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Arsenal proof that Moyes was spot on

Arsenal’s transfer record this summer is proof that David Moyes was bang on all along!

The Irons may finally be closing in on a deal to sign Kurt Zouma from Chelsea, with the club pursuing the move for the Frenchman throughout the summer.

David Moyes had identified him as the top target at the start of the window, and now it appears he could  end up making the move to east London.

We could well have gone for Nikola Milenkovic, but he wasn’t Zouma. We could have gone for Duje Caleta-Car too, but he wasn’t Zouma.

Instead, we’ve stuck to our guns and it looks as though Moyes will have his top target. It’s been careful and it’s been considered. Money is there for more signings afterwards too.

Moyes has said all along that he won’t buy players for the sake of it and to compare the Hammers’ business with Arsenal’s is to see that we have it right.

The Gunners have signed Ben White from Brighton, Aaron Ramsdale from Sheffield United, Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid, Albert Sami Lokongo from Anderlecht and Nuno Tavares from Benfica. They’ve spent £132m and have barely improved.

White’s good, yes, but he’s not worth over £50m. Ramsdale went down with Sheffield United. Odegaard was on loan last season and was generally fine, but hardly set the world alight. Nobody had heard of Lokongo or Tavares before this summer.

They’re throwing money at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Clubs like the Hammers and Brentford, who spend smartly and precisely to improve their squad, are bringing in players the manager has identified to fill the weak spots.

For the Irons, Alphonse Areola provides competition in goal, Craig Dawson earned his permanent move, and Zouma will immediately strengthen the defence. A striker could follow.

Sometimes, biding your time, and making sure the spending is considered and careful, is better than just throwing it around like a demented schoolkid in a sweetshop!

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About Dave Langton

A journalist with 10 years' experience of working on National newspapers, now chief reporter covering the club that I've loved since I was a boy. Upton Park remains the greatest football stadium ever built.

5 comments on “Arsenal proof that Moyes was spot on

  1. Let’s save the ‘spot on’ til after the window closes and we are or hopefully are not relying on Antonio to lead the line in 4 competitions, and have another cb.

    Bit early to judge arsenals players isn’t it ?

    fornais took more than 2 games to improve us. Hard for anyone to say he doesn’t now.

    Agree 50m for Ben white does sound too much tho.

  2. I take your point Dave but this isn’t really a valid subject for discussion until we actually sign Zouma or anyone else. It’s good to bide your time and be selective but whoever we manage to buy is already guaranteed to have missed the first 3 games of the season. Fortunately we have a fit squad and have got off to a flying start but things can turn very quickly as we all know and we could easily end up with more egg on our faces than the Gooners if we don’t get a move on with these deals which always seem to drag on forever.

  3. Milenkovic was who Moyes wanted it turns out his 5 agents consist of some who are allegedly under investigation by the Spanish authorities, I won’t say more to avoid this not being published, Milenkovic also had no desire to move and that was also allegedly down to the agents and the nature of their contract. Zouma is a case imho of Moyes as in his own words compromising on his targets, he is no better and possibly worse than Diop, certainly he lacks concentration, hopefully Moyes and the coaching squad can improve him. It’s the striker situation we are all hoping gets resolved I think we should buy both Montpelier strikers one a straight up no 9 and Laborde who is more versatile, we should be able to get both for £35m

  4. agree that Moysie is doing things the right way, but i’m not sure comparing us to the Arse is entirely accurate. i agree with you that they haven’t bought well and they did panic-buy (no disrespect to the young keeper – he’s very good – but paying that amount of coin for Ramsdale was ludicrous) but to suggest that is the reason they haven’t moved ignores the fact that they have 9 of their squad (many 1st team players) out injured. 9!! however, it is nice to see one of the ‘big’ teams come back to the field. next please…make room for us, we’re taking over London

    COYI ⚒💪

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