Betting suspended on Austin joining Hammers

austinDespite the Boleyn Insider claiming no bid had been made for Charlie Austin money has continued to be placed on the QPR striker joining West Ham this summer.

Today Betfair suspended after odds crashed to 5/4.  Betfair tweeted out “After a flurry of bets, Charlie Austin is now 5/4 to join West Ham this summer!” shortly after that they suspended betting all together saying:” BREAKING! Betting now suspended on Charlie Austin to West Ham”

The 25 year old who bagged 18 goals for QPR last season was a guest of West Ham’s principle sponsor Betway at Ascot races earlier this week. According the the bookies the Hammers are now joint favourites with Newcastle and Chelsea, while he is 20/1 to remain at QPR this summer.


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36 comments on “Betting suspended on Austin joining Hammers

  1. I’m confused is betting suspended or is he joint favourite to join us. More soap opera,I think I’m going to wait for signatures on dotted lines from now on.

  2. Sorry, I will be so disappointed if this is the player we are planning to spend 15 million. Not what we want – an awful purchase and if these are the players that Bilic wants then I am already worried. I trust we keep our money for talented players who can make a difference. We need creative players to supply Valencia and Sakho, we certainly don’t want another front man. We have Andy in reserve.

  3. Good player,i would take him for sure.£15m is sod all for a player these days.Hope he is coming,i will be delighted.Though suspended bettng on one site means fuxk all.Just because some punters have weighed out doesnt mean he is a done deal.Sorry,you are talking out of your ass Jon.We need another striker big time.Have you forgotten how light we were last year.Both Carroll & Sakho were injury prone,Carlton has gone,Maiga is a tart & Elliot Lee aint never going to make it in the Prem,he aint good enough.

  4. Chicken run just my opinion, I would take Ba any day ahead of Austin – but again he would not be my first choice. Austin is average – I have a few QPR friends and they don’t rate him that highly so there will be no return on 15m. 15m in my book should by a top top player – not a championship player. I agree we might need another striker but if Bilic plays 4-2-3-1 it is far more important to get the 3 behind the striker right…That’s where we should be spending our big money.

  5. Lol… we have Andy in reserve for now… I fear soon in rehab… Personally I like Austin, he’s quick, quite skilled, I prefer him to Calamity Andy… anyway we are the favourites for Austin, Payet, maybe Cabaye, Song… But we still have Nolaninho, O’Brien, Jarvis and AC… There is a saying in Italian “The wind will take the words away”. 😉

    • Haha Matte don’t you start with the wind sayings too. We’ll all be whistling and p!ssing in the wind cos we’ve got no words left lol.
      I see signings on the horizon and I’m not trying to wind anyone up lol

      • ahahha… I feel negativity around me.. I need a positivity shot, I’m gonna read Drypants’ comments… When I’m there, I feel like Buddha… lol 😀

    • Matte the only wind coming is from the rear end of the owners at the moment.

  6. Im a little perplexed john.I live in west london.Many of my mates are super hoops & they love Charlie Austin.Are you sure your friends dont support Queens Park in Scotland? 😀

  7. When a player scores 18 goals for a side that struggled to do anything this season you know he’s anything but an ‘awful purchase’ the price maybe awful seing as Remy and others are valued at £10M. I’d be loving life IF we signed him. Still don’t believe anything till its done and dusted though, and tbh I can’t see us paying £15m for him if we’re supposedly paying £12-15m for this Payet fella

  8. Quite right Iron, 18 goals for any side is a good season, but for QPR?! and they say QPR fans dont rate him, when did we last have a player on 18 goals? Hes got to be a decent player on those stats.

    • Rangers fans rate him.My neighbour is a Rangers fan,he will be gutted when he leaves QPR.Really aint got a clue who these Hoops fans are John knows,lol 😉

  9. Lol,seems to be alot of wind terms these days.Canchaz is the star though.He loves his ‘whistling in the wind’ term.Soon it will be legendary on here 😀

  10. I think he;s a good signing. He’s one of those players who always seems to get himself in the right position like Tony Cottee and Pop Robson did. We need a poacher like him.

  11. Get Austin in,would be a quality signing imho.As people said,any guy who can score 18 in the prem is worth his weight in gold & from what i saw of him he has a goalscorers knack.He wont just be a one season wonder.If it stops us relying so much on Carrolls availablity it can only be a positve 😉

  12. Guys trust me, Austin and Jenks are not the signings that will bring us top 10…

  13. Sign him!!Austin in!!Send the broken Barbie Doll back to Newcastle!!

  14. I think it would be a great signing but as some of you said, 15M? Really?

  15. Charlie adam, Rickie lambert, Michu, Benjani, Roque Santa Cruz, Andy Johnson, Grant Holt, Stephen Ireland, Kevin Doyle. All had great first seasons, but that was it. All one season wonders. I’m worried Austin could be the same.

  16. At last someone with a little realism thanks Dusty85….

  17. Just coz one person agrees with you doesnt make it right!!You are assuming!!As Canchaz says’you are whistling in the wind’!!Austin has scored evertwhere he has been regularly!! Too much guess work!!Not enough knowledge or facts!!

    • I definitely don’t remember agreeing with johnham1, I’m just a bit apprehensive, people can get carried away as soon as someone has one good season at top level. If you go for Austin you have to make sure the cost to risk ratio is right. 6-7mill with performance add ons. If he flops it was a 6-7mill risk worth taking, if he succeeds it will be 10mill well spent

  18. How in the name of all things fuxk worthy can you put up a list of seven or eight players over ten plus years compared to the hundreds or thousands who have p!ayed in the top flight to try to put a balanced arguement about Austin not being a prolific goalscorer again next year.It is one of the most illogical cats c*ck things i have ever read,lol 😉

    • Haha that is my favourite saying of the day,this site has more animal references than David Attenborough’s diary lol

    • I’m not saying he won’t be successful I’m just not fully convinced yet, not £15mill convinced. I would take a risk at £6-7mill, with maybe add ons based on performance. Sometimes people get a little carried away.

      • Dont think people get carried away.It is just how the market is.Fulham got mugged for 13m for McCormack in The Championship,we got mugged for 16/18m for Carroll who has only ever averaged a goal every 3 games roughly.Everton got mugged for 28m for Lukaku who scored 10 league goals last season.Its all relative.£15m doesnt buy you much anymore with regard to goal scorers.Chelsea want similiar for Remy,a bloody bench sitter & injury prone 😉

  19. Austin is £15M (I’m not going down the $6M road again) because he’s English but he’s taken his opportunity in the PL so the alternative would be an import who like every single transfer is a gamble. If we get him I think he’ll do well.

  20. Talksport just said he is joining today — interesting

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