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Ayew is finally a Hammer

andreayew726Andre Ayew has signed for West Ham in a deal worth £20.5m reports Chairman’s son Jack Sullivan this evening.

Jack wrote on twitter “Andre Ayew is now a West Ham player, he has signed for £20.5m!!”

He went on to say  “Andrew Ayew scored 6 goals in only 8 games when he played up front for Swansea!

David Sullivan Junior added his own message saying “Ayew is now a west ham United player – as we have always said, do not panic we know what we are doing”

At £20.5m Ayew becomes West Ham all time record transfer record surpassing the £17.5m paid for Andy Carroll.

Ayew scored 12 goals in 34 league appearances for Swansea last season


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29 comments on “Ayew is finally a Hammer

  1. Good signing, really glad about this.
    I still feel we are lacking firepower… Once Calleri deal is completed officially, then I’ll be a happy hammer!

    • Calleri could be after Wednesday if Argentina lose against Hondurous. They will be out and he comes home to us.

      • What are the odds on Hondurous winning that game though?
        Argentina have got lots of talent…
        I don’t think it will be that soon.

  2. Dave Sullivan “Ayew is now a West Ham United players – as we have always said, do not panic we know what we are doing”

    “Now Bacca to the drawing board to decide who we sign next”

  3. Two signings in one day..it’s a miracle.Good news though…

  4. Lets hope if we are not signing Bacca we can sign a central midfield player to play in the hole behind our front two aswell as right back cover and a genuine left winger with a left foot, all of our attacking seems to go down the flanks it would really help us if we had someone that can make key passes behind the front two, if we sign this kid Odegaard or Ante Coric whom have been previously mooted or Leitner then maybe they can fill that role or alternatively play Payet through the middle with another winger either Tore or Antonio on the left, the problem we have on our left side is that Payet, Valencia etc are all very right footed so defenders just show them outside knowing they are little threat, then when they try and cut back they have to do something special to go past them. Apparently our new left back can also play left wing so maybe Bilic has that in mind when Cresswell is fit again. Bilic said he needed another 5 players we have signed Ayew and Masuako so that means he still wants another 3 fingers crossed the Dave’s can get them.

  5. Delighted with the two signings but cant believe all the negativity on various sites about ayew, your damned if you sign players and damned if you dont,we have the strongest squad in our history and there are still people moaning,maybe one or two inbound and outbound and as long as dimitri is not one of them I will be well chuffed,lets see how slav manages them all and please God we can have another great season coyi

    • Many of them don’t even have a clue about him I expect.Probably may have watched him a handful of times & are now fully certified Ayew experts!

  6. A good days work, will this stop a few people moaning at least for one day? Just a rb and we’re done.. maybe 🙂

  7. So we sign a club record player & all some fans can do is complain that little jack announced it on Twitter.Who really cares how it is announced.The fact we have signed a player is the important thing.You cant beat getting your priorities right eh.

  8. Ayew on the left is a great signing and now we don’t need Valencia down that side,
    Payet loves going Left from the hole behind AC and with either Feggolui or Antonio on the right we start with a forward line to match the top 4
    Once Tore and Lanzini return to the fold we have so much ability I can’t believe it,
    The left back will make the left side so strong,
    Byram and Kouyate make the right side strong as well,
    With Noble or Novedt in the central defensive midfield role we are looking strong just who will partner Ogbonna ?
    Sorry but Reid will be the death of our defence we need to trust Burke who proved last year he is ready or Oxford.
    I would go with Burke on Monday with Oxford and Reid on the bench,
    But can’t wait now for the start pity Terry got injured AC does him every time,

    • Partly agree Bubs. I thought Oxford was brilliant Thursday night and would play him with Reid. I agree Reid is not in good form at present but Ogbonna did not look at all match fit on Sunday. Alternatively, play Oxford with Collins. I would prefer Oxford to Burke.

  9. I really hope he’s fit enough to play a part next week. Feghouli, Tore and now, Ayew have improved our fire power and creativity.
    Happy days.

  10. Only West Ham fans can moan when the club spends £20m+ on a striker, they have been gòing on about needing one for weeks but not this one.. JS tweeted it 1st….. ffs so what, i don’t care who says it. Then you get some moaning we have too many attack minded players. Aaagghhhh
    two good signings in one day and £26m+ spent, not bad for owners who are tight and wont put their hands in their pockets.

    • It is unbelievable no essexclarets.I won’t say much more of what I think of them or I will find myself swearing

    • Good moaning, Essex.

    • They have short memories. Wasnt too long ago everyone was moaning that we were too defensive and we needed more attacking players.

      Im over the moon we have Ayew, Bacca can do one he doesnt fancy us so forget him. Ayew will score goals and now our weak left side has Tore Ayew Lanzini and Payet as options and if Valencia carries on the way hes playing Slav might keep him around.

    • It gets on my t1ts reading fans moaning about what the chairmen or what Sullys kids do or don’t do on Twitter.At least they are approachable which I would rather have than some faceless consortium from China or reclusive owner from Russia.Some of our ****ing fans will complain about anything,they need to get out more.

      • Same old big gobs on wetlands always on about PR at the club.Boring tossers.

        • Amazing isn’t it.We have just movd in to a fab new stadium,had our best season in donkeys years but let’s moan about some tweets & the PR Dept when signings are made.I think your last sentence sums it all up for me Stan.

  11. The players we have signed this summer are making us stronger and we now have strength in depth all over the pitch.

  12. We still need an out and out goalscorer but this is a good piece of business. I don’t understand the criticism of Bacca, can’tt blaim a player for holding out for the best option they can get and I for one would still welcome him as he would guarantee us goals.

  13. Actually Fan 32, Slav. corrected that impression by saying he was including existing players players having been tied down to new contracts and that we will not be bringing in five more new players.
    Also, if you add up all our deals and add Calleri we have already signed six, I believe

    • Hi Canchaz, I must have missed where he corrected himself which is entirely possible but I would say we still need right back cover and a central midfield playmaker or as suggested just put Payet in the middle to link up that part of the field. I think in the PL Ayew will probably play in Valencia’s position then its a like for like swap and Ayew is physically more suited to the PL, hopefully Valencia will play that position in the Euro games and if not play him on the right side he looked much better and more of a threat there against Juve.

  14. Hmmm. So Ayew cost £20 million and Pogba, a reported £100 million? Does that make Pogba five times the player that Ayew is? Baring in mind, also, that Ferguson let Pogba go in 2012……I think West Ham have the better deal.

  15. Top signing, I’m very happy. Right now, my only concern is his place in Wetlands’ starting lineup… they need to start again from scratch, I don’t envy them… lol 😀

  16. I once posted give Sakho a second chance on WHTID, in return I may as well have been sent death threats 😉

    Seriously though, why do they guys and girls on there seem so negative. Mind you, the site is run by Tory Boy so nuff said there.

    Great signings, fingers crossed for a RB and fingers crossed Byram gets a chance in favoured position are doing a job at LB with only a right foot. That kid has something about him and am sure its only a matter of time before he makes that position his own.


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