Big doubts over big two

CarrollsakhoWest Ham have accepted there is little chance of the club being able to move Andy Carroll on this summer whilst they have no alternative but to hope Diafra Sakho can truly get himself fit.

The club is frustrated at having two front men on their books who cost over £100k together in wages who have been unable to stay – or get – fit for an extended period.

The club has now accepted that the only remote chance of receiving any return on the Geordie striker would be from China but ClaretandHugh was told there has been no further inquiries about him.

Slaven Bilic is a huge fan of the striker and refuses to give up on him but Sakho’s future currently looks bleak.

For whilst he has been told there is no need for further surgery, his continual breakdowns from the back injury he sustained on international duty are a massive worry.

He needs to play games to get any chance of a move at the end of his contract and will spend the summer on a fitness plan aimed at bring him back in peak condition.


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11 comments on “Big doubts over big two

  1. I still think a reasonably fit Carroll is not a bad option As a sub. If he comes on & changes a few games there might be some interest from a desperate club if the price is right. But carrying the wage bill for these guys is a big issue which obviously limits what else you can do. I suppose it means the most we can hope for is one new striker.

    • I agree Carroll will be an asset from the bench, when fit. The problem we can’t fix is the fact that nobody will buy either and we are stuck with both until their contracts expire. That is for the next 2 years for one and 1 year for the other.
      Either way we need 2 strikers to replace them, so buy 1 loan 1 will do for now. I hope.

  2. I can’t see anyone signing Carroll on the big wages we are paying him and even less chance of us recouping the transfer fee, although its not ideal even if Sakho is on the sidelines it will cost the club £1.4m to lose him, if he isn’t fit at the start of next season it might be worth coming to an agreement to mitigate some of that so he can find a new club and that his mystery illness cost us a bit less or just offer him a free release now. I am sure I am not alone in thinking his mystery illness would disappear if the management had changed.

    • Good plan 32 lets sack Bilic to see if it cures Saks back 😁

  3. Stuck with them lads i think.Who in their right minds will pay anything near what should be their truth worth.The only alternative is to stick them on ebay or gumtree.
    Just what we need a 85k occasional sub.
    Im off to find 64 a Pam Ayres poetry book now on ebay.Forward your details & it will be with you Saturday 64 😂😂

  4. God spare me that! Now that I have remembered the lady I am already having some horrible flashbacks! Don’t forget in those dim distant days there weren’t that many alternative ways to pass your time. If PamAyres was on the box it was probably her or the Generation Game.

    • Fear not 64 i have it all under control,for £2.83 i can get you Pam Ayres:My Poems.The Classic Collection 😁
      I think the sun is getting to me up on this scaffold,im going all thoughtful & caring.Im might buy a bulk load & send them to the nappy fillers if they love poetry so much 😂😂

      • I wouldn’t mind stuffing a book in a few of their gobs.It might stop them talking **** all the time.Half of them think they invented football the way they go on.

  5. IF the medics are right and Sakho doesn’t need further surgery , then it is either psyhcological or as said; personal against Bilic.
    If he is genuinely suffering issues ? and is spending the summer to get completely fit, then we would benefit from him hitting the decks running next season or is he getting himself readied for a move in which case he would be saleable.
    Personally would like to see him stay, but he needs to lose the dummy once and for all.
    AC different story really and I cannot see him being marketable and he should be bought out or pay v play contract.

    In same way Sturridge is still a liability and I hope we do not go there either

  6. We wont sign Sturrdge,thats a proper out of the frying pan in to the fire job.Especially when we have to crocks still in the frying pan.

  7. £2.83 for Pam Ayes’ poems looks a bit over priced to me Radai!

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