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Benitez feels indebted to West Ham

rafa2The Telegraph again links Rafa Benitez as a future manager of West Ham.

They say that although Benitez will not quit Newcastle at this stage, he has been left disillusioned by the blatant lack of ambition this summer and his long-term future on Tyneside is in serious doubt. Indeed, should West Ham sack Slaven Bilic in the next few weeks, it is likely Benitez will express some interest in replacing him claims the broadsheet.

Sky Sports presenter Pete Graves has felt compelled to release his own personal statement on the rumours surrounding the future of Rafa Benitez which was reproduced on Newcastle fan site www.themag.co.uk.  Graves happens also to be a big Newcastle United fan and admits to feeling hurt after receiving personal criticism for covering the story on Sky Sports.

Following Newcastle’s 3-0 win over the Hammers, Sky Sports reported that a high up source at West Ham had said the position of Slaven Bilic was under threat due to no points after three matches and the dismal nature of the defeat at St James Park. The reports also said that West Ham remained big admirers of Rafa Benitez and Sky revealed that the Newcastle manager has a buyout clause, with that figure somewhere over £5m.

pete-gravesUsing Facebook, Pete Graves explained  exactly why he thinks Rafa Benitez ‘would have to consider any approach from the Hammers if it should ever materialise’.


“There’s something that’s worried me since the day Rafa Benitez arrived at Newcastle United. Something that has always been at the back of my mind. A nagging fear that one day a certain club might come in for him, and believe it or not – that club was West Ham.

rafa“My heart sank a little last (Saturday) night. The news reached us at Sky Sports News that West Ham were considering the future of Slaven Bilic and that indeed Rafa Benitez would be top of their potential list of suitors. Furthermore they were aware there was a clause, a fairly significant one (more than £5m) but ultimately a way to effectively buy Rafa Benitez out of Newcastle United.

“But why are West Ham the club that I’ve feared so long?? Why did I not blink when the links with China and even Arsenal were reported in the national press? Well the reason is, because Rafa has always maintained privately that he feels indebted to West Ham and would have to consider any approach from the Hammers if it should ever materialise and here’s why;

“What impressed Rafa so much was the way the West Ham board accepted his decision. They understood that the opportunity to manage Real Madrid was too much for a Spanish manager to disregard and they gave Rafa their blessing and subsequently appointed Slaven Bilic. The rest as they say is history and now we are where we are…Bilic on the brink and Rafa in their thoughts.”

Rafa Benitez“Now let’s throw into the mix that Rafa has grown increasingly frustrated at NUFC this summer. He wanted more investment and he’s stood and watched while even fellow ‘promotees’ Brighton and Huddersfield have spent significantly more. Meanwhile, West Ham have signed Joe Hart (a player Rafa wanted) and submitted a bid of close to £40m for William Carvalho (another Rafa target). Let that sink in…A 40 million pound bid for ONE player, that’s more than Newcastle have spent on six new arrivals so far. That’s financial muscle.

“Only this week Rafa said that he no longer viewed NUFC as a long term project…Not my words, the words of the manager, whilst he’s also said he’s “signing the players he can, not the ones he wants”. Needless to say the positivity of last seasons’s promotion has disintegrated. And Rafa is clearly frustrated AND not afraid to tell the world.

“Now let’s consider West Ham as a long term project. They have the Olympic Stadium, they are based in London, in my opinion with the right manager at the helm they could be challenging the ‘big boys’ in the next 3-5 years both on and off the pitch. It’s an attractive proposition on paper.

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I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

21 comments on “Benitez feels indebted to West Ham

  1. If Benitez is disillusioned with Newcastle’s “blatant lack of ambition this summer”, why on earth would he come here? Newcastle’s net spend was more than ours. The board talk a big game, but we’re going to struggle with the midfield we have. Regardless of the manger.

  2. I think when he comes he will do a Good job and certainly get more out of the players.. In my opinion

  3. He would come to us because unlike some of our support he would see that we have a good squad that isnt being utilised to its max by Bilic.
    Sorry but you all get tied up in your own internet site worlds and then cant see that there are other fans who dont feel the need to launch themselves head first off of a cliff.
    Im sure if we had signed Chicharito/Arnautovic on deadline day not earlier most of your wouldn’t be clucking so much.

    • That’s some cerial comments there pop !!
      What about noble and the rest of slow mow squad ! What’s he gonna do feed them a magic formula speed drink undetectable by grug testing and frequent blood transfusions supplied by usain bolt ?? Ffs man we got problems in defence and new blood is needed like carvalho but the muppets didn’t oblige did they ! What game you been watching ??

      • Well thats your opinion and mine is we actually have a fair amount of talent in our squad that isnt being used to its optimum level.But unlike you i wont give you abuse back for having a different opinion!

        • I fully agree with you Pop. Some of the comments make me laugh. Fonte is crap even though he plays for Portugal but Carvalho is a missed opportunity because he scored a rare goal for Portugal. The same fans would have been moaning last season if the loan for Zaza had fallen through and look how he turned out

        • Abuse ?? Fact mate ! My opinion!! Sorry if I didn’t agree with you’re lack of vision of the problem everyone has been spouting on about for 18months , its defiantly not abuse lol 😂😂?

  4. the board are not convinced with Bilic & wouldn’t sanction spending £10m’s, a new manager would be given a reasonable amount come Jan transfer window. should have pulled the trigger end of last season.
    The only realistic target now is staying in the PL

    • That’s not acceptable Essex, we’ve been let down by the amature dealings of delboy and we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact ?? Carvalho for instance would still be here when bilic is shifted !! That’s a huge talent lost !! Why !!! Survival from next level ain’t acceptable ! But to some the sun shines out of the proverbial Puppa and do no wrong !! Not a clue 😠

      • Perhaps fans have better things to do than rage about football club owners and its not life or death to them.Not every West Ham is wanting the owners strung up but you think it is everyone because you and your like think it.Get out of your insular website world and you might realize it.

        • How dare you abuse me like that , you cad , 😂
          Have you not read anything that’s been said on here the last 24 hours or so ??
          You’re in a minority mate , a boardette , myself and my like fart in you’re general direction ! 😂😂

  5. By all accounts the fans up there love him for sticking with the club last year & that affection works both ways. I heard a Gerodie journo in a radio interview saying Rafa is unlikely to walk away until he has given the job of settling the club in the PL a real go. Think the vacancy here may come a little too soon this time. But you never know I guess. This angle about owing us something might work. A promise of a big wedge of cash would help too for sure. But will he fancy another relegation fight. Let’s face it he could get better than that..

    I reckon he would ok. Pretty sure he would sort out the dreadful defence. A lot further up the field would fall into place then. My big question after the two Great Escapes by Bilic last season is how much success in the 4 ( or whatever number it is ) games? Surely it has to be really good this time.

  6. Bilic has a appalling record of choosing players to buy/loan and even worse record of where to play them so I wouldn’t buy any more players of his choice if I knew that his time was coming to an end. We have some very good players but we need a good manager to get them playing in their best positions and as a team. I hope that we have a new manager soon and he’ll have time to assess the squad before January.

  7. This really is my last comment on the whole situation at West Ham before I go on Holidays tomorrow and turn off completely for three weeks . ( some may be happy about it 🤧)
    So here we have Benitez not dismissing the idea of joining West Ham as Manager .
    Here we have a Manager ( Bilic ) who still doesn’t understand who to play where and how and what formation is best .
    Here we have a Board that is not completely behind Bilic and have failed to cement signings that would , on paper , make a difference with the right Manager in charge .
    The defense and midfield, not forgetting the attack , is in a mess and we need , want , and must finish mid table to show any profit . The LS is not what we call home and won’t be untill we start to win games there . Players want out and are critizing the Manager .
    So far , so good . Three or four wins in 22 games ( numbers ) is seen as ok by some silly fans and pundits alike . More time should be given to a Bilic to improve things .
    I’m 66 years old now , and I think I’ve waited far too long and beyond that which should be expected of a loyal fan / supporter . Tired of being the one who people laugh at in the pub .
    FFS GET RID OF BILIC AND GET IT SORTED . Love West Ham but , hating what is happening at the club that has been a major part of my Life . See you next month after the Hols . Bye bye .

    • But three wins in twenty+ when BFS was manager and you still backed him and said give him a new contract.I remember you saying it lmao
      Still never mind enjoy your holiday kevin.

  8. Have a good one kev 😁 good post mate from the heart 😉

  9. Have a good holiday Kev,dont forget your Hippo Head PJs & Poppodom pillowcase 😂

  10. Get rid of Bilic, agreed, but don’t bring this has-been in to replace him, please; it’ll mean more dodgy foreign-legioniers, and no-hope f a game for our talented U23’s. He’s only being loyal to Newcastle, because no-one else wants him!

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