Batshuayi’s Zaza banter with West Ham fan


Jack Sullivan sent Batshuayi hopes soaring in the summer

Former West Ham striker target has hit back at a West Ham fan on twitter who compared him with failed loan signing Simone Zaza.

West Ham season ticket holder Callum Fitzer messaged the Chelsea striker to taunt “Zaza has played more minutes in the league this season than you have, let that sink in”

Batshuayi replied “and I still scored more than him … let that sink in  good night bro”

The tweet went viral with Callum saying “Apparently I’m a twitter troll” adding “I didn’t think my tweet would get this viral”

Last Summer Chairman’s son Jack Sullivan tweeted that West Ham made a late bid of £32m for Michy Batshuayi but the striker chose Chelsea instead  “We bid 39m euro Batshuayi and it was accepted yesterday by his club, but he chose another PL club ahead of us, Chelsea ?”  said Jack at the time.

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  • Tom says:

    Fair play to Batushui at least he replied … who knows next summer with Aguero at Chelski he minght arrive on loan with Tammy Abrahams … oops me pork sausage just flew off my dinner plate ..

  • Stan The Man says:

    If i was Batshuayi i would have said “yeah but im earning 70k a week for it Callum are you..let that sink in” lol

  • mooro66uk says:

    Class from Bats. COYI X

  • Stan The Man says:

    I know i might be a grumpy old bugger but once,just once it would be nice to go on whtid without reading some silly soppy sod or sods making remarks about articles on here.Its becoming contagious on there.Do they have some pact signed to take it in turns to slam this place.Its getting pathetic.

    • Tom says:

      Stan, the two sites are totally different in orientation and means … the advertising on here drives me crazy but you guys know your onions … horses for courses and all that .. next time why don’t you just engage them and call there bluff .

      • Stan The Man says:

        Young Tom i am almost 70 fella,i have neither the desire or motivation to make an account purely for the sake of what would more than likely turn in to an arguement.I stopped using both sites about four months ago because of the arguing.Now the chaps on here seemed to have mellowed while they have got increasingly worse on that site when it comes to slamming this place.Still having just been on there it appears some Russ fella thinks we are different to them so who is this old codger to argue.I wouldnt be worthy anyway in that case .Actually he is right,im not as grumpy as him even at 69!

        • Tom says:

          Evening Stan, I like the young Tom, only 49 next week but like you a die hard fan only you got to see the best bits like the sixties … theres nowt as queer as folk and much like a round of golf on a sunday .. everyone looks each other up and down and knows best … but 18 holes later your best mates … there is no one on here any different to over there .. very much six and two threes over the articles etc but it like the local boozer back in the day … you had yours and thy went to mine … and as for grumpy … me thinks not … thanks for the polite reply

  • John says:

    The problem I have with those that slag off Hugh & Sean and this site over on whtid is that they use this site probably several times a day so it’s a tad ungracious of then slag off the guys that produce that service for them. There’s only half a dozen of them to be fair that do the slagging and I guess they simply have their own agenda.

    I check in on whtid once a day as some articles are good but not as many these days I’m afraid because I think Dale doesn’t care what he puts up as it still gets 500 posts because he has posters that sit at their keyboard 18 hours a day repeating what they said the day before. That’s scary!!

    Tom has it right. Each to their own. Respect to Tom too for coming on here, having a little pop, getting an earful back, but being man enough to shrug his shoulders and having a virtual handshake

    • Hammer And Pickle says:

      Ray The Spammer is the biggest tool in their box.He cant go a post without having to mention Clickbait & Hugh.He needs to grow up and get over his own silly agenda.

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