Ben Johnson’s tough West Ham decision

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West Ham’s dealings are rarely straightforward, the club seem to lurch from drama to uncertainty with alarming regularity.

Consider the Ben Johnson scenario—a player who stirs mixed feelings within the West Ham fanbase. Some consider him to be not good enough whilst others can’t understand why he has not been given more of a chance. Last season the Hammers defence was in a shocking state, yet no matter how poor we were, Johnson never truly got a run in the team under David Moyes.

After initial signs pointed to Johnson leaving, West Ham has intensified efforts to retain the versatile defender. It appears the club has finally acknowledged his capabilities and are actively working to persuade him to remain.

Following the disappearance of interest in Johnson from Crystal Palace, Ipswich Town has emerged as another suitor for the Irons academy graduate. As a newly promoted team, they are pegged as likely candidates to drop back to the Championship after just one season, yet they can offer something West Ham can’t.

Faced with a critical choice, Johnson must weigh the options: secure regular playtime at a club facing potential relegation or strive to carve out his spot in West Ham’s Premier League line-up.

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  • Adam says:

    I would keep him if he wants to stay

  • Eddie says:

    I can’t believe the remarks that are pointing to the fact that Johnson is some sort of premiership player that we need to stay I can’t believe what people are watching he can’t defend he hardly ever heads the ball when he plays right back he rarely goes past the half way line and consequently we have no wing play

    • Happyhammer says:

      I disagree. I think with more game time he could come good. He has had some excellent games for us before. I think he needs game time not just sitting on the bench. But unfortunately for him coufal is ahead of him in his position

    • Vic Gray says:

      A very average championship player at his best and certainly stealing a living on Premiership wages.
      And I have seen him play loads of times!

  • kcockayne says:

    You could say the same about most, if not all of our “defenders”; hence the pitifully poor defensive record of last season. What is worse about Johnson than about Aguerd, Zouma, Coufal, Cresswell & Palmieri ? Oh, & you can’t blame Johnson for that record – because he hardly ever got a game !

  • John Ayris says:

    The reality lies in who is interested in him. Ipswich who will be looking only to survive, and Rangers who play in a lower standard league.

  • Charlie Farley says:

    It’s a no brainer. Stay at West Ham and be involved in 25 games as a valued squad member. Or play 38 games for Ipswich Town – fitness allowing – in a relegation battle getting thrashed far more times than West Ham did last season. Ipswich’s first two games are against Liverpool and Man City. Zero goals for, potentially ten against. They may not recover from this, like Sheffield United last season.

    Johnson is young enough to keep developing under new coaches.

  • dani blu says:

    Give him a chance under a new coach

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