Beckenbauer: ‘Klopp will go to Napoli’

klopp2Jurgen Klopp will be the next Coach of Napoli after Rafa Benitez goes to Real Madrid, claims Franz Beckenbauer.

“Next season Klopp will be training in the South of Italy, at Napoli,” German legend Beckenbauer told Sky Sport Deutschland.

The former Borussia Dortmund manager had been linked to West Ham, Liverpool and Napoli but Beckenbauer says he has agreed to replace Rafa Benitez if Napoli snatch third place from Lazio this evening which would put them in the preliminary round of the Champions League.



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24 comments on “Beckenbauer: ‘Klopp will go to Napoli’

  1. Are Napoli the Italian equivalent of West Ham? Everyone and their nan being linked to the pair of us lately, read it was us or Napoli for Emery, hopefully he will come our way now

  2. We will be similar in size to Napoli except they are actually bigger than us at the moment. 41,000 gates to our 35,000 and €35m more in turnover.

    The comment is interesting in that Beckenbauer says Klopp will go to Napoli if they get 3rd place and CL. What if they don’t…?

  3. Total guessing game,now even Beckenbauer is at it 😉

  4. The Kaiser is a Bayern man so I’m not sure he’d be a confidant of Klopps.
    Dean Martin claimed that love was king in Napoli so maybe that’s the lure

  5. The Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer is a known bull****ter. Due to his legendary status as probably the best footballer our country has ever seen, our on version of Bobby Moore and George Best rolled into one, he is one of the few people being allowed to spout crap without being confrontted in the media.
    He also mentioned there were no slyves in Qatar building the stadiums under apallling working conditions as he had travelled to Qatar several times and had never seen a slave there.
    Of course if CL is what Klopp definitely wants or needs he may end up at Napoli.
    They tick a lot of boxes in form of being traditional, having a loyal and immensely passionate fanbase.
    But I still believe that mainly Klopp wants to manage in England, that’d be our big selling point that Napoli won’t be able to match.
    And even if we don’t get Klopp it fills me with confidence that we now seem to have moved up insofar as Bilic no longer seems to be our worst back sceanrio fallback option as we may well get either of Emery, Bielsa or DeBoer.
    Good times!

    • Love your stuff HH but Beckenbouer was Moore & Best rolled into one 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Jog on

  6. Haha,yes H,no disreapect to your fellow German but he does seem to have the habit of talking out of his ass sometimes.I cant think of an example now,but rememeber many times hearing something he had said & thinking he would have been better keeping his mouth shut,lol 😉

  7. I think it is a 2 horse race now unless both of them turn us down
    1 Biesla 2 Bilic with DeBoer being the fall back
    If Klopp wants Westham he will have to make the right noises and I don’t think that will happen
    But don’t give up hope H

  8. All this speculation is getting tedious – I wish the Dave’s would make a decision and get all the criticism and moaning under way!

  9. The Daves have said at least a week and if there target won’t put pen to paper there’s nothing they can do
    Why aren’t we having the same speculation for the Sunderland Job ?

  10. Beckenbauer is still anauthority, people love to hear the sound of his voice, his Bavararian accent but it is wise not to pay too much attention to what he actually says as most of it is just drivel. Who knows if Klopp may be just a smokescreen for West Ham being busy tying up another big name ?

    As for Klopp, don’t get any ideas here: It is a monumental decision for him too if he is taking a break or choosing his next club now. There’s no guarantees Klopp will make the right choice in the grand scheme of things.

  11. H it could be handy if he is takes 6 months out and then if our new man is not working out he might change his mind if we go back in for him,
    Can’t understand why we are the club that all the press seem happy to point anyone at,

    • Fleet street (or its modern equivalent) is famous for being filled with West Ham fans. People like to talk about their own club. It should be seen as a compliment

  12. Its ridiculous bubs,its only a week ago the season finished.Hippo only left last sunday,a little patience is needed.I would rather the club did the best they can to get the best option available than panic & just grab anyone in the first few days.Aint like all these managers we have been linked with are all at new clubs now.Some of them only finished their domestic seasons this weekend 😉

  13. Fair point Rads but would you rather act quick and secure one or any of these world class managers or wait that little too long and end up with Mclaren or Poyet? There’s a double thin line we’re approaching, if we don’t get anything sorted quick then come Europa and the transfer Market opening day we are in barney

  14. I agree Rads I like all the names coming up and have a couple of favourites but as long as we don’t miss out on the transfer front I can wait,waited 2 years to get shot of the last
    carbuncle,the only thing I would like to happen in a hurry is Nolan ,Jarvis and O,Brien get transferred out and Magia either takes a hung and goes or someone in the Dutch league take him as there standard is so poor,
    Still can’t believe someone can compare the Scottish league with the Dutch,
    I believe there are probably 6 teams that would finish in the top 12 of our premier and I think only Celtic would have a chance and then not finish in the top 10

  15. Can’t we fabricate a story in the press to get rid of Maiga and Nolan?

  16. Tbh with you we as fans no little of whats going on.Only what we read or hear in the media.How do we know that they dont already have someone they are in serious dialogue with.Im not saying it is a fact,just that we aint got a clue as supporters.All we can do is speculate,panic or stay calm 😀

  17. Klopp would make Maiga a ten goal a season striker for us…:-)
    I really do believe that Maiga is actually decent, being played in his prefered position and getting support from teammates, not having to feed from scraps as isolated striker with no teammate near him.

  18. Maiga & Nolan are off to Napoli in a 30m joint transfer.They will be Klopps first major signings 😀

  19. Why aren’t all of these fantastic managers approaching West Ham?

  20. Ahah… Come on Hamburg, Klopp is not the only good manager in the world… If not him, Emery, De Boer, Conte, Bielsa. We are not talking about Sam Allardyce… Lol 🙂

  21. I know mattefumi, we all have our favourites, but I agree: We will get a very good manager coming into our club either way that should help us seeing progess on and off the pitch.

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