Batshuayi Palace update

RR Very HighClaretandHugh has learned this morning that Marseilles striker Michy Batshuayi  is now looking to be on his  way to Crystal Palace.

The Guardian had reported last night (Mon)  Palace had agreed a fee of 38 million euros but that West Ham and Juventus were still hoping to get into the bidding war.

However, over the last few minutes we have been told that failing a  U turn the Palace deal is done and that the Belgian international is ready to giving the move serious consideration after bing offered wages of £110k a week. That is around £60k above the club’s pay ceiling.

It will be interesting to see how the Palace dressing room responds to the arrival of the player on such a deal should it go through and whether the club can avoid a queue of players knocking on manager Alan Pardew’s door seeking rises!

CandH had been told a few weeks ago by insiders that the Hammers had cooled on the striker and our understanding is that no further bids had been lodged following a £28 million offer in May.

Both Spurs and Juventus continue to monitor the situation.



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28 comments on “Batshuayi Palace update

  1. Wilson is looking really good now.

    • You’ve got to be joking. So you’re telling me Batshuayi who has apparently been holding off for a move to a Champions League club has now just gone and agreed to join a club who had some of the worst form seen in the Premier League this year? What a joke..

      • You’ve just said it all! How could there have been so much attention about a player, and him finish up going to PALACE? I just can’t believe or understand it. Obviously it is about money, but something else too.
        Clearly, WHU weren’t interested any more. I liked the look of him best over the other choices, but was concerned that Benteke was chosen above him for Belgium…

  2. Why would he go to a club that is not in Europe , unless of course it’s ONLY FOR THE MONEY, wouldn’t have thought Palace could afford that sort of wages and what about FFP rules , where do they fit that criteria.
    I think it is just to push up the asking price cos he has to go before the weekend even though he is at the Euros.
    Agent talk I reckon.

  3. this cannot be right what we cannot compete with a little club like C/P FFS go and get the guy

  4. Got to be agent talk trying to push the price up

  5. I have given up hoping now.I don’t know where the truth lies any more.

  6. Worse still we now have Cottee on the Official site questioning if we actually need such a striker and if we actually have that striker we need already at the club, this doesn’t sound like the Cottee we have come to know, so why this sudden input? Clearly to me (though no doubt he would deny it) this is puppetry from the club, to test the water and dampen our expectations, having spent weeks while the seats were to be filled at the OS, talking about spending big on a striker and how vital it was to get one, particularly from Bilic’s standpoint.

    As unbelievable as it may seem are they playing brinkmanship here, were they expecting their major targets to go to bigger clubs so that they could claim that they tried their best to fool us? If so that has just been blown out of the water. So, did/do they feel that they can get away with fan dissent as it is smothered under the new stadium exposure. A dangerous tactic if so especially when the Payet factor is considered, but we do know our owners are gamblers and as we have failed to solve this problem since Deano was crocked I am beginning to have fears we simply will not do so adequately again for next season, as unbelievable as that may seem to even the cynical old me.

  7. FAR more important that another striker is a good RB IMO.
    Then Antonio can play upfield, and he will bang ’em in for fun
    …and if we can sort Sak probs, I think we are just about OK for strikers…esp if we can get Tore etc. We’ll get loads of goals from midfielders again.
    I’d prefer to see Valencia go and a better replacement striker, but I won’t cry if not;
    I WILL be unhappy if we don’t sort RB.

  8. …I am a fan of Townsend, but maybe now we have enough right wingers!

  9. Actually gutted. Desperately need a decent first choice striker and none of the other names we’ve been linked with are nearly good enough. Don’t understand the Wilson buzz, does nothing for me and would be a waste of money and a seasons potential wasted. The longer this goes the more likely it’s looking that were gonna spend all our money on benteke and have a complete flop of a season. Remaining optimistic that we’ll find someone new to go for, but the realist in me isnt holding too many hopes.

    • I’ve got no idea why the club are turning away from Batshuayi. He’s 22 and had arguably a better season than Lacazette last season (scored less league goals but more goals overall). Lacazette would have been fantastic but I just can’t see it happening and Batshuayi is instantly the next best thing IMO. If we’re going to sit back and let a tinpot club like Palace come in and get him while we keep getting rejected by Lyon to the point that we end up relieving all the Liverpool fans who can’t wait to see the back of Benteke by breaking the bank over that flop…It will be an absolute joke.

  10. Is it April 1st?
    What happened to only wanting to play for a Champions League side?
    We have obviously been out bid.

  11. I cant believe we have lost this player to CP Were going to end up with a 20th choice striker if were lucky at this rate 🙁

  12. After watching him the other night I can honestly say he did not look a player that is better than what we have already , but I honestly don’t know him as a player so I may be wrong !
    But his arrogance was on view , which was oozing with his booking ! West ham player ?
    Maybe not ! I didn’t think that comes across very well ! If true it was for the money , so he has made a choice , money !!!!! We need players who want to come here and receive a good wage but how do you 2 and think money !
    I’m sure we as a club will be OK under Bilic .

  13. He won’t go to Palace
    The club need their money and are driving the player to start getting involved if he wants a choice where he wants to go,
    The Spuds won’t pay the money more any of the big clubs so that leaves the 2 Daves to stump up or pull out and chase real targets that they are willing to part money with,
    They were never going to part with big money they would never have slept for years,
    Still back to Bony,Wilson,Benteke or stick with what we have,

  14. perhaps David Sullivan should of kept quiet when mouthing off he had bid £30 mill for a striker abroad & £25 mill for a British striker why do they always let the right hand know wot the left hand is doing would be far better if they just signed who Slav wanted rather than build there egos as it’s the fans or the supporters who should come first without us the club is nothing as for the OS being a magnet for superstars I hold my breath for the next couple of months to be proved wrong

  15. Comletely agree with Norfolk. Why we publicly name every target is beyond me-we have even sold all our season tickets! .
    Palace Chair just quietly picked the phone up to their Chair and looks like he got it done-no fuss, no self promotion.
    Hopefully we have other targets-no doubt we will hear about them!

  16. Well said Norfolk.

    Personally I wouldn’t take the gamble. It’s a lot of cash for someone who has only done it in one proper season in France. Before that he was in Belgium. Think he’s too much of a gamble. I’d rather Icari but not sure he’d want to leave Inter.

    I like the idea of the old German Gomez, yes he’s getting on a bit but he will bolster the selection of strikers that we have available……some of the time (points at Carrol’s and Sakho’s time on the injury table).

    The biggest worry for me is that I’ve read a few times that Antonio is going to be our main RB, really hope this isn’t true as he was brilliant for us when Lanzini was out and Payet was struggling a bit. I know I shouldn’t say anything against our Payet but he did have some quiet times last season and the club has done good business in bringing in Feghouli to help Payet out a bit.

  17. Is it true he’s turned Palace down

  18. On reflection, I think this story is simply about Marseille trying to get the price up.
    Bit concerned, JagerC about you reading that Antonio to be our RB. However good Bilic is, I think he is/would be ABSOLUTELY wrong on that one! Left to an injury free season, Antonio will score 15-20 and assist another 10….so at RB, it would be MADNESS…and cost us goals while Antonio didn’t get back in time (like last season).
    Antonio at RB is seriously depressing….far more than England losing!

  19. once again westham lose yet aother so called transfer target

  20. Yeah HammerT it is a depressing thought. However I’ve checked those articles again where I read that and they’re not dependable sources by any means plus those comments were chucked in as one sentence on the end articles linking us with attackinh players like Tore and co.
    Fingers crossed he doesn’t have to fill in much at RB but would be nice to us sign another RB whilst Byram gets up to speed.

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