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Bacca back on

CarlosRumours are back that Carlos Bacca may have had a late change of heart in joining West Ham with one saying fresh talks wth his representatives are set to take place this weekend with the Hammers.

According to Calciomercato.it, both West Ham and Milan are pushing for  a deal to be closed quickly, presumably at a similar price as the previously agreed transfer fee of €30m.

A four-year contract is said to be worth £75,000-a-week plus bonuses which has been on the table and has been for some time.

Sky Italia journalist, Gianluca Di Marzio is another source claiming the player is now open to a move.

West Ham broke their home attendance record when 53,914 watched West Ham beat Domzale at the London Stadium and we are set to do so again again in two weeks time when close to 60,000 watch us hopefully beat Bournemouth in our first home Premier League game.


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27 comments on “Bacca back on

  1. I will believe it when I see it, the Italian press, the British press and the Turkish press can’t be relied on, what has happened to the Brentwood Gazette this year ?

  2. Are we going to succeed as we are , or are we Bacca reliant ??
    It’s just getting beyond the rediculous .

  3. I’d rather have Hernandez. Something about this guy screams mercenary (I know most are these days but this seems even more than normal). If AC are desperate for cash as the media say, swap the bid for de Sciglio, and go for Hernandez. Then hopefully we still get a top striker and a quality, versatile full back, too.

  4. Actually, looks like the Chinese just bought AC so maybe they don’t need the money after all. Makes you wonder why they would still sell Bacca though.

    • Read somewhere they wanted to conduct transfer business & get everything ship shape before the Chinese get involved.Something along those lines anyway.

  5. Joke: Bacca is completely out of options: No CL club wants him. Neither does his own club (by leaving him off the tour). No non CL club wants to pay for him either….except us. Like a shop where you are selling stationary, and you happen say to have special ink cartridges. Someone comes lording it all that they will put in a big order and they want it at a cut throat price, specail delivery, gift wrapped, free jumbo pack of pens, and …and…and….So you say, “That is way better than any deal I have ever done, and if other regular buyers hear about it, they might be pritty upset….But OK we’ll do it”…So he says “Well, I’ll check out to see if I can get a better deal elsewhere”….
    Ages later he swaggers back into the shop, and you think “Hmmm, the arrogant gobsh1te couldn’t get a better deal, and now he comes back in like he owns the place”…
    Most people would say “Sorry sir, the price I gave you was if you bought it then. Now I can offer you the cartridges but no add ons and you pay for the delivery. Take it now, or I’ll sell it to someone else, and then I’ll be out of stock”….
    How about it DS? Why not save some money and bring him down a peg or 2? His attitude that he had to have a better deal than Payet made me sick…Like Sakho, NO-ONE should be bigger than the club….The way he has arrogantly negotiated, IMO, he IS just another Sakho; trouble maker….Not a real team player….Others are mad keen to have him at the club, but I’d rather he came here with respect for the other WHU players; currently he has NONE!

  6. He will joins as well as Ayew plus Calleri,but who will leave ?
    I also think Ayew brother wil come which probably means
    Bye Bye AC
    But we would be going to the next level

    • I would not like to see both Ayews at west ham, because they would both go off to the ACON in jan and feb this season and leave us short of strikers. Anyway he didn’t do much at A. Villa.

  7. What baffles me is how can you accommodate so many players ?and kkep them happy ! AC, Valencia, (Sahko) ? Fletcher, Bacca, Ayew (x2) Payet, Lanzini, Feghouli, Antonio, Tore, Martinez Quina, Calleri Europa league team on a Thursday won’t cut it.

  8. No clue but other teams,seem to manage ok, its all about man management hopefully Slav can do that without just moving people on if they voice an opinion,we will have two cups as well as EL dont forget : )

  9. Well if he does come he’d better be gpod because he won’t enjoy having to deal 60k disgruntled Hammers fans

  10. If he does come it will only take a couple of goals & the doubters will soon forget this saga.Lest we forget that most of this situation has been media fuelled & no one knows the truth behind all this.

  11. Think of it from his perspective, he wants CL football, the window is open for another 25 days or so, why should he rush into a decision ? When the leagues start there is every chance a striker at a CL club will get injured and he will get his move… It’s up to the David’s to decide if that is gong to happen, they will probably give him an ultimatum at some point but we can’t do anything about it. Last season Payet kept us waiting for a few weeks and their was similar views about him but that worked out well, if he does come, with his record their is every chance he will be a success also.

    • Agree No.32,he has no reason to rush through a move.Payet did keep us waiting,we bid & between him knowing about our bid & signing he actually told Marseille he was going to definitely stay there before backtracking to sign for us.Bacca is class,i watched loads of him for Sevilla in La Liga he was really good,i would take him all day long.Whether he comes or not is a differnt matter but I dont listen to all this gossip floating about to form an opinion on him.Feck that 😀

  12. I’m here with Carlos, we are having a couple of beers under the beach umbrella in Sardegna… now, he is distracted by the lovely figas who are walking on the beach, but later I’ll talk to him and I’ll try to persuade him that London is a nice place… night clubs, pretty girls and year-round sunshine… lol 😉

  13. i think a lot of Hammers fans are taking Bacca’s reluctance to join us, as a personal slight… maybe he does want to play in the CL, maybe his family can’t speak the lingo, and don’t want to live in London. Brexit etc. i would just like to think his stalling has very little to do with West Ham, and other factors that are the cause. i won’t slate him until we know the real reason for the delay and not some bored journo hack’s version.

  14. I’m unhappy because he wanted a better contract than anyone else, so he could be Mr Big….All the rest is not a prob; he has every right to take as long as he likes, but if he has no other options, then he can’t expect the original deal that was on the table.

  15. I fully agree with you fish ? We should drop the ink cartridges , that’ll teach him not to mess with us ?

  16. Who said he wanted a better contract than anyone else? The papers? If that’s the case then some have said he will be on 60 bags,some 70, others 90 bags.No one knows that’s true so it is the same as all other parts of this transfer,press& media horse poo.

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