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Bids galore APPARENTLY …and it came down to this!

Craig Dawson is very nearly a Hammer but one has to wonder what has led us to this point.

The Watford centre-back is en route to sign for the Irons and he’ll be joining for a fee of around £3m.

He’ll be the fourth-choice centre-back in David Moyes’ squad and one assumes that he won’t be playing all that much.

After all, this is a player who has barely had a look-in in the Championship this season and has been relegated twice in his career. He’s 30.

This is not the dynamic defender to come in and improve not only the squad but also the starting XI.

James Tarkowski could have been that player. The Burnley centre-back was heavily linked with the club and the interest was real.

A deal couldn’t be negotiated, though, as the fee was beyond the Hammers’ reach. Burnley wanted £50m. Leicester also found the asking price to big a hurdle to overcome.

Then there was the Duje Caleta-Car debacle. A fee was agreed with Marseille, a club preparing to play Champions League football this season. He didn’t want to come.

Wesley Fofana moved to Leicester despite an approach from the Irons.

And so we land on Dawson. He’s approaching the wrong end of his career and has shown in the past that he really doesn’t have all that much to offer in the top-flight.

Of course, one has to say that the Hammers are limited in the sense that they can only sign a player from the lower-leagues before the deadline.

But how on earth did it come to this!

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23 comments on “Bids galore APPARENTLY …and it came down to this!

  1. I imagine it came to this after two clean sheets against two normally high scoring opponents.

  2. Not happy at all with this, I make him 5th choice CB if we’re playing three at the back, so like you I can’t see him playing much at all, he won’t/ shouldn’t even make the bench. Unless we could have brought in an improvement on what we already have (we haven’t) then surely it’s time to give that experience to the likes of Alese and Baptiste from the academy

  3. it doesnt have to come to this we can wait till jan window and buy a younger cb with more to offer its only 10 weeks away
    i agree we need probably 2 cb in view of our current age average in that position but a 30 yr old is not the answer

    • Winston Reid was the option all day long. Better than Dawson. He could be back in December.

      • Winston Reid playing regularly full 90 mins in the MLS and scored the other day; still has a squad number in West Ham set up so hopefully will be back with us at end of the year. Dawson is surely only short term cover and doesnt take up very much transfer kitty. Gives us time to develop Alesse and go back in for a young CB in January. spend the rest of the kitty on strengthening our attack. Sounds very sensible to me!

  4. Stop gap only just in case of problems before Jan.
    Sensible in the circumstances as quite a few clubs are after centre backs.

  5. Its come to this because the owners haven’t got the resources to complete with other teams, why we have been affected more than other clubs due to covid still hasn’t been properly explained.

  6. He’s an inexpensive experienced backup for centre-half, and he’s a threat from set-pieces. Not a bad purchase at all.

  7. Seems fair enough. If we’re playing three at the back then we definitely need at least two centrebacks as cover for injuries. I remember a time when ginge, Gabbidon and Reid and Tomkins were all injured.

  8. its not a good look is it. to go from a 30-40m defender who is interesting many such as man utd and leicester to a 3m defender who is only interesting dave sullivan’s bank balance perfectly distils west ham as a club 2010-2020. what do you want dave? a bargain basement team in a concrete bowl or a “world class team in a world class stadium”?

  9. Hopefully he is just an insurance policy until we can get a quality centre back in one of the next transfer windows. Hopefully we will be able to move him on without losing too much money on him. I think we are in danger of over reacting. I wanted Tarkowski but not at £50M.

  10. Can anyone explain how Spurs can get £175m Covid loan,despite being owned by a non-UK taxpayer (Levy) and then blow us out of the water on transfers including outbidding us for Rodon who would be a much better bet?

  11. 5 year contract for 2nd rate relegator CB is it?
    Who is his agent btw?

    At least Sullivan has improved since the world class team in a world class stadium, Roger Johnson days.

  12. One word. Two syllables. Salthouse.

  13. Coming to the training ground “Dawson’s Creek”?

  14. Just looked, apparently he’s right-footed, wouldn’t a left footed CB make more sense?

  15. Agree with Stubbo and would add Sullivan to Salthouse.

  16. We need back-up given our injury history . He can’t be as bad as some fans are tending to suggest . Watford aren’t where they are because of one player . That’s unfair . Not too old to improve either under the right tutoring . He will want to impress & for 3mill it seems a good deal IMO . The more options we have , the better . Give him a chance before judging him so harshly . That’s happened all too frequently to loads of our players that are currently proving their doubters wrong . We certainly won’t be breaking any fair play rules .

  17. Got to agree hugh…just awful mate ..no one to blame but ourselves though ,when you talk about only being able to buy from championship..thats what happens when you mess around trying to do business late in the window..its the thing that infuriates me the most ,no time to do anything when deals break down ,,totally pointless..

  18. Simple answer – the owners and to a lesser extent, the manager.
    They spent too long going after players we couldn’t afford and made stupid offers for others.
    At this moment in time, the defence should be the priority. But we are spending big money where we don’t necessarily need to, leaving us shopping in the bargain basement for where we do need to strengthen.
    Benrahma, if he signs, could turn out to be a great buy. But it seems like the owners are just trying to appease us fans in buying him.
    Instead of wasting money on signing Dawson, I would rather us concentrate on involving the youngsters more with the first team.
    Unfortunately, all the while we have Tweedledum & Tweedledee as owners, we are never going to be challenging for Europe. They just don’t have the finances or the know how to take us to that level.

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