BBC OS documentary was unfair and biased

danroanThe BBC trust has concluded that BBC’s editorial standards were not met in the bias documentary called entitled “How the Hammers stuck Gold” presented by Dan Roan.

A complaint by the LLDC that the programme was unfair, inaccurate and biased was partially upheld. The trust found no overall bias but conceded some unfairness to the LLDC and bias in relation to the  particular points.

The production team has been reminded of the need to ensure that contributors’ responses to criticisms are properly reflected in programmes.

Full BBC Response to complaint

“The programme looked at the tenancy agreement which had been reached with West Ham FC for the use of the Olympic Stadium and examined a number of concerns which had been raised about the terms of the agreement. It included brief extracts from an interview with David Goldstone, Chief Executive of the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), other parties involved in the agreement and the background to it having declined to take part.

“The LLDC complained that the programme had been unfair to it and biased overall, and that it had been inaccurate in a number of respects. The ECU did not find overall bias, but did find that some significant points, which were made by Mr Goldstone in response to criticism of the agreement, about the benefit to taxpayers resulting from long-term arrangements for a multi-use stadium without the need for further subsidy, about the cost of converting the stadium being offset by the economic value brought about by its contribution to regeneration of the area, and about the detailed commercial rationale for not releasing financial details of the agreement with West Ham, had been omitted from the programme, resulting in unfairness to the LLDC and bias in relation to the points in question.”

“As a consequence the ECU’s finding was that the BBC’s editorial standards in the relevant areas had not been met. The ECU found no inaccuracy which would have materially affected viewers’ understanding of the issues under discussion.”

“Outcome: Partly Upheld. Further information was provided by the ECU: The production team has been reminded of the need to ensure that contributors’ responses to criticisms are properly reflected in programmes, particularly when they are the sole representatives of those towards whom criticism has been directed.”


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4 comments on “BBC OS documentary was unfair and biased

  1. Have we had an apology from Dan Roan yet? No thought not. Shame we can’t do documentaries into the bias and misrepresentation of journalists like him who in my opinion deliberately mis represent scenarios on the basis that if there is room for criticism there is no limit to the criticism you can actually make. Especially when you know that the majority of the audience will lap it up without any logical and objective thought.

    You expect that of the Express and the Sun but the BBC? One should expect more of them surely. I say should but unfortunately this is less and less the case, they had already been caught serving the needs of Microsoft ‘coincidentally’ after a self serving technology deal, while Roan’s other employer, the Guardian, once on par with the BBC for objective commentary, has long gone down this route of biased and lazy hackdom as a general theme, so I expect some of that has rubbed off on his BBC work too. Its becoming far too common sadly.

  2. They did and still are showing bias at extreme levels on par with bigots !!
    They are colluding with government as we speak to try and scuttle the brexit victory !
    Does this mean I do not have to pay for a BBC TV monopoly licence !still !!
    And did you know that Kenneth Clarke mp without portfolio is fighting a paedophile claim and had tried to hush it up in the courts but didn’t succeed , funny how it hasn’t been mentioned on the BBC , ITV ,c4 , etc ! Why ???
    Scroll through EXARO NEWS to read the accusations made against him , and did you know he was the bilderburger host for great Britain ,
    A yank puppet . A milner boy !!

  3. All adds to the media bias against WHU. Look at the way they reported the Man U team bus incident: 1) No bottles just cans 2) Only a few of them 3) The crowd was NOT out of control – newhere near; boisterous,yes, out of control no! They could have done FAR FAR worse; easily turn over the coach etc – was never even a remote possiblity…, YET from the reporting, youi would have thought World War 3 had broken out
    BUT WORST OF ALL BY THOSE HYPOCRITICAL MEDIA B@ST@RDS, their was almost media blackout for the very recent REPLICA indidents of Liverpool on Villareal coach, and Man U on Man City coach. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT YOU EFFING EFFING EFFING C*NTS? …And now you want to steal Bilic for that band of no hope losers, England?? Just F*CK OFF…
    Sorry Sean, they don’t deserve to the dignity of decent language! They deserve the language of the gutter, because their behaviour befits it!…Grrrrrr

  4. Just looking at Roan’s smug photo and smug attitude every time he is on tv you know the guy is total plum, not worth worrying about him he will be hawking himself out for reality tv soon enough although presently his credibility is so low that he will have to do a few honest pieces to elevate himself to the level required i.e. sludge in the bottom of the barrel.

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