Beware Newcastle – although they aren’t a good team

TCotteeTony Cottee has warned the Irons they will need to be on their game on Sunday at Newcastle if they are not to “get walloped.”

Writing in his column on London24.com he claims this really is not the game we would have wanted to end our season.

He said: Fifty thousand Geordies and them with something to play for. If Hull City lose, then Newcastle will be safe, but they will not be looking to rely on that and have to concentrate on getting the result they need on the final day.”

He added that the Irons will have to match their concentration. We can’t play it like a testimonial game because we will get walloped. They are not a good team and they are lacking in belief at the moment, so we

Cottee – a regular supporter of manager Sam Allardyce – refuses to make predictions on his future preferring instead to use the worst cliche in football: “Be careful what you wish for!”


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14 comments on “Beware Newcastle – although they aren’t a good team

  1. ahahah…. noooooooooooo! Cotte too… “Be careful what you wish for!”… lol Mr Cottee (one of those so called “experts”) some months ago predicted 60 points at the end of this season… we should listen to him this time too… he doesn’t make mistakes… lol

  2. Mr 60 points using canchaz words,who cares what happens against Newcastle I don’t,
    Just interested in 1 thing and it’s not what spoonie is singing in hid padded cell or what Kevin is doing with grandad,
    Cottee if you are a pundit get off the fence and say the words we all know you want to say but are scared we won’t for get,
    BFS should get another contract, said it for you Cottee now go and sit in your bunker and forget everything you learnt and stood for when you were at our club,

  3. Lmao,used to love TC as a player but he has splinters in his arse when it comes to being a pundit.He said give Hippo a new two year contract in Feb & we would reach 60+ pts.Enough said,all you need to know about TC the expert pundit.

  4. Geezer must play golf with Sammy Baby,doesnt want to spoil their love!

  5. Some of those geezers on Wetpants make my eyeballs bleed when i see them say give Hippo a new contract.Starting to think Cottee is one of them.Whats your name on there TC? Come on dont be shy? 😀

  6. Tell me about it fella.Especially the guy who pitches up on every post giving his expert opinion on every damn thing.The walking,talking West Ham manager,chairman & super fan,lol

  7. TC was a great player for us,loved his partnership with Frankie Mac,but im afraid i dont like him as a pundit,he is a little bleh,watered down opinions,splinter butt,lol,as for Newcastle being dangerous,they shouldnt be,but im sure we will make them look like a top 6 team on Sunday 😉

  8. TC could be spoonie ? Nah
    T C could be Bellend ? Nah
    T C could be Conkerpot ? More like it but even Conkerpot never sat on the fence Nah
    T C be a man even nobheads like Savage speak there mind,
    We will still love you if we don’t agree, we have changed we are Hugh,s happy band of fans
    C and H happy hammers

  9. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ & **** your collective pants because we might play in europe & that will mean relegation.Just love the fortune tellers on there,TC must be hiding amongst the doom merchants somewhere 😉

  10. Lol,TC,bless his cottons,he is a ‘becareful what you wish for’ kind of geezer i think,Mr.Likeable,doesnt want to rock any boats.He is a boring pundit,good for sending you to sleep of an evening when on Sky Sports Soccer shows 😉

  11. Just leave all this conjecture to wpants.They seem content to go round & round in circles talking about the same crap everyday.Getting their statistic files out.Go outside,enjoy the sun boys.They have it all under control 😀

  12. Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!

  13. Spoonies Spuds Army!

  14. Who left the door open again ?
    Is he another of BFS back room staff the dressing room cleaner ?
    If so he better go or he will miss the last bus leaving for ?

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