Bielsea – Here’s what Irons may get!

Bielsa (1)Argentinian Marcelo Bielsa may be something of a mystery man to many Hammers fans. 

The Marseilles boss has been a runner as next boss since it began to look likely  Upton Park may have a new man at the helm next season.

So here in a special feature we look at the Marseilles boss – a man of whom Pep Guardiola said three years ago: “He’s the best manager in world football.”

By Staff Reporter

Marcelo Bielsa isn’t your typical manager. Intense and fiercely intelligent, Bielsa has earned the nickname ‘El Loco’ throughout his career, but doesn’t fit the usual PL stereotype.

In fact, it could be argued that he is – for example – Sam Allardyce’s very antithesis. A burly, stocky defender, Bielsa retired at the age of 25 after playing for Newell’s Old Boys, Instituto and Argentino de Rosario, and subsequently qualified as a PE teacher.

Shortly after, he became Newell’s manager and, so, in 1990, his managerial odyssey began.

Known by many names, Bielsa is a very ‘hipster’ coach. Take a stroll into any press room in any country in the world and you can guarantee that a style invoking a “high press” will be referred to as ‘Bielsa-inspired’. He is meticulous. He is obsessive. And he has a ferocious will to win.

While at Athletic Bilbao, Bielsa famously drenched certain areas of the pitch in order to prevent Barcelona from playing their tiki-taka quite so effectively. Yet he employs a stunning tactical rigidity.

Whilst at Bilbao, he simply refused to change his system even when Javi Martinez was injured. A keen advocate of a three-man defence – involving a ‘free’ defender, who is able to drop into the heart of the backline depending on how many attackers the opposition have on the pitch – he simply drafted in a less able replacement instead of refining his gameplan.

Yet he is incredibly attacking. While with the Chile national team, Bielsa devised a 3-3-1-3 system, which demanded excellence and unwavering discipline from his players. Alexis Sanchez was the jewel in his particular crown there, as Chile attacked with a swarm-like philosophy, with and without the ball.

He has been known to employ spies to peek on opposition tactics; has been spotted by his players trawling through the local countryside seeking out undiscovered talent that may have escaped the attention of his usual scouting networks, and has also been known to draw on players’ boots during training sessions in an attempt to show them exactly how the ball should be played.

West Ham will have never seen anything quite like it.

He plans for every eventuality, drafts every potential substitution and immerses himself completely in match preparation. Nothing is left to chance. If something goes wrong, the chances are that the players simply weren’t carrying out his instructions properly.

Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola called him “the best manager in the world” in 2012. High praise, but well earned. He has not won a domestic trophy since 1998 but he is a man with a clear philosophy. Whereas others – Louis van Gaal is one – merely speak of their “philosophies”, Bielsa implements his and gets results.

Of course, it will mean an alteration to the way things are done in east London if he is to get the job. It cannot be forgotten that Marseille are third in Ligue 1 under Bielsa’s guidance and sit just two points behind leaders Paris Saint-Germain – he may yet win the French title before heading to England.

But there will be adjustments. If he is to implement his 3-3-1-3 system, players will be shifted; the likes of James Collins, Joey O’Brien, Kevin Nolan, Carlton Cole and, just perhaps, Andy Carroll may well become obsolete.

Collins and O’Brien simply won’t cut the mustard, while Nolan is a mere water-carrier – a midfielder constantly scurrying around looking to regain the possession he has lost. Cole isn’t good enough and, well, Carroll simply isn’t as dynamic as either Diafra Sakho or Enner Valencia.

The latter two would thrive under the Argentine – their pacey, skilful styles meshing perfectly with Bielsa’s versatility-inspired formation.

Somewhat ironically, Alex Song would fit perfectly into the team, as the midfield three play high but without the normal brief to attack. The j
ob is to win the ball and recycle possession quickly – something Song has had to do at the very highest level with both Arsenal and Barcelona. Bielsa will want to keep him.

But don’t expect instant results. Bielsa’s methods often take time to adjust to, and results tend not to set the world alight within weeks of his appointment, while he has to work the players to the bone as he attempts to drum in his modus operandi.

Training sessions are hard, and he is known to blow a gasket even in the simplest drills if things do not go just as he had planned. But once it clicks – and it always does – then quite sparkling football tends to follow.

See Athletic Bilbao’s Europa League journey in 2012 for evidence; the La Liga side reached the final – though they lost to Atletico Madrid – and outclassed Manchester United, both at home and away, en route.

West Ham fans often talk of ‘The West Ham Way’. The ‘Bielsa Way’ may not be too far off.



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122 comments on “Bielsea – Here’s what Irons may get!

  1. I worry he might get us relegated,he seems to have a very indifferent management record.I think it is far better to keep Samuel Allardyce,as we need the stabilty he brings heading to the OS.I think any new manager would surely take us down.Sam is the only man to keep us in the Prem next season 😀

  2. **** off Sam alladyche, using tysonM as your alias, Does anyone actually believe, only one man can keep WestHam in the premier league,
    How comes chelsea have not been relegated, they change managers like my wife changes her shoes, with the quality of players we have here now that Sullivan has stopped fatsam buying ****e, and knowing what we the fans class as quality westham style type players, things look on the up, accept fatsams tactics, why is it Downing has been shoved out on the wing again, ? To compliment Nolan, when Downing was at the heart of the diamond things were working good, but fatsams stubborn arrogance just to appease K nolan, shows his real weakness, to make strong chioices. For the benefit of the team,….that’s fatsams weakness, and I’m glad he made these mistakes, as its time for him to go, certain managers suit certain clubs, and Bfs is more suited to MIllwall,

    • Hahaha,calm down geezer.I was being sarcastic,i cant stand Allardyce 😉

    • Chelsea,your having a Turkish,with all there millions,my grandmother could keep them in the prem,she’s dead.
      big Sams claret and blue army!!

  3. Sounds like exactly what this club needs. Clear out the baggage and keep the quality, and if he can make this team play until the final whistle instead of having one foot already in the shower with fifteen minutes left, then it will be a total success.

  4. When can he start #SamOutNOW! would love El Loco as a Hammer

  5. He is exactly what we need… Bielsa is the sophisticated dinosaur’s nemesis.

  6. On a more serious note lol :

    ‘ Whereas others – Louis van Gaal is one – merely speak of their “philosophies”, Bielsa implements his and gets results ‘ …. but
    ‘ He has not won a domestic trophy since 1998 ‘.
    …. so he doesn’t get too many results then.
    On the testimony above, could we look a bit longer then? lol

    • Well he was managing Argentina & Chile between 98-2011.Bit difficult to win a domestic or european title while doing that dafishes.Do some homework 😉

      • Yes I know . I too was only being sarcastic, but it remains then that he has no record of club management to speak of.

  7. I suppose a complete beginner is not taking too much risk with our future at this vital moment

    • A complete beginner,haha,are you having a laugh.Go back to your spurs forum Dafishes,they are missing you 😀

  8. He took Athelitic Bilbao to the europa league final & the copa del ray in spain in 2012.But yeah he has no domestic experience fishes,you are right,ffs 😉

  9. This bloke has ‘South American Egil Olsen’ written right through him. ‘Yet he employs a stunning tactical rigidity.’ I thought that was the reason ‘everyone’ wants Allardyce out! Ha ha! Three at the back has never really worked in the Prem. Just ask LGV. Nah, it’s a fancy foreigner with a touch of the ‘exotic’. A bit like Avram Grant if you like. Remember, even he took Chelsea to a Champions League final only to lose on penalties but even that wasn’t preparation enough to successfully manage a club like West Ham…

    • Three at the back is working for Liverpool right now. You just need the right players. People said the same about Rafa Benitez’s Zonal Marking but that Liverpool defence conceded fewer goals than most, just that they had Cisse and Baros up front.

  10. What do they say dafishes,a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.Think you should read up a bit about someone before calling them inexperienced.I know your love of Sam knows no bounds but sometimes it isnt good to be so blinkered 😀

    • sorry modern. I don’t get your point

      • Its quite easy to understand his point.He is saying you come on here slagging Bielsa because of your love for Sam when you are clearly clueless about Bielsa,otherwise you wouldnt have said about him not winning things.But then pretending you were just being sarcastic,lol.Do you need lessons in english as well as bielsas management history 😀

        • Like I said I do know enough about Bielsabub,. He’s been in management for over 20 years, but only 5 meaningful years. He did do well getting Bilbao to two cup finals, but why was he not hired by other top clubs earlier if he is so fantastic. It’s bwcause he isn’t so fantastic.
          By the way it’s easy being sarcastic with you lot. You get so emotional and insultin lol

  11. I think the real problem would be him changin the formation for an experiment. It might sound brave but new formations have come and gone and that one would cause havoc in our first team let alone our second team players mentioned above.
    Of course the free defender is a very old formation, but would it work in the Prem? I don’t want someones experiments.

  12. You are just scared of change dafishes.You are so set in your Samasaurus ways you see no way forward unless it is with your idol 😀

    • if you sayso

      • Well you are blind dafishes,why the hell should Allardyce be the only one to manage us successfully,it is bs.Bielsa is a world known excellant manager.You just wont see anyone else as west ham manager because you cant see past Sam.

        • obviously Tys u didn’t read this one:
          Like I said I do know enough about Bielsabub,. He’s been in management for over 20 years, but only 5 meaningful years. He did do well getting Bilbao to two cup finals, but why was he not hired by other top clubs earlier if he is so fantastic. It’s bwcause he isn’t so fantastic.
          By the way it’s easy being sarcastic with you lot. You get so emotional and insultin lol

    • As Tyson correctly pointed out,we need a nice stable seaon,give Mr Alladyce two more years,then we can talk about a different manager.(if sam doesn’t want two more).

  13. First I have never been an Alladice supporter; only a true West Ham supporter.
    Your obsession with hating Sam makes anyone who doesn’t agree with you a Sam lover. poor you

    • Well you do a damn good job of always finding obstacles to stop anyone else taking Sams job.It is like Sam is the only guy who can manage us or keep us up.Its ridiculous.I dont hate Sam,i hate his way of playing football,it is dreadful & always has been.

  14. Sam is history,you fans of his need to get your heads round this,have your time of mourning & move on.Bielsa is a highly rated manager.Guardiola thinks he is superb,but i will take your expert comments on here about his lack of credentials over a champions league winning manager!

  15. If El Loco takes time to settle give him the job NOW we don’t need or want BFS for the rest of the season

  16. A complete beginner… I just want to say one thing to BFS’s lovers. Put your nose out of your country and ask a European “What is your opinion about Sir Lord King Master Emperor Samuel Allardyce?” He would reply” Allardyce who?”.

    • Well people dont know anyone else unless they have managed in the Prem.Someone like Bielsa might as well be an alien as far as they are concerned 😀

    • Calm down Matte. I’ve lived the last 21 years outside of my country, working for 6 international companies in three different countries, so I get a pretty good idea of what they think over here.
      u r all too obsessed with hatin Sam to see the trees.

      • Beleive me, I love your country, but you are obsessed with Allardyce, not me.

      • Damn,it is nothing to do with hating Sam,it is hating his style of football,his whole philosphy.You believe people hate him,it is not that at all.But just because a new manager comes in doesnt mean we suddenly plummet out of the Premiership,that is just rubbish.

        • and just because I don’t agree with some of these managers who are being touted does not mean I am a Sam lover. As I said be fore and repeat this is noyt the time to experiment.

  17. This really excites me and has done since his name was first put in the frame. Tim Vickery wrote a very good article about him on the BBC sport website a year ago and made it clear he’s going places. Bring it on. He’s the nearest to Ron Greenwood and John Lyall we will have had !

  18. Of course it doesn’t have to be an experiment, but Bieslabub would be. Give me a manager with peoven experience in a top league or outstanding record in a lesser league, but not just a limited exposure, or and experimental system. In 2 – 3 years I would like to be more adventurous, but no is not the time to take chances. Having said that ( again ) , I would support what ever the chairmen decide because thay have done miracles so far.

  19. Ffs,the guy managed Argentina for 5yrs,youre no mug to do that are you.

    • managing a country and managing 24/7 a football club are two different things. The pressures are different, and the stresses of club football are far greater than national teams. Think of the players he could pick for Argentina. He didn’t have to scout them or sign them. He didn’t have to nurture them through their careers. He could pick and choose.

      • If you read about to the guy he is ment to be one of the biggest believers in doing much of his scouting himself.As ty said,learn a little about the guy before being so dismissive of him 😉

  20. Listen guys,he probably wont come to The Irons anyway.But the fact is he is one of the worlds most respected managers in the game.whatever you read or hear about him as a boss is nothing but positive.It isnt whether he is good enough for us,that is a given & anyone who doubts is should stick to watching cricket or basketball.I am happy to keep sam or get rid of him,but Bielsa is a top boss,that isnt even a question to be disputed.

  21. He was at Athletico Bilbao for 2 years . How many of those players did he sign? How much of that team did he inherit? The same with Marseille. I don’t know. Do you?
    We just don’t how good he is. We are just hoping for a knight in shining armor. That would be nice but this is the real world so I’ll wait for a manager that I could trust.

  22. Pep Guardiola said he is one of the best managers in the world.I guess he doesnt know anything about management does he,lol,you are just being stubborn fishes 😀

    • Tys Mourihno said carlton cole was the best thing since sliced bread, when he was a kid at Chelsea. He said the same about Frank Nouble.
      I have lots of time for carlton cole, but the clevest minds can be wrong

  23. but don’t mis-quote me. I didn’t say Pep is wrong lol

    • Haha,oh come on,mourinho was on about two kids who had potential.Guardiola is talking about a manager of 25yrs experience,not a 35yr old like Gary Monk 😉

  24. A manager that you can trust? Dont really know what a manager you can trust is.A stereotypical boring do it by the books type i guess.Best we wait for someone sleppinwithdafishes trusts then.

    • thanks for your loyal support chicky. much appreciated.
      but actually for me he would have to be a big improvement on Samm and would have to be someone who could take us to another level performanwise and resultswise. or we stay with Sam.

      • No one should have to suffer 5yrs of Sams football,it is the type of football that leads to the early onset of hypersomnia 😉

        • lol it’s an hour later here but I like a good discussion about football

          • Haha,youre screwed now anyway,i just had four numbers in the lottery tonight,£124.Im going to buy The Irons with it & install Bielsa.Allardyce is history,lol 😀

  25. sleepswithdafishes this is where we’re not really communicating: do you think Bielsa is not a manager wth proven experience in a top league? Liga is enough for you? Well: with Athletic Bilbao (not Real Madrid or Barcelona) reached the Europa League Final (knocking out of the tournament Man Utd) and the Copa del Rey final. With Newell’s Old Boys and Velez he won 3 Argentine Championships. With Argentine national team U23 he won an Olympic Games gold medal. Now he is the Olympic Marseille’s manager and he’s third in Ligue 1. Do you think we can stay in PL with him? Maybe Samuel the Great is better… you’re right.

    • Every footballer from south america knows that he is taking an enormous step upwards whaen he comes to European football. It’s obviously the same with the managers. Some of them do very well, but they don’t prove themselves until they come here.
      Like I said earlier Bielsabub did well to get Bilbao to 2 cup finals in I think 1 year.
      I just looked on wiki to see why he didn’t stay there longer, and he was not offered a new contract. ( something to do with contract problems with 2 of his best players )

  26. Ok, I give up: please Davids, give Samuel the Great a new contract now: not 2, not 3, 10 years, without him we have no future. Please Davids, please!

  27. It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate Allardyce,it’s all about the money.
    do you honestly think the owners are going to change things with the o.s. coming up and the hundreds of millions in t.v deals on the line in the prem,dont be dolly dimple,would you!!

    • Well they will do because they dont have fear in their souls like you lot.They dont have the doom & gloom that we will go down without Dudley The Dinosaur 😉

      • I tell you what they do have and that is about 120,000 auid invested in this club, so no they won’t want to make another mistake. Thats why I trust them.
        And yes its all about money sad to say. We can’t afford to risk a plunge down the table. We need to get in the stadium where we can get 15 mil more per year to give us a squad for the top 6. Then we can take a few more chances.

  28. 120,000,000 sorry insomnia running out

  29. Oh dear dafishes,you are obsessed with us plunging down the table if we get a new manager.Dont panic,it wont happen 😉

    • zola grant roeder they all had a good go at it. with some sucess if I remember. but it should be a lot more difficult next season if we do get 5 or 6 more quality players. In fact with that it should be easier to stay in the top 6 whoever the manager is but no point taking chances yet.

  30. Has it never crossed your mind sleepin that a new manager might actual improve us & take us higher in the league,heaven forbid there might be someone out there better than Allardyce.

    • I refer you to my earlier posts

      • sleepswithdafishes April 1, 2015 at 10:27 pm Reply

        there you are I found one for you:

        ” but actually for me he would have to be a big improvement on Samm and would have to be someone who could take us to another level performanwise and resultswise. or we stay with Sam. “

  31. Its official dafishes,you are a glass half empty type of geezer,pessimism on full throttle 😀

    • lol I am in fact the eternal optimist which is why I am very relaxed about Sam and the ability of the chairmen to make the right decision if they decide to let him go.

  32. of course I wish someone on here would give me a valid argument supporting one of these great managers we all talk about, but I hvae not been convinced by most of them.

  33. All is well that ends well, now we can sleep peacefully. Now we know world doesn’t end without Samuel.

  34. just noticed bielsabub is 60 hardly up and comin manager. he’s nearly as old as me lol

    ok I been to the gym today so my insommnia has run out.

    time for bed

  35. I noticed that sleepwithdafishes managed to only mention a contract dispute with two players as his reference to Bielsa from Wikepidia.Must have been the part he could use to dismissm him as a prospective manager.In the duty of being fair this was also on there.A positive,not just the negative chosen by sleepin!
    Former Athletic Bilbao striker Fernando Llorente said in an interview, “At first he seems tough and he may even annoy you with his persistence and don’t-take-no-for-an-answer resilience, but in the end he is a genius.” [29] Current Bayern Munich and former Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola called him the “best manager in the world” in 2012.

  36. Haha,yeah & the two contract disputes where with bibao anyway.The two that left now play for Bayern & Juventus & were angling for a move.Good old dafishes,he trawled hard to find a negative about Bielsa 😉

    • tys wake up its coffee time. look back on my posts to see what I really said

      • Haha,i just finished one actually,lol,dont take it so seriously Sleepyfish,it is just banter.As i have said before i cant stand Allardyces football but my life will not change if he stays.It is just football not a civil war 😀

  37. Id take him any day.. we are coming up to the final season in the Boleyn and I dont want it played out to boring drab football, Bielsea would be a massive improvement

    Someone mentioned earlier about a possible slide down the league.. well have they not been looking since Christmas ? we had a fantastic start to the season because Sam’s boys were all out injured (nolan, carroll, jarvis, job) and we shot off to the best Prem start in our history more by luck than judgement .. since his boys have returned Sam has overseen a relegation style nosedive of epic proportions, lets all thank the lord that his boys were not available at the start of the season or we would be going down. Last season was awful and this season would have been disaster but for a stroke of luck at the beginning. I think Sam has lost whatever magic he may have once had

    Time for a new broom to clear out the mess thats cluttering up our squad & Bielsea would be a huge improvement and a breath of fresh air. His playing style is much more exciting and attacking than we have had to endure of late and he would bring some pride back to the club

    Will he come.. thats the big question. His wages wouldnt appear to be a problem as he is not even on the list of the worlds top 30 paid managers that famously puts our Sam 13th, the 30th placed manager is del Bosque, Spain, £1.96m – a whole £1m behind Sam. The new stadium alongside the Premier League should be quite tempting so I would imagine just his transfer budget is a possible issue .. what with FFP holding us back.

    Like i said, Id take him any day BUT would he take us ?

  38. Lol great job with this bielsa madman. I think some of these april fools were hook line and sinker. Who is going to be our manager next week i wonder. I reckon its going to swing back to moyes, or benitez at some point. Maybe right back to last years favourites, martinez, gus poyet, malky mackay. Could still go back to bilic though, or maybe theres a new name in the frame? sorry sam youll have to go back tto managing bolton. If you want to stay in london its qpr or milwall im afraid. Youve done a great job but were sacking you anyway.

    • haha,you really just cant handle the fact that your hero isnt universally loved can you dafishes.Just relax,not everyone can appreciate your idol like you do,lol 😀

    • Btw dafishes,i was curious.You preach about Sam but as a guy who has worked abroad & still maybe is living abroad i guess you dont have a season ticket.Assuming you havnt then maybe you would appreciate more some of the sterile,negative football that we endure regularly when at the ground.Football we pay hard earned cash to watch.Maybe it is easier to look from a distance & praise Sam when not investing some of your bread into following The Irons.If you went to most matches i think you woukd probably deaire a little more for your money when it comes to entertainment for your money.

      • more inaccuracies Tys oh dear. you wont get me preachin about any manager. I leave that to you.
        Yes I watch every game home and away on the internet. After watching 600 live games, I know what I’m looking at on tv even with the sound down. I don’t need anyone to tell me what I’m seeing unlike most people on here lol

    • almost all of those names you just mentioned would be an improvement to Fatty & if you think he has done a ‘GREAT’ job you must be mad or high… even the promotion season was a joke.. We should have won that league by a clear margin as we were the biggest club with the best players and highest wage bill along with the biggest and best support, yet he scrapes us up via the play offs in a final we could have easily lost

  39. ahahah….Have a little faith, Lifesso. I know it’s gonna be hard for you to accept this possibility and life doesn’t make any sense without your guru, but I really think you need to start accepting that at end of the season Samuel will probably get a foot in the a**, and he’ll be out the door. Don’t worry, life goes on.

  40. Quite a heated discussion, a lot of personal attacks on DaFishes but he is just saying what we all know, the David’s are unlikely to risk anything with so much money wrapped up in the club and will probably give SA a two year extension. Yes the majority would like to see better football but it doesn’t matter what we want, we don’t make the decisions the David’s do and I would imagine they are happy enough with upper mid table finishes until we get in the OS.

    • big mistake fan . having a reasonable view of things makes u a Sam worshiper lol

      • Haha,personal attacks,lol,its just a bit of fun.Get over yourself,no one is going to punch eachother are they.Jeez,dont take it so seriously,pros & anti just wind eachother up,its nothing personal 😀

        • agreed

        • I know Tyson but it seems like anyone posting on this site is labelled a Sam Lover unless they demand Sam out, I am for sure not a Sam lover but I don’t want to see us descend into employing another Avram just to get rid of him and also I recognise the good he has done for the club even if I am at odds with his footballing philosophy. More importantly to me anyway, its boring to see every post descend into the same pattern and I would imagine it puts people off posting. Not saying there is anything wrong with some banter but when it is repetitive it gets boring and it is mostly the same few posters each time, can’t believe the site has only a handful of active members ?

          • As i said before,lighten up.Im sure that grown men & women are not scared to post on a site because people might not agree with them & have a bit of a wind up.As for repetitive posts,well if you only want more people who agree with you on here i cant do much about that.Maybe you should create many accounts to agree with yourself 😀

          • Blimey 32,as i have said before i am neither pro or against Sam but the guys are only having a laugh.Do you really think most of them are so serious about Sam going.They are just have a wind up.If you fall for it it is hardly their fault.I would hate to think what how you would be like on a building site.You would be running to the foreman crying after 10mins.People have far more fiery discussions anout football in pubs everyday.No one is being abusive about other peoples family or swearing at them.Its all just humourous.Take it for what it is,just some leg pulling & winding up.I dont give a damn if they try to wind me up or disagree.Its not important in the scheme of things.Have a cocoa & lay down.

      • I know I try to be open minded but I stuck in a box from the David’s shops with an inflatable Sam Lover doll inside hey ho 😉

    • actuallt Fan I do think the chances are that he will be given a 2 year extensionm especially now Moyes is out of the picture. Only difference being they will lay the law down in his new contract about recruitment etc. That means he might not accept it

  41. Thats right tyson is very personable. Since when did he get personal and try and insult or ridicule someone with a different view? 🙂

  42. for the love of good its just a forum for chat lifeissobeautiful.If you cant understand people are not serious & just revving eachother up you shouldnt be here.Talk about a sense of humour failure!

  43. Seems to me from reading your comment earlier on the hurst article it is fine for you to say people lack common sense or intelligence but then you get precious because some might be insulting to you in your opinion.Pot & Kettle spring to mind!

    • I know,it made me laugh.Lifeisso complains about people being insulting then says people who dont agree with hurst or his thoughts lack intelligence & common sense,lol,yeah thats not insulting at all is it 😀

  44. Important to remember the control on signings will be relaxed when he is gone. Introduced because of Maiga, Diarra, Jarvis disasters. Then of course there’s the Carroll situation. So brilliant in the market that Allardyce!!!!!

  45. I was joking with tyson stingray. He is a good sport and can take it im sure. 🙂 note the smiley. It means i was joking.

  46. ahahha… Sam lovers say “We trust in the owners and we’ll accept their decision, but Allardyce is the only sensible solution”.

  47. Have you all listened to the latest kumb podcast? Its a good one. Well worth a listen.

  48. Yeah,basically saying we trust you to do the right thing for West Ham but if you get rid of Sam your idiots,lol 😀

  49. Always someone else who takes offence eh tyson? not us. 🙂

  50. It’s a mathematical formula, transitivity: if “Sam haters” are called clueless, and Davids expel Allardyce = Davids are clueless

  51. Youre not wrong.
    mattefume69 means maths formula number 69 in italian right?

  52. ahahah… no Matte in my name (Matteo), Fumi (in honor of Valentino Rossi, at the start of his professional career his nickname was “Rossifumi”) and 69 in my favourite number…

    But you can also read it as ” Even if I had to spend 69 years of my life, I will aways say: BFS OUT” 😉

  53. Ah yes. Rossi. 1982 world cup wasnt it? i watched the final on television in a hotel in alassio, italy. Happy days. You shouldnt be so hasty in your decision to oust sam though, i mean, what would us fans have left to talk about? 🙂 sullivan would regret bielsa by the way. He spent much of his time last year publicly slamming the president of marseille vincent labrune for his transfer dealings and complaing about not getting any of the players he asked for. If you was sullivan would you really want a loose cannon in charge of your football club?

    • Sorry,i have joined this site.But do most managers not moan about transfers,often publicly.Has Sullivan & Allardyce not been at odds with eachother publicly this season over who aquired who.Is Allardyce not qualified as a loose cannon as well for this?

  54. Valentino Rossi is a motorbiker, Paolo Rossi is a football player.

  55. Personally if Allardyce stays,its fine,we just get on with it.But it seems a little fickle to be trying to find reasons not to bring a certain person to the club.If a manager has the credentials then he should be looked at.No point in looking for the slightest reason to be dismissive of him.Only my thoughts on the matter though.You could find reasons not to employ any manager around if you want to search for a reason.There are just as many reasons not to keep Sam as there are not to employ someone like Bielsa.Just depends which side of the fence you sit on i suppose.

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