Beer thrown over Big Sam

SamThe relationship between the Hammers fans and manger Sam Allardyce has plunged to new depths after he was covered with a pint of beer after he is alleged to have laughed at fans who called for him to play more attacking football following the latest pre season defeat this afternoon. According to an eye witness Willis Jamieson who watched the match which he described as boring, the incident occurred post match as the manager and players walked to their waiting coaches. Willis explained Big Sam was walking out alone at the time when he was covered by the pint of beer kicked from a over head ledge above with roughly 20 West Ham supporters above him. “He just carried on walking but it did stop his laughing”  said Willis.

It is understood the board told Allardyce he needs to improve his relationship with the fans this season following a revolt at the end of last season, this has all the marks of further deterioration. While throwing a pint of beer is extreme way to make a point the alleged laughing at fans lobbying Sam to play more attractive football was bound to antagonise them.   One bright spark on social media whipped Big Sam should “Respect the PINT!”


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8 comments on “Beer thrown over Big Sam

  1. You really hate the man don’t you. Are you sure it wasn’t you who threw the pint?

  2. Suppose your pro Allardyce then conkerpot? I hold very strong views on wasting a good beer but what an exception! The man has ruined the club so bad that I think if any other manager was to come in they would struggle to teach the players how to play proper football again! I just hope the owners get rid of him ASAP. I personally think he will be gone by Christmas. (Fingers crossed sooner)

  3. Waste of a pint if you ask me!

  4. Time for sam to go, you should never have this kind of thing at a football club.
    The heart and soul is slowly disappearing from our club.

  5. Don’t get me stated!!!!!!!

    Firstly what is BFS doing with our pre season!! Before we have even kicked a ball my optimum for the start of season has been totally ruined by BFS after all the hard work the club have made buying players, a real team effort the board has made in trying to change the mentality of our Fossil of a manager  I have snow seen enough already before we have even started the season. Enough you clueless idiot!! 
    GET OUT OF OUR CLUB NOW!!!!!!!  

    I just don’t get it one bit!!After watching ALL of our pre season I am left majorly frustrated and totally exhausted by the lack of imagination BFS has shown and can’t believe his pure arragence of doing it his own way and not taking on board the feelings within the club!!! You have stuck two fingers up to the supporters again, well done! Like when you cupped your ear! Who do you think you are!?  I know, Lets play know-one up front again!!! And you think playing C COLE as a lone striker is helping our club move forward you *****?!! You need your ****$ng head tested!!!! We now have a squad of young talent to finally start changing our system and style of play, and what do you do…. Play a bunch of kids who will never kick a ball for the first team this year and also play them in a system that is so prehistoric I thought we had Diplo docus up front with tyrannosaurus rex at the back!!! I REPEAT AGAIN…GET OUT OF OUR CLUB NOW!!!!!!! 

     Who do I blame well I’m of mixed feelings here, the two Davids for not cutting their loses!!!!
    But I can see they are not too silly here! They kept Sam on with the basis they have FULL input of how their much worked for money will be spent, and the type of players that will be coming into the club! I.e decent FOOTBALL PLAYERS with the likes of Poyet and Zarate with have players that can play football first and formost and are not built on just bullying teams and are not with the critira of being 7ft 8 built like a weightlifter and can juggle the ball the standing on hot coals.

    Now I understand alot, I listen closely and pay attention to the nosies coming out the club, the two Davids have come out locally in the press and on radio and clearly outlined that a repeat in team set-up and performance is not good enough. BFS system works to keep you in the priemer league granted, but as far as progression building a team that is pleasing on the eye and creating chances, it is so old school it hurts to the core!!! 
    I just cant take no more of it!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change our manger NOW before everyone young player and footballer we have at the club have enough too and walk out as I have seen Noble come out and show that its all getting too him too, 
    no matter how much he would say he backs the manger he clearly is not happy and MARK we feel and see your pain! Playing in it must be worse!

    Someone help us!

    Rant over.

  6. I don’t hate anyone either and will always be willing to give the benefit of the doubt BUT the man has had a fair crack of the whip…. He wont change So time we did..
    I was really looking forward to the new season But now im really worried.

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