Be brave Sam – time for Reece Oxford

OxfordMedia reports that Reece Oxford could make his senior debut against Manchester United may not overly pressure manager Sam Allardyce but how we would all love to see the kid start his first team career later today.

This is one of our own – who recently signed to a new deal amid fierce competition from the likes of United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal – ready willing and able to ┬ámake everybody’s Sunday.

Oxford, who turned 16 in December, has been called into the first team squad after an injury crisis and so the chance is there… however small.

It almost recalls the days when a certain R Moore was blooded into the first team after Malcolm Allison turned to manager Ted Fenton following illness and uttered the words written into Boleyn immortality: “Play the kid.” Bob was 17 years old!

Oxford’s current reputation as one of the greatest young talents on the world footballing landscape bears the comparison.

The big question is whether Sam will be brave and launch the kid upon us in the biggest game of the young man’s life and my question would be: “Why not?”

We are “safe” and there is little reason why in these circumstances the kid shouldn’t be handed the opportunity with all those inside the stadium being able to say in years to come: “I was there when …..”

The Hammers have won just one of their last six Premier League matches and haven’t beaten United in the top-flight since December 2007.


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6 comments on “Be brave Sam – time for Reece Oxford

  1. “Why not?”

    He’s just turned 16 and not fully developed yet.
    He’s more than a year younger than Moore or Ferdinand were when they debuted.
    If he has a poor game it could do untold damage.

    We played pretty much the youth team in the cup last year and where are those boys after taking a hammering – being released that’s where.
    I’m all for him coming on when a game no longer looks changeable. But to start him against Manchester United, whilst I admit it has romantic appeal, would be folly

  2. No el martillo lets play O,Brien instead and wait till his 30, the kids grow up faster now and he has developed,it’s not like last year when BFS had abrain wave and sent nearly the whole youth team out,he will have good pro,s around him and he will be able to cope with Van Persie,have some faith don’t play into BFS hands.

  3. I think adding one or two young lads into a strong side is the way to go, last season he put out a full team of young/inexperienced players and that was just madness, once they lost he had his excuse not to pick anymore young players.. it was like he did it deliberately

    Considering all our central defensive issues today then surely Oxford must start or appear from the bench, I dont see him getting a better opportunity than today

    Fingers crossed

  4. What has BFS to loose – he has already said is a free game in that nobody expects us to win. So if he is true to his word he should play Recce over the likes of O’Brien – ffs who in their right minds thinks O’Brien is up to it. But perhaps he is just saying it is a free game to cover his own ass – I believe his team selection will tell us whether he is actually treating it as a free game or in fact he is protecting his own ass – yet again.

  5. You’re asking Allardyce to be brave! Come on ,be serious.He is a coward which is why Nolan plays every game.Its also why we need a forward thinking manager not a dinosaur.

  6. No he plays Nolan every so his old lady does not slap him for leaving the boy out not because he is brave,
    If he does not take some right desicions today it will be normal,Rooney will fill his boots in our midfield and it could be a cricket score.

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