Bacca breaks silence on his future


baccabaccabaccaCarlos Bacca has broken silence during an autograph signing session by his sponsor Nike yesterday.

Bacca told the press “We all know that I have a contract with Milan for four years, but there are deals (on offer from) league teams in England from Spain, Italy, France (and) Germany , but (it is) not easy to make a decision. My agent has had contact with clubs and with Milan” 

Possibly  the more disappointing element of his interview was his ambition to play in the champions league after Milan failed to finish in the Italian league top three. 

 Bacca saidIt would be a dream to play in the Champions League because it is a dream for me, I would play it with Milan but we are talking with them because I want to participate and now we did not qualify

However, he was emphatic that for now, his future is in Italy for now adding “My future is in the hands of God, (it) is at Milan , I have to return on July 22 for training.”

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  • bubs says:

    He will never arrive on our soil,
    We need to move on get Bony signed up,
    Let Sak and Enner move on
    Then bring in 1 other like Yedder or Ayew bit different then AC and Bony,
    Worse scenario bring in Super Mario while his cheap

    • mattefumi27 says:

      I like Bony too bubs… but Balotelli is not the worse scenario… he’s even worse, he is the Armageddon… lol 😉

    • wazza says:

      Bubs …. Yes to your start and middle, but the end buddy, hmmmm Bag-on-telly, really.??? No thanks, we can do without the drama after all we currently have Sakho…

  • whambam says:

    What we need to do is offer more than the other clubs then at the last minute offer a loan deal, also I don’t know why we think we have any chance of getting Bony, his owners have more money than ours and are rebuilding their squad

  • Plaistow Pundit says:

    I have always had the feeling the cost of Bacca was too high.
    We need a Sakho replacement but not someone who is about to turn 30, wants to play in the Champions league next year and wants to be top dog at all times while costing an absolute fortune.
    As stated, we need one more striker but we also now have more options with the new additions plus we have not tried Michail Antonio as a second striker.

    • wazza says:

      Agreed re his age, but mostly because he doesn’t seem to want to come. We have Fletcher and Martinez as back up. It’s just a pity Sakho doesn’t get his act together and fight for a place with us..

  • kevin says:

    Bacca has no intention of signing . Our bids for a striker are being rejected wholesale .
    But we have the squad to start the season with optimism . ( sad to see Tomkins go ) .
    Maybe a good idea to get some returns from the first half of the season and have another bash at signings during the winter window . I would’nt by any means call our situation desperate . A little impatient maybe , but we are not berift of talent .

  • markro says:

    Mug him off.

    He doesn’t want to come to us.

    It’s time to chew Bacca.

  • markro says:

    Inclined to agree with Kevin. Our problem is that we have told the world we will pay huge money for a top striker. Bacca and others therefore think they can do what they like in negotiations.
    We do have an excellent squad assembling and we did score bucket loads of goals last season without the mystical 20 goal man.
    At this stage I would probably go with Calleri and/or Ben Yedder and save the big bucks for later. Once we have a great start to the season and are top six at Xmas, our bargaining power goes up for the January window.

  • Roshi says:

    Surely you can get an idea of a players preference to where he wants to play in one meeting with his agent.
    This has become, along with other targets a bit of a comical situation of “will they wont they”
    Sign a player with Premier League experience and forget these bloody players who are hyped way beyond their actual ability.

  • johnboy says:

    And all brought about by big time Charlie’s ( Dave’s ) with big bucks striker ambitions , and people are blaming sakho for throwing his toys out the pram .
    Rent a gob / brain seizures should button it and act responsible and announce when deals done behind the scenes like they used to , the proper way , Ffs its turning into another transfer window farce ?
    And all just a few weeks away from the start of a big year for us .
    Effin brain dead ,

    IT TAKES TIME . Slow down , the spuds are laughing as are a few others , THAT HURTS FFS.

  • norfolkhammer says:

    message to Mr Sullivan in future keep your trap shut & don’t tell the world wot your doing as your end up with it biting your arse, next time your on ssn don’t get over excited & tell everyone youve got money to spend watch & learn how other clubs go in & do a transfer without all & sundry know wot there doing also plz move on from this mug Bacca as he’s a no no with alot of fans we don’t want mercenary’s who only see £££ instead of playing for the claret & blue shirt

    • Pesdahammer1 says:

      I watched Bacca recently live at the Copa America as well as on TV, I would stay far far away, he looked disinterested, was lazy and he will not run the channels like Sakho, the Board also have to stop acting like Only Fools and horses….we shouldn’t be telling anyone how much we are willing to pay for a player, who we are after or how much we would offer Tevez etc…. we are not the only people who read these crazy numbers and as a club have been taken advantage of by agents and players and teams alike….time to keep our business to ourselves and maybe just announce signings AFTER they are done….

  • bubs says:

    We never learn,we tell the world who we are after then the Spuds and Gooners push the price up when they are not interested,it like storage hunters,
    Chelski,Liverpoor,Manure and City go in get there man the tell the world they have what they want,
    We sit around the big table waiting for the left overs,
    Leicester have gone for who they want and got them
    Southampton do the same
    Even Newcastle have done it from the Championship
    Keep little Sullivan off social media,
    Send Slav off with a budget let him get who he wants and believe in him,
    No more bring them over give them fitness test or talk to there agents then try and get them on HP or the cheap,

  • baddowhammer says:

    The way the two Dave’s have done business in recent years has been pretty shrewd,I just hope they have a marque signing already lined up,and what we are witnessing now is the back up man! COYI

  • Hammerman6 says:

    I was wondering what DPayet27 has to say about this turn of events after berating all and sundry yesterday! I say again ditch him and look at other options. No Sissoko is not an out and out stiker but he a great understanding with the real D Payet and we have Martinez & Fletcher on board along with Carroll Valencia or Sahko .

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