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David Griffith

Pellegrini needs to up his coaching insights

Blind Hammer asks if our Manager has the necessary skill set.

Grit needed to blunt the Blades

Blind Hammer argues the requirements for victory over the PL newcomers

Man City In The Dock Again.

Blind Hammer looks at an inadvertent confession from a city player.

Liverpool’s Carabao fine means it’s still rich v poor

Blind Hammer reflects on how the mega Carabo rich clubs are protected.

Bring back reserves to avoid the annual humiliations

Blind Hammer argues that our squad needs greater preparedness.

How to stop Jack Grealish

Blind Hammer looks at the main man for Villa.

Is Pelligrini Setting Up For A False Number 9?

Blind Hammer looks at a possible virtue born out of necessity.

Is It time for the sin bin?

Blind Hammer looks at whether there is an easier option to deter cynical tactical fouling.

Time to stop tactical fouling

Blind Hammer argues it is time for an important rule change.

When Hammers cheered at Spurs

Blind Hammer recounts the adventures of a fellow Blind Hammer.