Big doubts on striker’s future after injury strikes again


sakhoDiafra Sakho’s back injury has ruled him out of the match against Brighton tomorrow night (Fri) and highlighted the big decision the Hammers have to make over the striker’s future in January.

Whilst ClaretandHugh was assured the player is set to return for ib time for either the Spurs or Southampton games, Sakho has again been feeling pain from the long standing back issue that has plagued him for nearly two seasons.

And it’s that which will be at the forefront of Slaven Bilic’s mind should Rennes return for the Senegal international in the next window.

There have been split opinions  in the club regarding Sakho’s his  Hammers future but it now begins to look that should an offer be made the club are likely to accept it given the re-occurring problems.

Although we were assured the current problem is relatively minor it seem probable given his various setbacks that the player is likely to move on.

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  • kevin says:

    Well that should really bring his career to a close then . If he goes to another club now he should be shunned as a Payet . The only Back problem he has is his Bank Account . He is not a West Ham man , so unless he proves otherwise , up him .
    Bilic is on thin ice now . Nothing except three points against Brighton will be enough .
    And a loss to a Spurs side in the League Cup should seal it .

  • kevin says:

    Gone before or over Christmas .

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Would like to see if a new manager fixed his attitude problem I am sure the back complaints and Bilic are linked, fair play to those who dislike him, hard to disagree he has treated us at least as badly as he perceives the club to have treated him, would be good to see a potent attack force but we seem to be as bad as the Spuds with strikers for the last few seasons.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    You got it spot on 32 lol! He wants out and rightly so IMO ! Bilic is as much to blame as the dildo !!! We could lose our top striker and end up keeping that sack of 💩 Carroll who is the next injury waiting to happen !! Plus ayew the other piece of 💩 ! Its criminal what’s going on at the club and it needs a clear out top to management ! Amatures at work ! 20 + months of dross and bilic is still here doing the same week in week out , not a clue and has let personal issues get in the way of his job , sakho ain’t injured , its a continuous feud that’s been going on and he’s said up yours bilic and I want out to go and play football with a manager who knows how play the game !! We will end up with bilic gone , sakho gone , Adrian gone , hart gone ( please ) and struggling to find a manager that would have the 3 stooges as his bosses! All we want now is lanzini to get a knock and then what ? The clubs a joke , a laughing stock !!! Constantly feeding us bull💩 .😈

    • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

      lol Laz, I am not sure my opinions of the players are quite that bad ;-), I think Carroll is a good player and an assett when used the right way, likewise Ayew was good at Marseille and also at Swansea he hasn’t been so far with us but I hope that is to do with Bilic not getting the best out of him, at least then with the right manager we may have the player we thought we were signing, Arnie has struggled so far also, Sakho I think 50% of the problem is Sakho and 50% Bilic, Hart hasn’t done enough to suggest he should be preferred to Adrian, I honestly believe most of the players would be better with a quality coach/manager rather than Slav time will tell, lets hope I am wrong and we suddenly start playing Champagne football, I watched Wilshere last night for the gooners he actually played really well, he is a sicknote but if we signed him when he is fit he would make a huge difference to our creativity and would find the passes that the Little Pea needs.

  • upton life says:

    This is rubbish. A back injury and he can’t play?? What??

  • jimbo says:

    Reflects more on Sakho than Bilic. If he had a brain he would not be playing games with the club (assuming this is what he is doing and he isn’t genuinely injured). Instead he would turn up, play, score goals and prove to both us and others his true worth. Football careers are all too short and one day he will wake up and realise just how much of his he f***ed up. Just as Payet will.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Nobody knows do they? It could just be that he is really injured! I don’t think he would have pretended to have a bad back when it has involved an operation. He could be pulling a sickie now I agree, but it could be that he would be fitter if he had been played. When he has been put on this season he has scored goals- unlike somebody else. Sack Bilic & get in Dyche while he is available. Or sell Sakho to Rennes in exchange for Ranieri. Or just muddle along & end up with Pardew or Holloway . Yeah that would be the way to go…

  • Hammer64 says:

    Correction! Ranieri is at Nantes not Rennes. Too early in the morning for this lark.

    But Bilic must be one of the longest serving managers now. Which is fine if you are in the Top Ten. If you are scrabbling around in the bottom half it suggests you just don’t know what to do ….

  • djsteves says:

    So even with Carroll suspended and Hernandez carrying a knock there is still no start for Sakho. And now, surprise surprise, he’s “injured”. Players like Payet and Sakho take the mickey because they know Bilic is too soft to do anything about it, his decisions are laughable and they have no respect for his pathetic style of man management. The club are paying in points and players to accommodate this prat.

    Come January we are going to lose Sakho and Adrian yet keep Bilic and Carroll. What a joke. At this point I’d rather have jack Sullivan picking the team.

  • Ronnie says:

    And youre an expert on Bilics man management are you.You know nothing.Only a total ahole would consistently use sites to peddle their bull****!!

    • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

      Like you you ahole !! Iwere all still waiting for you’re insight for bilic and his accomplishments , tactics and what makes him a great manager!
      All you do mug is come on here abusing people,s comments !
      Well were all waiting for you’re bilic assessment 💩 legs ! **** !!!!

      • Hammerkip says:

        The bloke’s pathetic laz I wouldn’t even bother ..I’m feeling **** so can’t be bothered but I think sak found out he wasn’t starting then all this back started.. New manager and youy will see a different animal IMO ….

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