Benitez issues has Davids playing catch-up

David SullivanThe impatience and frustration over the managerial position is understandable!

But the mud slinging and downright anger plus accusations that theissuer should have been sorted before getting rid of Sam Allardyce is not.

No manager will move on until the season comes to anend when they are involved in their own club issues – it doesn’t happen.

But had Real Madrid not hijacked Rafa Benitez with whom we were a couple of hours from reaching a deal we ย wouldn’t be in the current position

Right now ย there are four big names on the list to takeย over; Jurgen Klopp, Unai Emery and Carlo Ancelloti are three of them – the other is remaining a closely guarded secret which no amount of alternative questioning can uncover.

Klopp and Emery – as reported here – have both been linked with Napoli whilst Ancelloti is still planning to take a year out to undergo surgery – we’ll see!

The two Davids are of course taking stick in certain areas for not getting the thing sorted but they are coming back from the Benitez position and may or may not land one of the four on their list. They are playing catch-up but they refuse to panic.

It would of course be very easy to go and get one of the second level candidates and they don’t need naming. You know who they are.

But until the co-owners are absolutely certain that none of the top choices are available they are refusing to go for second and third fiddles.


Personally, I’m ย happy with that. How bad would it be to install a boss who was very much a back-up candidate and then find that one of the above named became available.

Patience is not a virtue commonly found in this game but given the Benitez scenario let’s cut the bosses some slack because personally I believe we’ll know who is taking over within 14 days.

Frustrating? Yes…End of the world? Most definitely not.


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45 comments on “Benitez issues has Davids playing catch-up

  1. I am not frustrated by this, I am willing to wait to get the right man. I know and prey that the David’s leave no stone unturned before making their choice.
    Why rush in and grab say Billic just because he is available .

  2. Biesla or Bilic which is the secret squirrel,
    Give up don’t care,
    Do really who is it
    Not going to tell fair enough

  3. ahah… honestly I’m neither frustrated nor impatient… I’m only curious and happy: I don’t know why, but I’ve got postive feelings and I’m sure the owners will make the right choice. There’s only one name I’d prefer to avoid: Moyes… anyway, after 4 years of BFS reign, I’ve become zen, wise and a believer… I’m unbreakable now, I’m like super man… lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I don’t think the fourth one is Bielsabub or Bilic ( neither is a closely guarded secret ).
    After hearing this list I’m more happy that they are serious about going for the top man rather than fantasy league.

  5. Don’t understand where that article is coming from. I haven’t seen any frustration about the time taken to appoint the right man. I think we all realise the importance of getting this one right. However, we would be naive to believe that the Dave’s waited to dump Sam before starting their search!

    • You havnt seen any frustration about the time being taken?.Maybe not here but try looking at another site.They are in the main pooing themselves because we aint got anyone yet ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. I reckon the hush hush one is FdB

  7. Well if there is a mystery man, he’ll be in this list somewhere:


  8. If it’s a secret like we have never heard his name before secret,
    It can’t be an Italian they have all been named
    Can’t be anyone who can’t speak English that counts out the Scottish and Irish ladies
    Sorry Tyson
    It’s like Cludo
    I like games,sorry banjo not those sort of games

  9. As I’ve already stated I don’t mind the roller coaster ride presenting us with great names and bad ones,it creates good debate.I’ve no problem waiting I’m just hoping it’s someone that will truly bring us out of the darkness of the dinosaur days

  10. I know and realise how much SoGo have done for us as a club and appreciate the cash they have invested and the turn around after the Icelandic c…s but I just don’t see them having the kudos, gravitas presence persona or charisma to land a top manager. I may be wrong but feel top managers won’t take them seriously…….. Saying that it appears they had the fat Spanish waiter ( we can call him that now he is going to Madrid ) ready to sign
    Would love Klopp, if not de Boer or El Loco !


  11. They tried to replace Avram Grant while he was still in charge and that didn’t work out. Despite what some pundits have said they’ve done the honourable thing by Sam and seen his contract out, despite our dire run. They also stood by him last year, when the same pundits were tipping him for the sack. This will stand them in good stead when it comes to attracting a decent manager. No serious professional wants to work for trigger-happy owners.

  12. My guess would be Vincenzo Montella.

    He’s done really well at Fiorentina, is part of the young breed of managers, and his contract situation is currently uncertain.

    • I agree stubbo, Montella is a very good manager, young, he’s a gentleman and his football is amusing. He could be a good choice, not a “big” name, but a very good manager.

  13. After the Gross scare at least I’m reassured to see Moyes is below BFS in the rankings so that would be a backward step

  14. As I suspected Beckenbauer hasn’t actually said anything about Klopp moving to Napoli.
    Trustworthy journo Raphael Honigstein has confirmed this and said it was merely another hoax on Twitter which seems to become a regular appearance.

  15. Still think it was silly to let SAM go . , but now what happens is that we have a slot in Europa League and no permanent manager installed . Benitez would never have signed when he can demand Large Money from Madrid . The other choice is Ancelotti, but he is dithering over whether to work or have surgery ( Harry springs to mind ) .
    Why not make SAM a new offer and let him do it his way ??. He hasn’t failed us .
    As for Real Madrid outing Ancelotti, well basically , LUDICROUS.
    I think the Two Daves have fu@ked up . Too impatient to make us a bigger club and think that they can do it overnight ,,, just as some supporters .
    I love West Ham and want desperately to see them grow , but somehow we always cock it up .

  16. Hmmm,Kevin,you are early today,good to read your views on a sunday afternoon instead of at midnight,but now you want us to resign Sam,ahhh,not sure about that logic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. ahahha… Kevin, you are my hero… Maybe you’re right, the Davids should go find Sam and beg for him to come back… The owners have been hasty and ill-conceived… loool

  18. Kevin is on fire today.Now we bring back Hippo.Great idea Kev,lets do it.Go give him a ring ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. “I love West Ham and want desperately to see them grow , but somehow we always cock it up .”

    And yet you are crying because Allardyce has left the club ? Amazing.

  20. Well, now all the final games have been played and all the side issues are gone, we are now going to see whether some of the top names we have been dreaming of and writing realms about, doesn’t prove to be just whistling in the wind

  21. I love the Davids for saving our club.. I wish they had a few billion more but Im sure they do to ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Kevin’s on uppers mixed with speed ,canchaz is on downers mixed with downers,
    I’m just happy on Amstel mixed with olives and peanuts,
    5 more days at least I can wait,can’t wait for first big signing and other transfer news,

  23. The fact is we may be whistling in the wind but it’s better to be whistling than just getting by with an outdated dinosaur and his harem of underachievers. We may or may not get these top end managers but in the end whoever we get has got nothing to live up to based against the last 4 years. If the new man keeps us up he’s equalled the dung beetles record, if we get 50 points he’s surpassed it not to much to get is it? The deadwood is being removed finally from the club if only the Hippo could get another job and take AC,KN and Kevin as well we’d be sorted, the future is looking brighter lets just see what happens and support the new manager whoever he is…the dung beetle is gone ,rolling his big ball of **** with him.

  24. Thats it,i cant go to wetpants anymore,lol,they are going to drive me crazy.If i read one more of them telling people that so i so isnt a good manager or another doesnt have this or that im going to internally combust.What a bunch of bloody idiots some of them are.They talk like experts about every bloody candidate but dont know **** all about them.Some of them have probably never even watched some of these candidates teams play.Grrrr!!!,lol,Sorry H,pls forgive me but they talk ****!

  25. You know what they say ’66,a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Ahah… Yeah, there I’ve read not less than 100 possible managers (including their stats)… There’s great impatience… there’s some tension you can cut with a knife… Davids harry up and show us mister X, there some people can’t sleep… Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Think their name should be changed from wet pants to changeyourpants,because most of them are ****ting themselves about everything,manager,transfers,head of recruitment,lmao.Never seen so many guys panic so much.At least we are calm rabid dogs ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ahah… and ignorant pigs… Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Haha,i dont get what their panic is about.One week gone since hippo left.They dont have a clue whats going on with regards to getting a manager,just relax.We cant do anything anyway,lol,what will be will be.It aint like all these candidates are at new clubs now & we have missed out on them.If they carry on being so worried soon they will have poo pants not wet pants ๐Ÿ˜€

          • ahah… but the best is yet to come… when the name will be revealed the bomb will detonate… stats shower, his family tree, comparisons between all our 15 managers… lol I can’t wait… ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Read in the Mirror that the board are divided over Marcelo Bielsa.What a superb opportunity to get an exciting manager for a club that has been devoid of real flair and passion over the last 4 years.I hope Brady isn’t one of the muppets?

  28. What’s the panic,we want a good choice and until Rafa officially gets Real the pyramid won’t start to form,as I have said before it’s a food chain and we are about 4th or 5th at the
    Moment,but if a top manager leaves a club above us in the food chain we will slip further down,just thank your lucky stars you are not a Sunderland fan they are already being turned down by our left overs,
    Karma don’t go to Wetpants .com have a beer sit in the garden and watch tennis have your friends around for a bar be leave it to the 2 Daves,
    Play with Kevin if you are bored

  29. I think it is cut and dried??and their keeping us on tenterhooks.

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