Arsenal Beg for Hammers Help

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Arsenal fans have taken to social media in droves in a bid to beg West Ham to beat Manchester City this weekend, thereby helping to clinch the Premier League title for the North Londoners.

It’s a bizarre plea from a fanbase that seemed to take extreme pleasure in taunting West Ham fans last summer over the sale of Declan Rice. The Gooners fans have a very active online presence and seem to spend much of their time trolling and taunting other teams’ supporters.

The dynamic of the Arsenal fan base has changed somewhat following years of viral video clips, which appear to have attracted a keyboard warrior element to their support.

West Ham was on the receiving end of a lot of internet activity during the Declan Rice saga, some of which crossed the line beyond football banter.

Therefore, it’s somewhat amusing to see Arsenal fans pleading with West Ham to somehow do them a favour by defeating Manchester City. There doesn’t appear to be too much goodwill towards Mikel Arteta’s title chasers, who seem to have made themselves the most unpopular fanbase in the Premier League.

However, even if West Ham fans wanted Arsenal to win the title, it would still come down to the 11 players on the pitch, and anybody who has seen David Moyes‘ teams play at the Etihad would know that things don’t look too good for Arsenal.

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  • D.f.butcher says:

    Personally I f????ng hate arsenal with a passion, of all the clubs saint Declan could have gone to he had to pick that one broke my f????Ng heart the muppet , has anyone else noticed he seems to have stopped sniffing when being interviewed.

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      he’s a muppet why? cos you didn’t get what you want? mate, your rattle is on the floor again 🙄

  • Peter Smith says:

    I hope we throw the match early to absolutely kill the Arsenal hopes and atmosphere. Fans asked Rice for one more year and he said that he hasn’t made his mind up yet. Liar and a Judas

  • John Perrott says:

    Why on earth would we want to help that scum win the league. Judas Rice deserves all the disappointment of being popped to the post, and how satisfying is it to know that we can stop it.
    COYI don’t mind you losing on Sunday

  • Ess_Bee says:

    Well, it’s not going to happen is it?
    But I would have City winning the League than Arsenal. One game I don’t mind losing as long as it’s not a thrashing.

  • Stephen Lane says:

    I am a West Ham fan for iver 60 years and I want West Ham to win this game for us as supporters but also for Declan Rice. He was our captain and we recieved a good price for him. Helped build our squad. I cannot believe that true supporters want us to losse the game. COYI.

    • Mervyn Brown says:

      I agree that West Ham should play to win even though the result will mean little to us it will show we are capable of beating the top teams sometimes

    • D.f.butcher says:

      I’m a life long supporter for over 60 years chicken run veteran and all that stuff and I assure you as a true hammer I don’t want arsenal to be champions , I couldn’t give one about Declan rice he doesn’t play for us anymore he sold his soul to be a gooner

    • Sensible says:

      Over 60 years a Hammers fan, season ticket holder and regularly attend away games and I would rather us lose than Arsenal win the league. We are nailed on for 9th place so have nothing to play for.

  • John Ayris says:

    Man City aiming to win for the title, in Manchester, with us already on the beach. They’re more hopeful than I am.

  • Westham64 says:

    Sorry but how can any of you commenting here countenance Man Cheaty with 115 outstanding charges against them winning yet another title. As for Declan, he’s been nothing but professional in all his actions concerning his transfer. He was a loyal, professional, hard working, injury free leader during his time with us. I’m happy to win the title for Arsenal and Declan because I want my beloved Hammers to be up for, and win, every game. What’s the point of calling yourself a fan otherwise.

    • D.f.butcher says:

      Hating arsenal does make you a west ham fan , as for Declans time at west ham being so good its maybe because thats what he was being paid to do, that was his job, nows hes paid by another ring master and no longer a hammer thats gone , and being part of thst obnoxious yeam makrs him one of them

      • Timothy Stewart says:

        Arsenal failed to win the 2 Big games city away when they were the better side and villa at home yet you arsenal fans think that west ham with Moyes in charge can get you a result at the Etihad wake up and smell the coffee boys

  • Simon Lewis says:

    I reckon it’s written in the stars us winning the Premiership for Declan. I’m not bothered about Arsenal. My hate passion is Spuds 🥔 and they can’t get Champions League so I’m well made up about that. I’m bucking the trend (delusional) and saying we’ll win 2-1. But I also think Arsenal might get turned over by the toffees! Yes, delusional!

  • Rob Barnes says:

    We are so unpredictable sometimes I wouldn’t be suprised if we held on for a Draw V City!. A draw would be enough for the gooners to win the league (if they beat Everton of course). As for Rice I wish the lad all the best, just not when he’s playing us!

  • SydneyC says:

    The Sheikh has paid a lot of money for his 4th title. I can’t see him not being given it regardless of what West Ham do.

  • John simmonds says:

    Anyone who remotely thinks we’re going to get anything but our arses kicked up there needs certifying.
    Just think about DeBruyn Haaland Foden Silva running at Zouma Oggy, Aguerd and turn over and crack another beer. Get real people

  • Colin says:

    Yet again more fickle west ham fans, well why don’t you p off and support spurs then, you fit in well there they wanted to lose to man city as well, declan was a magnifent player and captain for us, and if didn’t sell him to arsenal we wouldn’t have kudus, paqueta alvarez, mavropanus or ward price, i cant see anything other than a city win, but if our boys pull off draw and arsenal win 3nil I will be very pleased to see declan get his medal and laugh at the judos escariat amongst you.

  • Jonny T says:

    I want West Ham to win coz i support the Hammers! Plus I’d rather ANY London team win the league over the cheaters… 💯

  • rollercoaster hammer says:

    when your girlfriend leaves you cos you’re a useless boyfriend and she finds somebody better than your sorry arse, you cry like a baby cos you loved her SO MUCH, then you start calling her a b***h like it’s all her fault – not having ever realised that you just weren’t good enough for her.

    wow, people saying Arse fans are unbearable. have a look in the mirror sooky foot stampers

  • Eggyones says:

    As a gooner, I doubt very much the hammers are capable of beating Man Cheaty… As for all the crying over we got him half price Rice, much better player with us TBH advancing his career, how very dare he!
    City cheated their way to win, other clubs took their punishment, Cheaty just hired expensive lawyers to drag it out for years.
    The day they are relegated for this will be fantastic.
    As for this season’s title, we gave them a record breaking run, bring it on, win or lose, proud of our boys and our fans!
    Go blow bubbles against city, do a spurs.

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