    Best wishes,
    Nobody at West Ham.

  6. Arnie will lose his swagger in China!
    He’ll probably end up a minor
    He put on a show
    Just for the dough
    We hope he’ll end up on a low!

  7. Marko who????

  8. Arnie who…?
    Nothing to see here, move along please…
    Gone & easily forgotten, thrown away the rest of his career for some easy ££. I could understand if he was 33 or this was the one & only way he could have made himself rich but he is already a millionaire. The PL to a tin pot nothing league, never to be heard of again.
    My message to him is ; foxtrot Oscar & don’t even mention our club again, you are not worthy to have any connection with us.

  9. Our last message F O SNAKE

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