Bayern Ready to Hijack Hammers Transfer

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Bayern Munich have been tracking Palmeiras winger Luis Guilherme, who is now edging towards a move to West Ham United.

The Hammers are in advanced talks to secure the teenager’s signature, and an agreement is said to be close. Tim Steidten has flown to Brazil in order to conclude transfer deals early to enable Julen Lopetegui time to work with his squad immediately in pre-season.

If West Ham successfully sign Guilherme from Palmeiras, they will have acquired a player who has been on Bayern Munich’s radar for some time.

According to Sky Sports Germany, the Bavarian giants have been tracking Guilherme since January. This interest is somewhat unusual, considering that the Brasileiro Série A concluded its season in December and only restarted in April.

It is reported that Vincent Kompany’s new club remain interested in Guilherme and are ready to act quicky. Of course it could all be agent driven stories to encourage West Ham to up their bid with is believed to be 30 million Euro’s plus add-ons.

However, Bayern’s interest aligns with their extensive scouting program, which heavily focuses on South America.

Guilherme is considered one of Brazil’s outstanding young talents, despite not yet scoring a league goal. His impressive displays have caught the attention of top European clubs.

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  • Benny the Aussie says:

    I fully trust Tim to get the right players in and for him to work well with the J Lo.
    You just have to look at the squad Bayer has and it’s exciting etc. The difference being that clubs double their valuations because it’s an EPL club.

  • Chas says:

    As usual looking to sign every man and his dog and see someone else jump in.

  • Steve says:

    Why do we publish details of every player we have any interest in
    Sign them first then publish it
    Absolutely no clue about how to act in the transfer market, never have had, never will

    • Andrew says:

      You seem to think that 99% of posts here are genuine exclusives, as opposed to recycled / collated news from other sites.

    • rollercoaster hammer says:

      the window is NOT open yet
      nobody is signing anybody
      if you only want to read about signings then come back in a month

  • Cubbie says:

    I was hoping the transfer dealings would change dramatically but it seems to be going down exactly the same route . Player after player after player is going to sign . ….. but never does . We get the last minute dregs when we are desperate . No other club has these dramas . The ego of Sullivan loves seeing the Hammers being involved with top level players with zero intent in buying . It is a circus .

    • Jeeps says:

      It’s their bread and butter.
      They know it’s a captive audience.
      Fact or fiction?
      Claret & Hugh need to respond to all this speculation.

  • Pongo says:

    When will you people realise we can’t compete with the big guns, all we ever here is rumours of supposed big name targets but none ever come to fruition Bruno being a fact of example now guilermes to go along with many others en nesyri has release clause and apparently its about 17 million if we seriously wanted him we would have got the deal done as its being reported we want to get 5 or 6 players in early, im begining to think this site is just a properganda machine for Mr sullivan. As everything reported just stinks or is at best recycled information

  • FredK says:

    Spot on. Common sense tells you that if we had intentions of buying a particular player we would keep our cards close to our chest. And yes I agree it’s a bit of ego boosting for FogHorn Leghorn Sullivan.

  • Jon says:

    Stop criticising let them get on with it, then when it all goes wrong you can all whinge then

  • The Mud Shark says:

    The saying”Close but no cigar”comes to mind with West Ham dealings in the transfer market.

  • Lee says:

    Paper talk once again ….. but nothing will happen until after the euros ….. normally we get interested in a player … only for a bigger club with more money jumps in and snatches him away ……
    Typical WH …….⚒️⚒️ COYI

  • S says:

    This reeks to me of an agent or Palmeiras throwing Bayern’s name out there to try to get a sweeter deal from West Ham. Trying for us to panic and give in to anything they want. Why do you think stuff like this ends up in the papers? It’s public negotiations, nothing else.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    If Sullivan thinks that he can say we are looking to sign a player at X pounds then if falls through and that Lopetegui will stand for that then he is in for a shock he would and most likely will walk out leaving us manager less.with barely enough players to make a team certain relegation would follow the board need to get a grip and get these deals done without all the world knowing who we are in talks with

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