Benrahma West Ham Transfer Could Be OFF!

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The transfer deal to make Said Benrahma’s loan move from West Ham to Lyon permanent could be in jeopardy as the French club has been hit by red tape, which could see the deal collapse.

Lyon has a £15m option to buy Said Benrahma, not an obligation as many had assumed.

However, Lyon is currently under a transfer embargo, which is hoped to be lifted this summer, so they can’t exercise their option to buy Benrahma at present without permission.

The Direction Nationale du Contrôle de Gestion, France’s football financial watchdog, has been monitoring Lyon’s transfer activities and wage bill due to financial irregularities in the budget presented by Lyon boss John Textor. Lyon will need permission from the DNCG to recruit new players permanently.

Benrahma has been sensational following a rocky start in Ligue 1 and has managed to force his way into the first team. It is understood that Lyon is keen to exercise the option, but if not, the player will return to West Ham.

Whether that would appeal to West Ham’s incoming boss Julen Lopetegui remains to be seen. However, it may impact the Hammers’ budget if the accountants had been relying on the £15m to go towards other transfers.

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  • Andy⚒ says:

    Strange as he’s modelling next seasons kit for Lyon

    • Jim says:

      Lose that attention to detail young man, this story has been posted by a highly respected journalist from his mums spare bedroom! He only has another 10,000 meaningless stories to report before the adverts pay for his deposit on a shed for him to live in. You should be ashamed for holding him back from his full potential. His mum should be ashamed for calling him Gonzo 🤣

      • rollercoaster hammer says:

        put the effort in and start your own page. so many losers out there saying “poor journalism” and “click bait story”. we’re not stupid, we know what it is. and yet, you keep going to these sites for your info. open your own site and stop leeching off others who do the work to get some news to you. go on, give it a shot and see how you go when you’re offered money for pop-ups that will keep your site alive and puts a bit of coin in your pocket. add that to all the work you’ll have to do. nah…you’ll do NOTHING, lazy f#%$king whiny childish hypocrites.

    • Tony Homewood says:

      There is an embargo though.

      It’s probably going to be lifted. It’s the usual bollox click bait non-story

  • SydneyC says:

    Each post on here helps drive ad revenue which increases the site’s ability to put out more articles. And since I like Gonzo’s work and this site in general… thank you for your continued support 🙂

  • Pete says:

    If the story had any legs it would still have more footballing legs than Benrahma. Useles.

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