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David Griffith

Is It time for the sin bin?

Blind Hammer looks at whether there is an easier option to deter cynical tactical fouling.

Time to stop tactical fouling

Blind Hammer argues it is time for an important rule change.

When Hammers cheered at Spurs

Blind Hammer recounts the adventures of a fellow Blind Hammer.

Prepare for the most competitive PL season yet

Clear And Obvious

Blind Hammer looks at how VAR is to be implemented next season.

Pelle may have dodged a Gomez bullet

How My Guide Dog, Nyle, Became a Hammer.

In the second of summer features on West Ham and Accessibility; Blind Hammer highlights improvements for Guide Dog Users.

Loan Stars – How Chelsea Are Outgunning West Ham

Blind Hammer looks at the Uses and abuses of the loan system.

Heard But Not Seen – The Insightful Irons

In the first of a series, Blind Hammer reports on Accessibility at West Ham

Keep All Our Eggs In one Basket

Blind Hammer argues for quality not quantity.