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Beast mode Antonio the key to Villa victory

Antonio the key to tactical metamorphosis

David Moyes has given himself something of a blueprint during the Burnley comeback and the demolition of Freiburg.

Much has been written about Mohammed Kudus’s role in the Europa League victory, and rightly so. But rather than me adding to the long list of platitudes thrown the Ghanaian’s way, I’m going to highlight the role of Michail Antonio.

The West Ham number nine was in full beast mode on Thursday night and was completely unplayable. He clearly wasn’t the star of the show; however, his inclusion made all the difference to the team dynamic. Such was his impact that Freiburg found themselves struggling to contain him.

It was particularly evident with Antonio causing havoc in almost every area of the attacking third, which must have made him a nightmare to follow. His display was so good that Moyes will have to play him from the start against Villa, and that will cause them problems.

Beast mode Antonio the key to Villa victory

Beast mode Antonio the key to Villa victory

Unai Emery’s side is excellent, and I have been somewhat jealous of his impact. But football can and does change quickly, and I’ve gone from expecting certain defeat at the London Stadium tomorrow to believing we may have a chance.

For that chance to manifest itself into actual points, West Ham will have to attack again. Not only does the tactic get the best out of our most talented players, but it also takes pressure off a creaky defence that is in need of repair.

If West Ham do manage to get something in the 2 pm Sunday Premier League game, I suspect Antonio will have a big role to play.



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