Baffled Allardyce returns to his old script

sam-allardyce_1712364cIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to report Sam Allardyce press conferences and make them sound any different to the ones that have gone before.

Today he admitted to West Ham TVC: “I was baffled by the lack of quality shown by the whole team in the first half, considering how much we train and how many passing drills we do.

“We were kicking the ball straight to them or kicking it out of play to the opposition, which was hugely frustrating.

“We had to make a change to the system and to the personnel and said to them ‘If you want to get something out of the game, you need to play better, especially in possession’. That got better in the second half, but our old problem arose again and that is that we can’t score in open play.”

What he failed to add was that the same lack of quality has been present in many games since Christmas which is why the pressure on his job is now at bursting point.

However, we are then treated to the familiar old story of the missing Andy Carroll and Diafra Sakho as he grinds on: “That’s been a problem for weeks now and shows you how much we miss Andy Carroll and Diafra Sakho and it hammers it home.

“We might play well here and there and play as well as Villa did in some parts of the game, but we have no cutting edge at the minute.

“The longer it has gone on and the more we look at it, the more apparent it is that we have got a big problem there. No matter who gets the chance, they can’t put it in the back of the net and because of that, life is very difficult for us to try to win a game at the moment.”
What he didn’t add was that in Nene – who until today has been barely used – we have a player clearly capable of changing matches were he 100 pc Premier League fit. He of course hasn’t been given that opportunity!
I’m tired of Sam’s script, of the season, of the regular excuses and refusal to admit  this may be a managerial problem.

Watching a seemingly youthful Tim Sherwood drive his Villa team on allowed me to see how it should be at our gaff.

I believe the change will be made. If it’s not then all hell is likely to break loose and rightly so. When a manager suffers this run of results and effectively admits he doesn’t know how to sort it there’s only one solution.

No doubt there are some out there who will disagree and yer know what? That baffles me



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31 comments on “Baffled Allardyce returns to his old script

  1. Same post match interview for nearly any away game this year,same script,same excuses,same bull****!!! BFS OUT!!! Its non-negotiable Davids 😉

  2. Why does he open his fat mouth? Poor idiot.


  3. ‘I told them to play better’ – that’s what he gets the big bucks for – priceless!

  4. This geezer is a total muppet,i have never wanted a manager out as soon as possible more than this jerk.Others have frustrated me with the football like Grant,but this guy is just way beyond anyone else for being a dinosaur tactically & basically just an excusing making,blame everyone else,pitiful excuse for a manager.BFS out as soon as possible,cant come soon enough for me!

  5. Please just walk already, sign the letter and take your name placard with you.

  6. At the start of the seaon he was asked to achieve a top 10 finish, which now looks likely, and to play entertaining football in order to rebuild our reputation and build bridges with us the fans which happened at the start of the season, by luck as injuries forced his hand, but since December he’s reverted back to type. Looking at him today reminded me of an old boy at a wedding who’d hit the buffet and bar too hard. It’s little wonder that despite, the propaganda support, he is failing so miserably to inspire the players anymore.
    Surely the two Daves must see this, must know how the fans feel, must be now doing the maths on relegation form being carried into next season and therefore can be in no doubt that for the good of all he must go.
    Speaking of Daves it must have been very confusing for the Cameron one today watching his team play against his team. It’s bad enough I have to endure him for five more years I hope and pray it’s not doubled up with another two years for the fat man.
    Fifteen days and counting………..hopefully!

  7. What a surprise,same sh*t different day.Just got back from the game,pls someone tell me it looked just as bad on tv as it did at the ground.It will make me feel a whole lot better,lol.It feels like going to watch the same film every other week,only half the cast changes & they are the ones who normally walk away with the Oscar.No more away games for me,thank god,aint going to Newcastle.Think if Hippohead stays next year,which im positive he wont i will be picking & choosing my away days a bit more carefully.Aint shelling out cash to watch this garbage away match after away match.Hippohead out!Bfs out!Fatty Out!,Samasaurus out!.Think that has covered them all 😀

    • Ahah… Hi rads, allow me to say you’re masochist… Lol

      • Yep,i hold my hands up to it Matte.I am just hanging in there for two more matches until Allardyce clears his desk.Keep the faith Matte,we are almost there 😉

  8. No surprise at the BFS press conference then,
    There is nothing more to say you all have it covered,
    Just watched a boring 2-2 between Real Madrid and Valencia only thing missing Tim Sherwood was the best centre forward in Europe how many did he score today against the worst team in the world,
    Burke proved he can do it in the top flight again,

  9. Pity Poyet did not get a game or Oxford,
    Will Nene be offered a contract ? Would he want to stay ?
    Why was Cole not allowed to leave for Villa ?
    Why is Nolan allowed on the team bus ?
    Why is BFS allowed on the team bus ?
    Where is DG with his normal apology to the fans ?
    If anyone comes on this site and says BFS should get a new contract they should be banned for insanity reasons

  10. Poyets away with uruguay u20s bubs,been go for a week or two already 😉

    • Why was he allowed to go.we have a veto so Allardyce has ****ed on the club again

      • Maybe because Allardyce wasnt going to pick him anyway.Poyet was good enough to start at Old Trafford where he did fine,but not good enough to be involved much since.Allardyces amazing appreciation of youth as usual.Burke only got into the team at QPR to cover Hippos PR disaster the day before,if he hadnt opened his big gob Kouyate probably would have gone back into defence & we wouldnt have even seen burke i expect.

  11. Totally agree guys. As usual we start with Nolan who is not fit to clean the the boots of even an off-form Song! And what a difference he made in the second half. Then BFS returns to stereotype and brings on super-sub Cole towards the end. Can anyone please explain why some nutcase supporters sing his name when he appears or are they taking the ****. He would not get a game in my local Sunday morning pub team. Nene also made an impact when he came on. But where was Elliot Lee. BFS admits we have been struggling for goals for many weeks now so why has he not been given a chance. At least he can run – more than Carthorse Cole can! BFS must surely go but who will replace him? Moyes appears to have distanced himself. Anyone fancy Gary Monk??? Whatever, BFS must go.

  12. Having seen three of our last four games and both away games if there was ever a clearer message for change then these are it. But for the grace of ….we would be in a relegation dogfight which we would have lost. Can someone of credence please speak to the David’s? They may not be blind but they acting stupidly.And it will cost them.

  13. We have taken i think it is something like 17pts out of 57,so on that premise we would end up with 34pts in a whole season.Relegation form all day long but still i see people say they would be happy to see Hippo get a two year contract if we cant get an upgrade on Sam.What the f*ck is an upgrade on Sam atm? Nearly anyone would be a suitable upgrade,lol 😉

  14. I’m just itching to see what a different manager can do with this squad, home and away.
    What West Ham do on the pitch these days is not why football was invented all those years ago. It’s more about nullyfying the opposition playing rather than playing the game yourself…

  15. Know what you mean H,i know after the way we started the season there is so much more these first team players can offer.But alot of the time they aint given the chance,Allardyce is just turning them all into robots to suit his negative style.Feels like that most the time anyway 😉

  16. Exactly. I hope the new man sees what the squad has to offer and allow them to express themselves on the pitch and go for wins more often with a more positive approach.
    If the bond between our fans and the club wasn’t so strong a lot more fans by now would have totally lost interest in watching that kind of football.
    And to think that Allardyce is being paid close to 3 million a year for that…

  17. I know,but we knew what we were getting when we hired him H,he can do a job to a certain standard,promotion & stability once up but he is totally lacking in the ability to do much more than that.He has a Plan A & that is basically it.Four years of that is more than enough for me.I honestly believe even if we invested heavily & some bigger names came in our style of play wouldnt change,he would just try to change them to suit his ways.I just want someone new who at least wants us to play some football in a reasonably attacking way.I dont expect miracles but anything must be better than this surely 😉

  18. Cant get much worse lads.I think finally many fans who wanted a new contract for Allardyce or were unsure are now realizing this situation cannot continue.Sam has run his race,he cant offer anything else.Im just thankful we had such a good start,otherwise we could have been facing a relegation scrap with the likes of Hull,Leicester & the rest right now.

  19. New day new ideas,NO it’s still the same as yesterday oh well two more games to go.
    I keep thinking what I did so bad that I get a 4 year sentence and no time off for good behaviour,
    Waiting for you 2 Daves ?

  20. See Nolan scored 3/10 in times report- certainly at fault for their goal and must have been rubbish if BFS withdrew him at h/t. We then bring on Alex Song who surely should have started. By which time damage done. Then tries to claim a goal which even through claret and blue tinted specs was offside.
    absolute rubbish from BFS

  21. Two more games of Allardyce bullsh*t to listen to.The sam lovers have had to give up on the ‘Sam will give us stability going to the OS’ mantra,now they have moved onto the ‘if Sams is to go we must hire an upgrade on him or if we cant get one we shoukd keep him’,bahahaha,my 5yr nephew would be an upgrade atm.Keep the good fight up delusuional Sammerettes,but your time is running out 😉

  22. That’s Impossible… Do Sammerettes consider someone else after their god??? No, there’s something wrong today… I thought the world finished after him… Lol

  23. Matte first there were the Incas then this bloke called Jesus,we have had a few other gods or so they told us and then there was NCS now to be famous he need to be hung by his
    ,last game at St James Park should do the trick in his last temple before he arrived at our shrine,Little Kev could do the honours in front of his fellow Geordies,
    After we gift them 3 points to keep them up

  24. Start from 3 Matte not to high they only have ten beads on there abacus on wetpants.com
    Did the evening go well ?i will talk later,
    Going for a paella and vino with some friends
    NCS ( will little Kev get another game )4/6 with bubsaway bookies

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