Ayew increases Sullivan frustration

andre-ayewDavid Sullivan’s irritation at missing out on the signing of Andre Ayew seems well justified.

The Swansea striker  had held talks with West Ham and also spoke to his former Marseille club boss and Hammers managerial candiate Marcelo Bielsa prior to the club appointing Slaven Bilic.

However, the 25 year old opted for a move to Wales where he has become an instant hit and having scored three times in his first four outings.

He has now been  named the first Barclay Premier League  Player of the Month.

In a question and answer session with ClaretandHugh Sullivan had said: “I regret not signing Ayew you because I really fancied him.”

The player’s current form can only increase the chairman’s frustration.


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17 comments on “Ayew increases Sullivan frustration

  1. He has started well & is a decent player but we have our own decent players now.He chose the wrong club.His loss 😉

    • Goo Goo Ga Ga Lama

      Ayew visited many clubs, such as West Ham, to see what they had. Swansea talked business and talked football while the chairmen of other clubs took him on a tour of facilities like he was a competition winning fan.

      While other chairmen were polishing their egos, telling him about the glorious histories of their respective clubs the Swans chairman liked what he saw and put an offer on the table. Only then did the likes of Gold talk business but it was too late. Ayew had chosen where he wanted to be and turned a huge offer down from West Ham.

      Its about time the dinosaurs of the premiership started to think instead of throwing money around.

      Goo goo ga ga West Ham

      • I assume the first the line was in Welsh,strange who you find appearing on other sites.Who cares about Swansea.

      • Sorry Ke arse,but i think you will find i said he is a decent player,i never slagged him off & the comment about choosing the wrong club was purely tongue incheek,hence the wink.But thanks for your rant.A very enjoyable read,30 secs of my life i wont get back 😉

      • What a load of bulls**t.
        Swansea offered him more money!!!!

        Are you a juvenile or a adult !!!!
        Its difficult to workout which ????
        I take it you’re name is
        K.E. ARSE.
        Hence the bull**** !!!!!!!

  2. He has started well,looks like a good signing.Lets see how he is doing a few months down the line though.
    I expect notsogood will appear to correct my punctuation now,lol

  3. Whats the problem,we got Jelavic.Surely we got the better deal,lol 😉
    Notsogood can come correct my punctuation,im always getting picked up on it by my kids,haha.

  4. I would have liked to have signed him but its gone,end of story,he is singing in the valleys now.Honestly give me notsogood over Gobyac on here anytime.Idiot is gobbing off again with P45 on wetpants.Horrible little man!

  5. Love,peace & harmony pls boys.Dont forget we have doves of peace flying around atm 😀

  6. Lmao,all i can say is that it is a good job you didnt say he was a rubbish player Radai,just think how long ke arses rant would have been then,lol

  7. Swansea offered him £120k a week, he chose the money

  8. Just one thing to say to you Kearse

  9. It makes me laugh on ‘another site’ an individual popping at how people attack them just for defending Allardyce & Nolan on here.But it begs the question,if in the last season they worth both doing such a sterling job why are they both out of work at the moment.A pretty telling fact i would say!!

    • It simple mate,some on there put themselves on a pedestal & look down on others because they dont or cant express themselves in the same articulate way or emotionless way.For me supporting your football team has nothing to do with your IQ,it is about emotion & understanding of a sport.You dont need to be uni educated to understand the concept of football.I find it pretty sad when some of the fellow fans of our great club clearly try to belittle others because of the way they express themselves.They come here crying foul but many others come here from other sites without problems.Many who defended Hippo & Nolan but still got on fine here.P45 springs to mind,regularly defended Hippo & Nolegs but got on fine because he didnt come here with a high & mighty attitude looking down on others!

  10. Sometimes you miss out on players like Ayew, but we got plenty of good players in our squad. For example, I can’t see why Lanzini can’t be an excellent player for us, He’s skillful and quick, good on the ball(bet Ayew wouldn’t be able to get a Rabona goal). Antonio was banging in goals and assists for fun in Championship for Forest and if he can replicate that, he could be another excellent signing.
    Let bygones be bygones, I look forward to our new looking team.

  11. Shouldn’t worry too much, he will go the way of Michu probably, the Premiership pace will tell on him and by the time Swansea come for our last home game he will be spent out.
    We did great business this window so support who we have .

  12. After US Swansea have done some great deals in the last 2 years but all their players are on the way to other clubs,
    Most are 1 year wonders or just trying to attract the bigger clubs,
    I hope the ones we have chosen have come to stay,
    Yes I would have liked Ayew but Moses could be just as good,Lanzini and Zarate have more natural skill if they chose to use it Payet is a different class and must stay at this club until Callum and Samulsun come through,

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