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Gold’s historic Champions League tweet remembered

Daily Telegraph journo Jason Burt has dared to go where where angels have feared to tread in the past this morning in raising a defence of Hammers owners David Gold and David Sullivan.

Some want us to shut up shop – how IRON…ic

Some want us to shut up shop- how IRON…ic!

Lingard’s heart set on the Hammers

Lingard has a very special relationship with Moysie

CandH Exclusive: Lingard chose the Irons from six clubs


Hammers and Europe could be a problem

The last time I raised the subject I had someone of the lunatic fringe ask me how I could count myself as a West Ham supporter.

Cresswell injury update

Aaron Cresswell is set for a scan this morning with near certain fears that he has damaged his hamstring.

Declan’s smiles and cheers show he’s going nowhere

All the rubbish about Dec wanting out of West Ham from the internet hits happy media came home to roost in  the best way possible this afternoon.

Tonka: 7-6,10-9? I don’t care so long as we win


Lethal Lingard: “We’re still learning as a team”

Jesse Lingard again astonished and was central to another fabulous Hammers victory.