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Gerrard ready to blank the Irons

Steven Gerrard’s Glasgow Rangers reportedly want alleged Irons target goalkeeper Robby McCrorie to stay at the club

Haller speaks out on behind closed doors end to season

West Ham United striker Sébastien Haller has declared it was ‘logical’ for him to join the club in the summer transfer window.

Poll: Will you renew season ticket or wait?

With the uncertainty surrounding the game right now we want to know where you stand on next year’s season tickets.

Poll: Do you want Arnautovic back?

Marko Arnautovic has said he will return to West Ham if we want him. Do you want him back?

Declan Rice v Mason Mount – round 2

Will you renew your Sky subscription?

Sky has lost loads of subscribers with no football being shown.

Poll: Where should players cuts go – charity or clubs

West Ham and every other club has asked the players to take a 30 pc pay cut to help ease their finanical difficulties.

Hammers forced to wait on budget despite Sky report

According to a report from Sky Sports, West Ham boss David Moyes will have £40 million to spend in the summer transfer window.

Poll: Should the Premier League season be cancelled?

With other Leagues deciding – or coming very close to cancelling their seasons – the Premier League is continuing to hold on before making that decision.

Poll: Should Hammers squad take a pay cut?

The Premier League want players to take a pay cut, as clubs struggle with cash flows because of the global health issue. Do you think Hammers players should do so and if so how much ?