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Big Sam leaves Irons signings questions

LeroyThe West Ham board may be feeling a little anxious right now as the fall-out from the ‘Sam Allardyce Affair’ continues to raise transfer issues in which he was apparently involved whilst manager of our great club.

A resignation from England is one thing but when questions start to be asked about Enner Valencia, Jon Calleri and now Ravel Morrison the worries become obvious.

Given that the club is also pursuing an inquiry into the finances of the Arthur Masuaku deal it would appear that there’s sufficient on the agenda to cause some creased brows.

Personally I don’t believe there is too much to worry about and that probably the Morrison situation is the priority which I am sure the’t club will deal with this through the proper channels if necessary.

CandH’s chief analyst Leroy Rosenior believes that the current – and seemingly ongoing Telegraph investigation into the game – is all to the good.

He explained: “There has been a lot of stuff running around for so long about alleged wrong doing – it’s been a feature of football in this country for years.

“Sam’s story led the way because it was the biggest and most topical and that he was a former Hammers boss brings it particularly close to home but what’s going on now is far far bigger than that.”

He added: “By the way, my personal view is that he had absolutely no other course of action to him other than the one he took.

“There have been many who have tried to get to the bottom of things and the Telegraph appears to be getting closer than any before.”

He oncluded: : “At the end of all this, football has a real chance to put its house in order and that will be long overdue. Frankly I can’t see that the Hammers have a great deal to concern themselves about – other than what’s happening on the pitch!

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “Big Sam leaves Irons signings questions

  1. At the end of the day the slug was caught for what we always thought he was a corrupt money orientated slob who made a career on delivering nothing. What winds me up the most are those out there defending him to the hilt saying he’s been trapped and how it’s so unfair, I say investigate every one of Curtis’s transfer deals and see if he took a slice of the pie maybe they could start with Weetabix ankles and how he got a 6 year contract on 100k a week after the slug wanted him so much 🙂

    • Is the caped crusader Catman still fighting for truth & justice for his bum chum on our favourite sister site lmao.Maybe he is actually Hippos brother.

      • Its so funny reading the lengths some of our fans will go to to defend his honour.
        I mean really,like he would give a flying about them if the boot were on the other foot.

        The man is probably sat on holiday taking phone calls from club directors interested in him working for them already once the dust settles.But some of our fans seem to need to go on a Save Sams Reputation rally pmsl.It really is rather peculiar.

      • Stan to some he can do no wrong even though there’s enough there for the FA to bin him off. It’s called blind loyalty it’s just a shame that the same blind loyalty ain’t shown towards supporting the club the move or the manager. They are happy to have a pop at the club at every opportunity but support that odious corrupt piece of ****? You want to find an issue with the club at the moment maybe they should start with those ****ing fans who slag off the club at every opportunity and create a online storm?

        • But i thought it worked like this..if they run the club down & call the board foul mouthed names its because they are passionate..but when the lads on here did it during BFS time they were called rabid & ignorant pigs.
          Something doesnt add up here lmao

    • I KNEW I should have trademarked the ‘Weetabix ankles’ nickname LOL!

  2. At this point I think it appropriate to ask why no one listened to Ravel Morrison’s concerns about the pressure put on him to change agent at the time (Author ‘Cups Ear’ in a not so friendly gesture to Big ‘Respectful’ Sam… ex-England Manager). Alardyce. No West Ham man; no gentleman.

  3. The big problem is the relationship between BFS and Mark Curtis. Mark Curtis is then the agent for number of the players and maybe potential players.

    There’s an obvious conflict of interest, the Manager of a Club should not have a financial relationship with the Players Agent, he’s working for the Club – the conflict is obvious.

    Managers should be represented by the LMA or some other independent body who do not have dealings with players agents – makes sense to me!

    What does confuse me is the Clubs attitude to this conflict, surely Gold and Sullivan can see the conflict and when the questions began to be asked about the Ravel Morrison being put under pressure to change agents the alarm bells would start to ring. It seems to me that this was one of the main reasons why BFS was shown the door so quickly.

    • Spot on Michael that are why I’d love to see an investigation on them both! Or is the slug in sunny Marbella with him right now coming up with another ” I did it for my friend excuse “

  4. Just had a read of old grey cat stating that ” Is it unfair that Sam tried to get more money? Slav would have been paid for the Euros” Sums up blind and deluded loyalty in one and shows that some of our so called fans arn’t as intellectual as they think they are 🙂

    • Catman,chaser of the truth for his bum chum.He is just an argumentative tosser.If someone told him it was night he would argue it was day.

      • Stan it beggars belief shame the same level of support aint thrown at the club as a whole but then again there are a few whose ego’s were bruised so badly because god forbid they weren’t consulted about the move face to face in the first place 🙂

        • When you have gone down the road of being his ar*e licker for so long it is difficult to change stance without losing face.F*ck knows why any West Ham fan wants to defend him anyway.

  5. Guilty as charged Sam,all of his own doing,I just hope the ongoing situation don’t come back to bite us on the arse Curtis is a good example of the leech type of agents I detest,up there with the worse,IMO agents should be banned.surely grown men can negotiate there own contracts.COYI

  6. BFS’s big mistake was his total lack of judgement – he can’t be seen to openly criticise the FA, he’s their employee and represents them and English Football, he’s got to behave impeccably not talk like any old punter down the pub!

    Nobody can deny that Wembley has been a financial disaster, but the England Manager can’t openly criticise the FA about it, he’s their representative and has to follow the party line.

    Everybody knows Roy Hodgson wasn’t up to the job and that he also has a speech impediment – Allardyce taking the mickey out of him is just cheap and crass and not behaviour an England Manager should be seen doing in public. The England Manager has got to be whiter than white, his behaviour has got to be impeccable.

  7. Can the club not insist that all remaining players with SAMs agent now employ someone new? Danger that any on going relationship brings club into (further) disrepute. Also seems to be a greater risk of players like Tomkins leaving- how we could do with him now! How the hippo can talk about another job is beyond me, he really knows no shame even now.

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