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Bacca saga continues

bacca1It appears we aren’t  about to put out of our misery anytime soon regarding Carlo Bacca. ClaretandHugh understands there is no specific deadline and the Hammers are happy to pursue other options while Bacca comes to his final decision on his move away from Milan.

Reports in Italy claimed Carlos Bacca thanked David Sullivan for his offer yesterday but informed him that he wishes to play in the Champions League.

We understand, however, that this is creative writing by Italian journalists working for Gazzetta.It and simply not true and despite the chairman’s son saying we will find out in 48 hours little has changed.

The story continues receiving major attention in Italy. Bacca was shown enjoying a meal in a restaurant with fellow Colombian Cristian Zapata  live on Italian TV last night. The TV channel claimed AC Milan have told Carlos Bacca he needs to leave the club soon.

bacca2Meanwhile Sky Italia say Bacca has no intention of joining West Ham and he and his agent are angling for a move French club PSG.

The French media have been quick to point out that PSG has never tried to recruit the player of 29 years of age before. More importantly, they have stated that Bacca does not have a European passport and the quota of non-EU players is already filled in PSG with Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Maxwell and Lucas.

Therefore one of those would need to leave for him to join the French champions. Both he and West Ham appear to remain in limbo while many West Ham fans think we should show some respect by throwing in the towel now before we look desperate.

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33 comments on “Bacca saga continues

  1. It’s no coincidence that Bacca and bored have the same number of letters.

    Wake me up, when there’s something new on this one.

  2. Oh for ***** sake billic ** tell him B******S your looking stupid** soon you will have to buy him a zimmer frame.

    • Whilst you, Tone, are ALWAYS are the epitome of intelligence,yeah?

      • are ALWAYS are? Now that’s not intelligent CTM 🙂

        • Nice 1, oh mighty eagle-eyed Ray! Perhaps now you can see why my girlfriend calls me a tw@t…., especially when I slip her a fiver… What?… Cheap?… Well OF COURSE she’s cheap; obviously; she’s going out with me, yeah?

  3. Bobby Charlton,s going cheap

  4. i wonder if slaven has spoken to him, or is it just sullivan trying to sell him the club ?? i think a word from our enthusiastic, passionate manager would help to convince him the kind of club he would be going to…

  5. ….”before we look desperate”?…. what’s this”before”, Sean?…
    (My girlfriend has just asked me”what are you doing?…. Always up to mischief”…
    Yes, friends, I have a girlfriend; VERY weird, I know…. Going out with a roly-poly pr@t like me DEFINES her as stupid; but she’s brilliant; she can take it!)..

  6. Its just gone from BEN HUR to WAR AND PEACE lol.
    Its already gone beyond desperate Sean !!
    Its embarrassing ?? The horse is dead and the whip has worn out ,
    No way is Slav behind this ? Surely ?

  7. if palace want 28 million for bolassie then what is antinio worth ??? he is way better then bolassie…..

  8. if we have to wait for deadline day to get bacca it will be worth it because he can be the difference between europa or champion league next season or the season after….forget getting a great prospect for the future ….we want it now……..

    • The difference cheddar was and will be the same next season , bad ref decisions .
      Without video teams will be hard done by , expect much of the same !

    • Cheddars I am with you. If we do not get him it’s not the end of the world but he could add something to us if we sign him. OK we will not be his first choice but then he is not our first choice either. I think the guys on hammers chat said it well. This is a 20 goal a season guy scoring whatever team he is in but most recently in a league with excellent defences and in a below average team. He is old but if his goals can push us on to the next level then in two years time we will look like a much better prospect for the next level of player.
      It’s a bit unrealistic to expect that guys like this will sign up without making sure we are the best option. But I think right now we are his best option and if he joins us and starts scoring we will love him.

  9. As it stands AC have got to sell him,Inter can’t sign him,Psg can’t sign him,Arsenal don’t want him,Sevilla don’t want him,its about time this guy got the message.How are AC gonna move this guy on?

  10. If AC is fit and Sak wants to play,with Fletcher and Martinez as back up and hopefully Calleri will get his work permit there is no rush,
    Antonio could play up front at a push as well,
    Slav must have 1 he really wants and let’s go and get him

  11. If he comes to west ham it will be only for the money and not because he really wants to play for us.
    For the money being proposed we could still get TWO decent strikers rather than putting all our eggs in one basket.

  12. An ageing basket too.

  13. Sean: Could you do a poll of when we would like the next Bacca delay story:
    Later today
    Tomorrow and later tomorrow
    Day after tomorrow and later on day after tomorrow.
    In the interests of health and safety, I don’t think the readership could cope with any later, yeah?

  14. This saga is making our beloved club look rather pathetic imo… He doesn’t want to come now please WHUFC move on….!!! Yedder, Bony, Remi, Berahinio (spelt wrong) or someone but please let’s forget Bacca… Maybe our chairman should have kept his gob shut and maybe even sort to find out why a player like Sakho and his potential is wanting to move instead of shouting out saying we need someone who can score 20 odd goals…

    • If the reports are true Wazza, Sakho wants to leave because he doesn’t want to have competition for his place, which is not the attitude of any player that wants to improve themselves, he also has major off field discipline issues as sometimes reported.

    • I’m sure there have been many.many protracted,drawnout transfers like this Wazza.However now with so many ITKs,press & social media available to read it turns into a circus if you read these articles too much.

  15. The only things we can say for sure is that Bacca does want to move to a CL club and that AC are definitely trying to move him on. I suspect if he does move to us it will only be when we have qualified for the Europa league group stages (presuming optimistically that we do). A lot is being said that he doesn’t want to come to us but bear in mind he is playing at one of the great clubs of Europe where he seems to be happy enough, for a player that has achieved what he has and is a veteran pro why should he pitch it all in for a gamble on a European fledgeling it is not much of a step up. I doubt West Ham is that famous in Columbia but for sure AC Milan will be, he might not be doing it for the money but more for his footballing legacy, like boxers who fight big names later in their careers when they don’t have much left to prove, he may be in that same space where he wants to add the Champions League and some league titles to his resume rather than take a short term financial gain, when you look at how much money City, Chelsea and United are spending and their change of management he might not think that we are realistically CL contenders during the next 4 or 5 years ? I am only speculating I have no idea what he is thinking but if I were him I could understand that as a mindset, also he may be thinking retirement is not far away and if he wants to be involved in media it is better to have played in all the competitions and the major thing that we can offer him is Premier League experience which may or may not be enough to sway him. It is frustrating for us but that is not his fault it is the media that report all these things either correctly or incorrectly.

  16. My Zen Master Radai Lama would say “What good does it do to worry about something you can’t control?” Peace & Love lol 😉

    • Exactly Mattefumi.I am baffled,bemused & perplexed as to why some supporters get so tense about issues.We never know the true story,all the facts so why get tense over half truths,assumptions & out & out rubbish lol

  17. It always make me chuckle when our fans say whether Sullivan is or isn’t a good negotiator when it comes to transfers.Have any of the fools sat in on one….no thought not!!

  18. I’m happy to wait. Just hope he’s worth waiting for

  19. I know watching youtube videos is hardly the most insightful bit of research on a player but after seeing calleri in action the guy looks like he is a beast , he looks twice the player bacca is , he looks quicker, sharper, 10 x more skillfull and a better finisher ….if calleri hits the ground running with us it will take one season for him to become the 25m 20 goals a season striker we have been trying to sign ….if you havent checked the guy out he is twice the player bacca is , the only reason he isnt goung for the 25m is because he is unproven in the premier league …….but then so is bacca ….

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